Mango and Lime Cheesecake

I’m not big into making cakes but I was given 6 mangoes (into a bar) by one of my students and,feeling catholic, took them but felt guilty and then decided to assuage my guilt by using them for a cheesecake which the class could eat for the final lesson. Good, not too sweet because of the lime juice. Recipe written down from somewhere a long time ago:


250gm digestive biscuits (Granita)

1.5 tbs caster sugar

110gm butter

Crush biscuits and mix in with butter and sugar and line the base of a flan tin (with the springy side) with it.


2 Mangoes chopped up real good

Juice of one lime

4tbs sugar

Refrigerate this for about half an hour, drain off some liquid, heat a little so 3tsp of gelatine can dissolve in it. Return to the mango mix.

Beat 350gm of cream cheese, stir in 175ml of sour cream and 1tsp of vanilla essence and the fold in the mango mixture and refrigerate until firm.

Students liked it because the lime and sour cream kept it from being overly sweet.


  1. JMT’s avatar

    This is the worlds best cheesecake recipe. I have been cooking it for 3 years now. Sometimes it’s a bit loose (i think operator error rather than the recipe!), but the flavour is second to none. In fact, I’m about to peel my mangoes right now… ;-)

    Cheers! & thanks for making a mango/lime/cheesecake lover very happy.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Good grief 2003, it all seems so long ago ….

    Enjoy it, it’s ace and mangoes are so go at the moment.

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