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Australia can be a dry place. So it’s worth celebrating the times when we have more to eat than clompy booted Swiss agricultural exchange students. That’s why we have Omnivoribus Australis. Get yourselves signed up before the end of the week at Saffy’s new home. Onya.

And yes it’s that time of the month again again – End of month egg on toast extravaganza . Go harry Glorious Host for All Eternity Jeanne of Cook sister! and have the question answered “on cheap recreational drugs: yes or no?” Month after month? I say yes. I was knackered after two.

And if you haven’t seen it yet, the podium is up for DMBLGIT at Lex Culinaria. Go look, it’s nice.

And for those in Perth, don’t forget it’s The Avon Descent this weekend.

Anything else I’ve forgotten? Oh hi Stefan.


  1. deborah’s avatar

    Thanks for the linkage for Omni Australis.

    Also like your notes for food photography. Will take them into consideration when I snap away at my plate etc.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    No worries, thank you for being the host. Let’s hope we get some newbies in this time.

    They’re just as much mental notes for me.

  3. Anna’s avatar

    DEVO!!! Hallo out there -firstly, must say the technical details of responding on blog sites still continue to overwhelm a technophobe like me – so hoping I’ve got this right. Secondly, the following bears no relvance to your posting – Just trying to figure out a way to share the following (well the bit following the following actually, but read on-you’ll see what I mean). Thirdly, MUST get around to see you – have a bottle o’the best (Coorinya of course) waiting for your decanter. It’s been rolling around in the back of my car for rather too long now – TGF cool weather!!!And FINALLY – was having a chat with some uni mates, and conversation prgressed from anatomy to foul food (as it does), and thence to this site – a food blog with a difference. Appealed to my disturbed sense of the culinary, and caught myself wondering if your fancy would likewise be tickled. Here it is


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Anna!

    You have indeed got this right. It’s amazing how faithfully your lengthy expositions make it to the web. And yay for a great big bottle of sherry. Joy in a bottle. I’m not sure whether to make some tapas or just drink it all myself, start dancing, and then pass out. Apparently it gets better with age. But not too much. I should do a review, haven’t dome won of those for a while.

    Yay for people that eat pickled pork lips so I don’t have to. Though being partial to the odd snagger, I guess I do.

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