EoMEoTE #8 Johnny One-Cup Eggy Tuna Rice

Johnny One-Cup

“All you need for a movie is girl and a gun and a bowl of cooked white rice, a raw egg, a can of tuna, some wasabi, and sprinkles.”
Jean-Luc Godard

Extra Bonus: Ah hear ya go, bonus Cook sister!: EoMEoTE #8 – all the drama!! round-up is up release of original drafts:

Johnny Noguchi stepped off the Yamanote line smelling of booze. He didn’t care. His station was never what it seemed. Maybe it should have been more like it he thought it should have been like if he thought more about what it was like but the Lets Kiosk was long shut. A night not spent following up a lead ended up at Pub Honeybee

Johnny Noguchi stepped of the freshly opened doors of the Yamanote line. Fuck ’em if he smelt like booze. Following up a lead ended up at Pub Honeybee wondering why the manko singing yesterday got to chat to the college student and he got matronly comfort. Lets Kiosk shut a while back. No drinks from there. Up the stairs, were they always this high? No ticket.

Fuck! thought Johnny Noguchi as he looked at the bowl of hot rice he’d cooked earlier before going out to find a lead where he’d ended up again at Pub Honeybee where he’d drunk sho-chu while waiting get the attentions of the younger hostess who spent all her time with the blue suited manko who sung Yesterday. Mixing in the raw egg that he’d bought at the Lawsons

Johnny One-cup walked up the station stairs that he’d walked down earlier in the day. He might have thought about this some but he had too many other things on his mind like how he’d ended up at Pub Honeybee instead of following up leads and what to eat when he got back to his apaato.

Into the conbeni, past the racks of pudding breasted bikini cover girls, sweeping past the rows of snacks – cronky, blinky, spinky, and honk, and chocolates that looked liked mushrooms. He wondered why mushrooms never looked liked chocolates and then remembered the expensive autumn mushroom matsutake that looked like a penis, not a chocolate though, but good to remember. He grabbed two eggs in a plastic container, two large cans of Sapporo black label, and made his way to the counter.

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  1. Santos’s avatar

    godard was big on sprinkles.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Apparently François Truffaut got him onto them.

  3. Santos’s avatar

    and in kind, he turned tarantino onto furikake.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    who the made a 10 minute monologue on dekarenjya v transformers.

  5. Santos’s avatar

    don’t forget the mos chiisu burger royale.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Fucking A Santos, Fucking A.

  7. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Only 2 and a bit more weeks and it’s time for the next eomeote. I knew you’d get it out in the end.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Just like an egg

  9. Anonymous’s avatar

    I played this time. Check out chez moi.


  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Pim! I thought we could lure you in with a Godard reference. Welcome aboard matey. I wasn’t expecting crab.Jeanne will be chuffed.

    hmmmm I don’t think I’ve kissed anyone on my blog before, well here goes nothing.

  11. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    I hope you brushed your teeth [after the eggy tuna rice] before you did that. eeeyoo

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    That would explain the swooning.

  13. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Interesting. Tuna, wasabi and raw egg with sprinkles. Hmmm. When I was much younger and unafraid of being poisoned, I used to crack a raw egg over hot rice and eat it with just a little shoyu and some shichimi togarashi. Never thought of furikake though.

  14. Anthony’s avatar


    Ah the dangers of salmonella. Big problem in the UK but doesn’t seem and issue here and was never an issue in Japan where they’ll use raw eeg for dipping sukiyaki meat in. French scrambled eggs are more like soup than the dry yellow nuggets we often see here. And then there’s mayonnaise. I don’t know if the varying attitudes are due to varying risk levels in countries or not. I’ve got a UK risk level here of 1 in 5000, so if you have a raw egg twice a week, that’ll be once every 50 years cet. par..

    Don’t want to have your explosive diarrhoea on your conscience but eggy rice is probably as good as you remember.

  15. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Can raw eggs give you salmonella? How raw do they have to be, to be a risk? And, why is it more of a problem in the UK?
    Pleez ex-plaaaayyn???

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Let me see from here: FSIC: Food poisoning bacteria

    They say this:
    In many countries,Salmonella Enteritidis is a major problem in eggs, however at the time of writing this fact sheet, Australia does not have a major problem with this organism. Therefore, although consumption of lightly cooked eggs, eg. runny poached or soft boiled eggs, is not recommended for sensitive individuals, most people can still consume such foods without contracting an infection.

    Disease rates vary from country to countrty and of course we’ve got the advantage of being an island. I couldn’t find any reported cases of death from eggs here.

    The disease is transmitted to the eggs either from the chicken’s ovaries or through being in faecal matter and penetrating the shell. The latter is the most common. [here]

    There’s always a risk if they’re raw, the yolks have to be hard to destroy the salmonella. The risk can be minimised by the usual ways to prevent food poisoning i.e. don’t leave them at room temperature for too long.

    And of course pregnant woman shouldn’t take risks with it.

  17. Anonymous’s avatar

    Memories of Hillstone and Neil dumping the rice into the suikanki sans bowl. Any explanation on the term ‘シーチキン’


  18. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh poor Neil, he must have been mortified, that’s what you get for putting things in Mr Suikanki’s bowl.

    Never did find ou why they called tuna “sea chicken”. I’ve been trying to remember the bhuddist vegetarian dodge for eating rabbit of it being a double-chicken or something.

  19. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Thanks Anthony that was very enlightening.

  20. Anonymous’s avatar

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