EoMEoTE#9 Harry Potter and the Hammer of Thor

green eggs and hammer of thor

“Excellent” exclaimed Thor “Thought I’d never be rid of the specky twat. Now, where’s that Sven Hassel book of mine?”


Thanks Jeanne!

What? Oh alright, values reaffirming coda then:
Be wary of those who claim to make omlettes.
Now off to bed with you.


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    poor little traumatized totoro in the background! LOL!

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    He’s doing fine – bit of counselling and a tummy rub.

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    Aaah, easy to make, but looks a bit chewy. Full of iron, though.

  6. Jeanne’s avatar

    “And be likewise wary of those who would have us believe a wooden table is toast”

    5 zillion demerits and reduced butterbeer rations for Spiceryn House I’m afraid…

  7. ejm’s avatar

    Damn!! I wish I’d thought of that. I love the expression on the face of the dragon(?) and the addition of the little dog laughing. Brilliant Anthony.


    P.S. You have a very interesting concept of the colour green.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    -And vitamin Whack!
    -The table may notbe, but Harry is.
    Reduced butterbeer! : (
    -It’s Totoro and Snowball. just having a Friday afternoon hang-out. It’s a kind of orangey erm green.

  9. miguel’s avatar

    LOL, shit that was funny

  10. AugustusGloop’s avatar

    This is so obviously a set-up. Word has it he’s alive and well and working in Vegas as a back-up dancer for Celine Dion.

  11. ejm’s avatar

    Snowball?? Your grasp of “cat” seems to be right in line with your grasp of “green”. Nice save though.


    P.S. I think you should have enforced triple rations of pumpkin juice (in case there isn’t enough in store, Anthony can have mine)

  12. sarah’s avatar

    LOOOOOOOOOL at AG!!! a back dancer for celine dion!!!

    this is too much fun.

  13. deborah’s avatar

    i like how you spend your Friday afternoons. LOL. Good job Spicey, that little wizard needs to be put in his place. Hmph.

  14. Kate’s avatar

    Bam! Thwack! (Isn’t that a Pixies song?)

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Miguel-Viva Lucha Libre!


    AG & Sarah – would you like me to do Celine as as well?

    Elizabeth-Eh? Snowflakes a cat, totoro is furry wood spirit, and the blurry thing in the background is some kind of Spawm figurine or something.
    Pumpkins have juice? I never knew.

    Saffy – good to be busy.

    Kate – only when I sing it.

  16. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Actually, I don’t see any yolks, but I do see some of the white there. =P

  17. AugustusGloop’s avatar

    Only if you promise to wear your white tuxedo jacket backwards

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    Are you saying that the little black laughing dog-like creature in the bottom right corner is a cat?? Clearly I have not spent nearly enough time watching the Simpsons. (And here I thought I was a medal winner TV watching!)

    Apparently there is juice from pumpkins. At least that’s what I vaguely recall from reading the other HP books. But hey. I thought the little black animal was a dog.

    Don’t forget to take your gravol before attempting the Celine impression.


  20. Anthony’s avatar

    It is indeed a black furry killer.

    Juice from pumpkins. What crap. Details people details. Tom Clancy wouldn’t put up with that lack of attention to detail.

    Ooh gravol. Actually as angry music makes me relax and relaxing music makes me angry, I made need to be lashed to the mainsail, Odyssues style.

  21. Anthony’s avatar

    Oydesseus rather.

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh fuck it – Ulysses

  23. keiko’s avatar

    I’m sorry I’m late. I don’t think a tummy rub would save totoro though… Is there any chance that I can see the tofu man again…

  24. Anthony’s avatar


    Totoro? No I meant tummy rub for me.

    There’s always hope we can see the tofu man again

  25. ejm’s avatar

    Yikes. Could we have a warning so that we can plug our noses and avert our eyes when Tofuman reappears?

  26. notthewest’s avatar

    You’re Thor? I can hardly walk!

  27. Anthony’s avatar

    There will be no warnings.

    My favourite Ita Buttrose joke and possibly in my all time top five.

  28. Anthony’s avatar

    and apologies for that extra t

  29. Jeanne’s avatar

    I’m sorry, I’m still rolling on the floor laughing at the Odysseus/Ulysses series of comments. Today is the first day I could drag myself into a sitting position to do the round-up…


    You rock!

  30. Anthony’s avatar

    Robert Graves eat ya heart out. : )

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