Captain Jim’s Rhubarb Chutney

Captain Jim's Rhubarb Chutney

Bought this eye-catching locally made chutney in a fruit and veg shop in Toodyay over the weekend and I’m ashamed to say it was a kitsch purchase. Marketing has made Captain Jim’s as feasible as Captain Pete’s Arrr Me Hearties Fish Bits. I’m actually so jaded these days that I’d be suspicious of Jeff of Product Development’s Cheaply Flavoured Leftover Carb Bits or Mamma Maria Not Only Has Never Worked Here She’s Got Nothing To Do With This Pasta Sauce Pasta Sauce as some kind of reverse marketing ploy. Can’t even do aspirant any more and the less said about the British Raj range of overpriced curry pastes the better. I think I’m down to Hey! Spunky Guy Have You been Working Out? Organic Sound of Cowbell Goose Fat in the all that could appeal to me stakes.

Joy. Captain Jim is real. The site is here, have a look at the Background and you’ll see him about 50 years on. It’s a delight. The chutney is really good too. Not at all like the rhubarb in desserts, softly piquant. Just went on a chicken and sweet potato yoghurt and tomato curry. Sadly, good luck finding it in supermarkets.



  1. flygirl’s avatar

    and don’t those mccain lasagne ads set your teeth on edge?…nice. hidden treasures :-) great story as well, in this jaded world some things are still…er…true?

    we should have an on-line aussie food curiosity shop – capt jim’s chutnies, antipodean truffles and expensive low melt agarose…

    is it really called toodyay or was i dreaming?

  2. deborah’s avatar

    I like how he said; a curry wasn’t a curry without some chutney. Good recipe linkage on that website too; kofta curry is one of my fav’s.

    In Perth, have you seen the adds where a bunch if Italian mama’s all dressed in black, wheeling shopping trolleys (or some such) start belting out tunes to ” Greeeat Lasagne”. Crazy I tells ya.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Flygirl
    Yes it is called Toodyay, but yes when I read it I had to check the spelling. As it’s not called Leeds or something, I have to assume it’s an aboriginal name.

    An on-line aussie curiosity shop, yes. A new LMP agar tentacle on the man that cooks octopus.

    And sad yes we’ve set the bar of excellence at “not bullshit”. Captain Jim hurdles it effortlessly though.

    Italian ads are the worst offender and assume that Italian food without some domineering matriach micromanipulating her family from the supermarket shelves. Actually second only to Kan-tong as being the definitive asian food experience.

    The simple truths.

    I have seen the showgirls one but can’t remeber the trollies. I’m offended it’s not seen to be fit for the long neglected western shores. I demand to be given annoying ads.

    Are there any good food ads?

  4. Kate’s avatar

    When I first saw the ads Saffron refers to I thought they were singing ‘Greek lasange’ and I was all, what, now they’re marketing frozen mousakka as Greek lasange? Pfah.

    I like a good chutney myself. Might seek this one out. (I see they sell it at Crave in Subiaco.)

  5. flygirl’s avatar

    yep, that chutney is…geoculinary. (sorry)

    Captain’s website is terrific though, esp the recipe linkage and bio.

  6. deborah’s avatar

    There are a few good ads out there, but it usually has nothing to do with the food. For example over the last couple of months the Red Clown burger joint has had some clever ads, but as for the food – Bleh. By clever I mean, they make me laugh (easily amused I am) or say “aaaw cute” (easily entertained I am). The one I like best are the little animated icons which pop up faster and faster on the screen, and also the 1/4 ponder ad – of people in saturated fat induced bliss. But yes, the only times when I want a cheeseburger is often when I can’t think straight after a few two many “cheekies”.

    I am sure there are some more clever ad out there. Another wone which irritates are the kan-tong wok star. Apparently if you put a funny Asian comedian who pushes the boundaries of racial issues through jokes, you can get away with taking the mickey out of people.

    Kate, I also thought they said Greek lasagne. And I too said out loud “oh god, its called mousakka!” Italians women should be up in arms.

    That is all. Promise.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Moussaka, it’s greek for lasagne.
    Not a lot of distributors, I was surprised Dewsons didn’t pick it up as they’re good for local products. Or Woolworths and Coles maybe (hardy har).

    Captain Smith is the essential geoculinariast.

    My brain strains to think of one but I kind of like the choc milk one’s with the cows but that’s just because I like seeing cows gardening.

    Yes wok star, it’s not offensive because we’re all oh so knowing now. Asians – crazy!
    My fave on this issue were the ads with the Japanese salaryman visiting Australia “Mr Okimura” about ten years back and the gentle and clever subversion of stereotypes. Am I asking too much?

  8. Anonymous’s avatar

    Tone…I don’t know how I came across this..R U alright?

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahm yes. Did you hear otherwise? Hey who is this?

  10. Anonymous’s avatar

    Your cousin Ange.I was looking
    for a recipe..who would have thought…glad you’re well.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Angela? Wow! (sorry everybody) Great to hear from you. How have you been? What a lucky coincidence.

    Pop me an email it’s spiceblog [at] gmail [dot] com

  12. violet’s avatar

    oh lucky you. i miss having easy access to good chutneys in the states. about the only one we get is majour greys. while satisfactory, it’s not transcendental. thanks for visiting my blog. love your egg entry ;) very creeative.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Violet

    Ah what a shame about the chutneys. The iron grip of food oligopolies strikes again. You could always try making your transcendental own and break free.

    The sledgehammer is a much undervalued culinary tool. I’d be packing one in your bag to SF if I were you.

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