City to Surf 12km Run – Will Listen to Crap for Charity

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Alright people, elaborate fundraising idea for those who like to keep their sado-altruistic yinyang in harmony for this Sunday’s City to Surf.

The last race I, erm man of action did, was only possible through the sweet relief my carefully chosen iPod playlist [see:vanishing pointless: A Man of Action Dislikes Eye of the Tiger With a Great Passion]. On the theory that you can put up with anything for an hour or so, I thought I’d open my playlist for sale for a good cause as penance for my narrow minded music related sanctimony [see: innumerable yah! boo! Iggy Pop/ Johnny Cash/ John Cale/ New Order/ adorable Japanese girl bands did it better comments on the interweb]. Here’s the plan:

1. You nominate a song/songs in comments at $10 a pop. Now this could be Dolly Parton’s I Will Always Love You, but then why not get your kicks by having me listen to Whitney Houston’s version. Or imagine the fine pleasures had at the thought as I struggle up the final hill at the 11km mark, lungs aburst, only for the bowel loosening sounds of Aga Doo or anything from Rattle and Hum to come through my headphones.
2. I put these songs into a playlist and press play at the start.
3. If your song comes up during the race, you donate $10 to Oxfam. If it doesn’t you don’t have to.


To keep myself sane and get the ball rolling, I’m treating myself to 5 songs for a total of $50. They are:
Comfort Eagle – Cake
Panama – Van Halen
Cinnamon – Piggies
Apple Tree – Wolfmother
Little Sister – Queens of the Stone Age

And further ,and not all crap it looks, additions from sponsors in the Will Listen to Crap for Charity Playlist are:
Never Been Any ReasonHead East from Stephanie
Boys of Summer – DJ Sammy from Kate
Car Song – Cat Empire from Vic
Signed Sealed Delivered – DJ Smash from Reid
Hangin’ Tough – NKOTB from Saffron
All the Cats Join In – Benny Goodman from Rob
Bop Girl – Pat Wilson from Ampersand Duck
I’ve Never Been to Me – Charlene from santos

Keep them coming people, don’t make me use guilt.

Lola – the Kinks & All seats taken – Bec Cartwright from Mindy
Girls on Film – Wesley Willis from Chook
Sweet Child o’ Mine – Guns and Roses from Jon
Celebrate – Namie Amuro from Heech (can’t find it yet – anybody?)

And here we go…
Breathless – Kenny G from Nat
Ghostbusters[techno mix] – Ray Parker Jnr from Jean
Metal Machine Music – Die Krupps from Yellowsupurinter

That looks like it. 20 songs. Cheers all. Might psyche myself up by watching Atanarjuat.



  1. Stephanie’s avatar

    This is to tempting (to a former ‘radio personality’) to pass up…I’ll do. Just do the conversion for me, ‘k?

    Alright…” Never Been Any Reason”, Head East.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Steph
    -AU$ is a low low US$7.50
    -12k is a spookily similar 7.5miles
    -Sunday is Saturday
    -cricket is kind of like baseball but not really

    I don’t know the song but any song with “sweet lovin'” in the lyrics can’t be all that bad.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! Found it.

    My ears! My sides!

  4. Kate’s avatar

    Aahhh! The spam, the spam!

    Okay, I’ve been giving this a lot of thought and I’ve decided not to go with any Enya (that’s just unnecessarily cruel) so here’s mine:
    Boys of Summer Remix by Dj Sammy, link to MP3 here

    Bit of a dodgy site mind you…

    Anyway, this song tortured me for several years one afternoon at the gym and I haven’t gotten over it. Enjoy!

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Spam! Hmm all gone now. Never had it before just the occasional bit of blog hooring. May have to disable anonymous commenting if it keeps up.

    Gym music – it’s shit. Goodonya for joing in and not choosing Enya – I think there’ll now be a $20 premium rate for Enya songs).

  6. Nicole’s avatar

    OOhhh this is going to be fun! I reckon Chris can come up with something to melt your lobes.

  7. Vic’s avatar

    Nominate Car Song – Cat Empire… don’t want to upset your running rhythm with any Cher or Shannon Noll numbers…
    Good luck!

  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    How’s about the DJ Smash mix of Stevie Wonder’s ‘Signed Sealed Delivered’. If you want the tune for your iPOD, let me know.

    BTW. I’ll donate something whether the song comes up or not. How’s that?

  9. deborah’s avatar

    I once did the city to surf in Sydney. Back when I was 12. And at the time I was a NKOTB fan. I listened to their new album (on cassette)because i actually wanted to.

    Thank god times have changed.

    So now, its your turn >

    Hangin’ Tough, by NKOTB (New Kids On The Block)

    Enjoy :)

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    -do his worst!

    -Double mercies. My rhythm is kind of thump thump to a gradually decreasing tempo.

    -Bless. Can’t ask for a fairer deal than that (though I haven’t heard the song yet). I should be able to hunt it down with Acquisition , a program that a certain guamian lady pointed me to. If not I’ll be asking.

    -NKOTB Hanging Tough – how evil. Ahmm thank you.

  11. Stephanie’s avatar

    But…the album cover (Flat as a Pancake) boasts a pancake! With syrup!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Sure the pancake is tasty looking but nowhere near as tastty as the guy on the left.

  13. Robert’s avatar

    Nice idea, Spicey.

    Since I’ll be dancing balboa while you’re running, I might as well nominate something along those lines.

    How about Benny Goodman, his orchestra, and “All the Cats Join In”? Upbeat, with a nice walking bass line that you can run to.

    I’ll donate $10 just cos Oxfam is good, and another $10 if it comes up during your 12km.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Rob

    Not quite sure how the idea came to me. The Balboa? Does it involve running up stairs?

    Oxfam is good and so areyou for chipping in. Strong odds of Benny getting a spin if more songs don’t get nominated and I may get a double dose of NKOTB. Could discourage shilly shallying.

  15. Ampersand Duck’s avatar

    Let me be the Black Fairy and grant you a listen to
    Pat Wilson: Bop Girl.
    That should get you up the hill.
    In this context ‘I’d rather you do it, not me’ works both ways!

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Hello Ampers&

    That’s a wicked “spell” you cast.

    No luck on finding it on the interweb but I will endure, without incriminating yourself , you wouldn’t have a copy would you? Otherwise a suitable other OZ new wave number might have to stand in.

  17. Santos’s avatar

    i’ll give oxfam $20 if you include “i’ve never been to me by charlene.

    and i’ll even throw in a wad of cotton for your bleeding ears.

  18. Anthony’s avatar

    Bop Girl has been found! Ahmm wooh!

    Hey Lady
    A deal! Is there a reason the link is to French cast iron kitchenware?

    [and a guy that did the Nikka Whiskey ad in the 60’s figurine gravatar. Ace!]

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    and I hope that’s mentholated cotton wad

  20. Stephanie’s avatar

    “I’ve Never Been to Me”??? Ugh…that was nominated by my listeners as one of the biggest crap songs of all time…boy Spicey.

  21. Santos’s avatar

    cooking? wtf? try this.a

    lychee-flavoured cotton wads.

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    Steph – your listeners have exquisite taste, you should hear the Lowry organ version Santos has supplied just above.

    Santos – lychee. Could be just the thing to make ear wax palatable.

  23. deborah’s avatar

    Just to balance out the kindness displayed by less evil bloggers :)

    I am waiting for the Abba request.

  24. Anthony’s avatar

    Well you can request more than one song…

  25. Anonymous’s avatar

    Don’t know if you can get it, but I’ll sponsor you (Oxfam) a tenner if you listen to (and sing) Celebrate by あむろ。なみえ as you go past King Edward at around 7:30

  26. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey cheers Heech. I’m sure I can track it down. Nice choice. There’s a container of ramen stock here for you too BYW.

  27. Mindy’s avatar

    Lola. By the Kinks (I think). Also, if you put Bec Cartwright on your ipod, it comes up and you keep running without throwing up I will donate $20 to Oxfam. (I’ve gotten nastier since visiting Kate’s blog yesterday).

  28. Anthony’s avatar


    You’re on! I’ll hunt around for Bec but she may trigger Lleyton spasma of “come on!” in which case I may have to just shoot myself.

  29. Kate’s avatar

    Jon says he’ll nominate something by the Gunners. I think he’s thinking ‘Oh Sweet Child of Mine’. I think he’d probably donate $100 if you did the C2S in a metal-hair wig, but that might be pushing it…

  30. Anthony’s avatar

    Cool! Shall I put him down for sweet child o mine then? Wig! Something like this?

  31. Kate’s avatar

    Yes, Oh Sweet Child of Mine it is. We have it here if you need it.

    I was thinking more like this:

  32. YellowSplinter’s avatar

    …well I could be a bastard (and a bit of a music snob) and pick you up on the technicality that a song equals a track and therefore suggest one of the tracks off Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music (15 min. odd of screeching guitar feedback and noise) – but how about something simpler and easier to find: that Crazy Frog/Disco Frog shit.

  33. Santos’s avatar

    try here for namie amuro.

  34. Anthony’s avatar


    I think the argument is over whether it’s music or not. A nice challenge but a little too much musical real estate. How about a compromise with Metal Machine Music by teutonic funsters and espresso machine makers Die Kruppe?

    Cheers Santos. I gave acquisition bit of a shake and it fell out.

  35. YellowSplinter’s avatar

    Die Kruppe?

    Hmmmm. How about Rammstein.

  36. Anthony’s avatar

    Oops that should be Die Krupp*s*, I should at least steer clear of Einsomething Neuthingyamy.

  37. tokyo goat’s avatar

    mmmmm….namie amuro!!??

  38. Anthony’s avatar

    [Sigh] yes. Last chance for requests?

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