Home-made burger
and a bottle of booze
ain’t takeaway
takes away my blues

Hand-minced rump steak with egg, chilli powder, spring onions breadcrumbs, soy sauce,salt, pepper, and a splash of lemon juice burger. Melted cheddar, finely grated beetroot, lettuce, avocado, tomato, mushrooms, and fried onions finished in beer.

It was OK. Could have been hotter but that’s what happens when you mess around taking pics.



  1. Anthony’s avatar

    An island with five lovely sisters unsullied by mandom sounds suspiciously like some kind of veiled papal edict.

  2. Anonymous’s avatar

    hey burger boy . yes well, not that either of us could understand what the freekin hell you just said( you must understand we is just plain ol country folk).I have enjoyed these mindless natters and have also enjoyed taking the piss out of you over the last week!!!!.We are shearing this week, I will pop up again soon somwhere in spice blogger world un till then….. we hope no-
    one gantlopes you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

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