Gyouza Nabe

kingfisher sashimi and seaweed salad

A bit of photographic redemption here. Had Kate and Jon over for dinner last night and made a nabe. You can read about them in a bit more detail in this post on Red Emperor Nabe. This one was a slight variation using chicken stock and gyouza as the main addition. Entree was kingfish sashimi with a seaweed salad – bought at the Innaloo fish markets. Main was the nabe with – gyouza, chicken dango, choy sum, tofu, bamboo shoots, and daikon. Dessert was the chai panna cotta. Mucho beer and wine to ease the anxiety of having guests from Sydney but they’re both from the country too so we sat around and said yip, yeah, and bewdy.

nabe greens

gyouza and chicken dango

The idea for this nabe came from the small and very beautifully presented いまどきのなべ (right now nabe?) by 松田(Matsuda)美智子(beautiful something girl’s name) here.



  1. shina’s avatar

    Look very tasty, Anthony-san. I like Nabe with many people in wintertime.

    Now I realized the reversed season between Northern and Southern hemispheres…and いまどきのなべ can be described as “The Nabe of Today”.

    So global…and good job!

  2. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    This looks so fresh and delicious. You’ve got me craving this now…

  3. J’s avatar

    hi anthony, hate to sound like a broken recorder, but much like with your spaetzle, i can’t help but admire the fetching hand-pleated charm of your gyoza…cheers,j

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Shina
    It’s your clasic wintertime dish and winter is starting to pass here. It’s a more convenient dish in Japana as any any supermarket has everything you need.

    We are the upside down world, we wear outr hats on our feet! Thank you for the more idiomatic translation. I read it as “now” “time” and that seems odd in English.

    Cheers Reid
    The local greens were looking good. BTW are those your dogs?

    Hey J
    Not at all, you’re very kind to compliment me on my hasty hand pleating. I was a bit worried about them but they passed the test and held.

  5. deborah’s avatar

    Looks delicious Anthony – so fresh!

    I hope not all Sydney siders make you nervous!

  6. pseudo chef’s avatar

    The nabe looks just perfect.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Saffy
    Only if they start on about the Olympics, we’re very sensitive in Perth about not getting the Olympics.

    Hi Jeannie
    It was pretty good. It’s my first one that hasn’t relied on seafood. I thought the gyouza might come apart but they held together and the skin thickens up nicely. I should mention that we chucked some dried udon in at the end instead of rice.

  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    No they are not my dogs, however, these are puppies that I hope to adopt soon…. Hopefully the building I live in will change its policy against animals.

  9. Anthony’s avatar


    That sucks you can’t have those dogs, I mean it’s not like they’re rottweilers or anything. Good luck with the changes.

  10. keiko’s avatar

    Hi Anthony – I didn’t know that gyoza nabe was いまどきのなべ! Looks great though.

    BTW, I was wondering about the dogs too… they look adorable! I’m thinking about adopting a retired greyhound too (but we’ve got a naughty cat already…)

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    いまどきのなべ is a great little book and the use of the same format for every single photograph is surprisingly effective.

    Greyhounds always look like they need a good feed, I think you’d be perfect to have one.

  12. Clare Eats’s avatar

    love love love kingfish sashimi!!

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Agreed Clare. It’s easily my favourite white fleshed sashimi. Beats snapper by a large distance.

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