Been noticing a few people wondering where EoMEoTE#8 is and I’ve been wondering myself. Last communication I had from Jeanne was an extremely cryptic part of an email:

Never had a craving for macarons but now I do.

Normally I wouldn’t think anything of this but the spelling of macaroons is a deliberate attention getter. She lives next door to the largest macaroon factory in the United Kingdom and would constantly tell me how she was never without macaroons. The missing “o” refers to the double ovoid of IMBB?#16’s Eggs and EoMEoTE#8. With the second “o” missing one can only conclude as thus

Never had a craving for macaro[removing EoMEoTE#8]n but now I do.

But the curious thing though is that the number of letters in macarons is eight rather than nine. Eight in Japanese is hachi, coincidence I think not – not only to hatch an egg but to hatch a plot. Eight is four and two, or shini which is also the verb stem “to die”. Eight is also the cube of two. Another word for a cube is a die. The two must die. But which two? Can two people be one? Well only if they’re a gemini. And there’s only one gemini in our EoMEoTE foundation duo, and that’s me. Fuck!

I’m a dead man. Only one place to hide. In the outback.

Ha! Come and get me Jeanne Horak with your murderous intent.

You picked the wrong man to mess with Jonty Terreblanche

Well, so much for feared Rhodesian Special Forces mercenary Jonty Terreblanche. The hunter becomes the prey. Winchester lever action .22, only rifle known to drop a charging rhino head-on. Didn’t know what hit him. Now I can get around to doing my EoMEoTE post.

And if you’re feeling Aussie, Saffron’s got the first Omnivoribus Australis up. Aussie Food Blogging, in one handy location. Go see.



  1. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Interesting little sidestep there, Anthony, but the public pressure is mounting.

  2. Stephanie’s avatar

    It must be an interesting place, your brain.

  3. Moira’s avatar

    Your world is definitely a destination, Anthony. Is there ever anyone else there?

  4. Clare Eats’s avatar

    Oh what a smell! My my Clarence what did you do? Me Lady Sugden? It was not me! These eggs you boiled are as ripe and over the hill as your writing!

  5. deborah’s avatar

    interesting spicey. very interesting.

    i like the egg eight.

    and does this mean i have a day or two to submit something?

  6. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    That’s hilarious. =D

  7. Sylvie’s avatar

    and then….?

  8. deborah’s avatar

    Here is me. All dramatic and stuff.

  9. Jeanne’s avatar

    Spicey, darling, you know I adore you but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, GET SOME HELP!!!!

    Clearly you are a frustrated EoMEoTE host… so please do feel free to jump back in and offer any time. :P

    Yes, maybe there was a cryptic clue in the spelling of the single-ovoid macaron but I think we were on different pages of the crossword compendium!!

    Anyhoo… Before anybody bursts a yolk panicking about the whereabouts of EoMEoTE#8, and especially for the master of self-created drama Spicey, here’s the official announcement. Get writing!

  10. Manas’s avatar

    Very funny Spicy, but am I meant to understand what on earth you’re talking about?

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmm well if that wasn’t Jonty Terreblanche then…erk!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey I’m back in the smoke.

    Steph, Moira
    -You’ve been to paradise but you’ve never been to me.
    -Well parts of it were good.
    -Eight is great. No deadlines for EoMEoTE, you’re either a little later or always early. And I see you’re up
    -My journey into terror and you find it hilarious? You monster.
    -and thne we all had scones and jam.
    – you heard her people
    -Ahmmmmm yes you are.

  13. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Has Spiceblog gone on strike for worker’s rights, Anthony?

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Once those royalties from Digital Dish come in, Spiceblog will be a small businessman and will sack myself for not responding to my own clumsy advances.

  15. Clare Eats’s avatar

    I ment my writng not urs :P

  16. Ronald’s avatar

    right, put down the da vinci code and step back – clearly you have read too much of it!

  17. deborah’s avatar

    where are ya, im bored!

  18. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh I don’t know Clare, you did say “your”
    DC is for street punks and busy airplane travellers, Grade A unadulaterated Semiotic ‘Pendulum is what you need my friend.
    I’m here, just off the coffee, climbing up the walls.

  19. Ronald’s avatar

    i am sure Eco was pissing himself when he read DC – at least when Eco dabbled with the Templars there was some substance behind it and also the right balance of “these is serious but also bloody ridiculous” :-)

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    Ronald you are so on the money, Eco is the master of messing around in it but yet so elegantly above.

  21. Clare Eats’s avatar

    I see the problem now!
    It was ment to be the continuing serial about my crappy drama… and in no way a comment on your writing ;)

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    Ohhhh alright then : )

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