Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!

At last! A food stoush!

I feel all giddy.

Next week on spiceblog: “Chocolate – looks like poo, tastes like poo”.


  1. Santos’s avatar

    whazza stoush? a full-fledged snark? .yawn

  2. Kate’s avatar

    Needs more name-calling.

  3. Santos’s avatar


  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Oh very well then Santos Underpantos and Kate 1980’s Ken Done Dinner Plate.

  5. Jeanne’s avatar

    Catfight! Catfight! Maybe some naked chocolate wrestling for the benefit boys next. Whaddayasay Pim? Sam?? :P

  6. deborah’s avatar

    I never liked her anyway.


    This is funny in itself. Forget the review.

    Like Santos said (hi Santos!) – yawn :O

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Chicks are evil. I’m hanging out with Reid with some friendly banter about beetroot.

  8. Santos’s avatar

    (ignoring anthony and his beetroot) hi saffron!

  9. Anthony’s avatar


    Is it me, or the beetroot?

  10. deborah’s avatar

    couldn’t be the beetroot.

    but really. it was about time we stopped being nice to one another.

    what’s this about chocolate then? right after i write about my excursion to the Lindt Concept Store and every thing!

  11. Santos’s avatar

    oh yeah. here we go.

  12. Anthony’s avatar


    and get stuffed saffy

  13. Anthony’s avatar


  14. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    where’s the love, man?

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Bite me

  16. Sam’s avatar

    I really don’t think anyone wants to see me naked. Apart from Fred, of course.

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Actually I’d quite like to see myself naked, excuse me for a moment.

  18. Anonymous’s avatar

    ………..shearing sux…


  19. Anthony’s avatar

    All those naked sheep though…

  20. Anonymous’s avatar

    Well, yes.. thats why Wozza kept on trying to mount me in the sheep yards!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  21. Anthony’s avatar

    Baa Baa Baaabaric

    Taxidermist: Mounting?
    Customer: No just have them holding paws.

  22. Anonymous’s avatar

    ha ha ,thats funny, i dont understand it but, if i did i would be laughing my head off…..

    remember simple farmies, real simple!!!

  23. Anonymous’s avatar

    Guess what?, my washing machine shit itself , my lawn mower crapped itself, and my sweet old grand pop died, all in the same week!!!! Wozza said he will take me shopping after the funeral to cheer me up, coool!!!!!!!


  24. Anthony’s avatar

    Things happen in threes but sorry to hear about your grandfather. Good fortune must come your way soon I I think Wozza is facilitating it.

  25. Anonymous’s avatar

    huhhh,facilitating? whats oral sex got to do with it?????


  26. Anthony’s avatar

    Apparently most things.

  27. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hi Devo, Wozza here mate. Ive just explained to Mon that she has gotten her words confused. I dont think I’ve ever laughed so much. She’s really embarressed at the moment! I tell you, it is a laugh a minute here.How’s things down in the big smoke?

  28. Anthony’s avatar

    G’day Wozza

    There’s been a few laughs down this end too: ) All’s good in the big smoke, busy busy. I’ll be back up to Muntadgin in two weeks for a reunion. Bloody hell, better get my story straight. When are you up here?

    Hope the microns are treating you well.

  29. Anonymous’s avatar

    Explanation 1
    At six months of age , my father, whilst throwing and catchinhg me in the air, threw me a little too hard and i hit a jarrah support beam in the roof. This caused a condition called Thickfuk Roenteritis. Its extreamly common and when treated with correct medication, means i can actually say intelligent things at the odd times. I forgot my pills yesterday !!

  30. Anonymous’s avatar

    Explanation 2
    i never wrote that,someone was trying to impersonate me…..

  31. Anonymous’s avatar

    Explanation 3
    i wrote that,yet got faciliting confused with fellatioing…………….

  32. Anonymous’s avatar

    Devo, Wozza here.We are down in Perth this weekend,Mon wants to do some more bloody shopping!!!…

  33. Anthony’s avatar

    This weekend or next weekend? More shopping! Boots?

    Jarrah, it’s a lovely bit of wood.

  34. Anonymous’s avatar

    GUESS WHAT..(are you sitting down)i have a new guitar!!!! the very one CASEY CHAMBERS played on at Tamworth…i tell u it purrrs.
    Amazing eh..

    this weekend, no more boots, as we all know i have a wonderful pair of new long black boots, which u kindly removed while i was having a rest…!!!!!!

    Pills have been taken!!
    im in fine form.!!
    watch out for jarrah support beams, they are lovley , yet they hurt !!!

    ahhh i think funny man devo has met his match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Anthony’s avatar

    Oi you still here at this post? We’re all upstairs.

    Wow what a score on the guitar. How did you get it – lump of jarrah while Casey had her head turned? Tell me more. When are we jamming and do you know many songs for me in E, G and A at a pinch?

    I was actually nicking the boots for myself but I found out you’re not a size 11.

    Maybe guitar gal, but we shall meet again.

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