Out for dinner – Chutney Mary’s Indian Restaurant

Having just stepped out of a panelled job interview I thought booze and dinner was in order. Indian is an uncommon choice in Perth when compared to others and I’d posit it’s got something to do with perception of value. It’s more expensive than most Asian food and lacking the fine food cues like erm… large white plates? garnish? doesn’t justify it’s premium.

We ordered the rogan josh, a cheese curry whose name escapes me, naan, rice, and a few samosas. The small bowls were underwhelming and the sheer heat of spiciness puts Indian as the death metal of food. Once I got over this I realised I was very wrong. The carbos counter well and ,like death metal, time allows great subtleties to play out (or so I could have found out if I’d stayed at the Hyde Park for more than 20 minutes the other Friday for we’re young, angry, and have suspiciously nice equipment). I was full before I finished and when you pay close to $20 for a main for pub food which is mostly meat and garnish, the bill was fine. Service was great.

The place was packed on a Monday so my theory on the popularity of Indian food is crap and that’s a good thing. Will be back.