Listened to Crap for Charity

will listen to crap for charity

There is triumph over adversity, there are great feats in the field of human endeavour, and then there is hitting the half-way mark uphill with steadily increasing rain with a back to back triple of Kenny G, Charlene, and Bec Cartwright. [Anthony Georgeff is available as guest speaker and for motivational workshops. His book Visting Paradise, Visting Me will be out next Summer] Missing is in the capture the starting tune of Girls on Film – Wesley Willis and the finishing one of Panama (Panamaha). Sadly no Benny Goodman and no Bop Girl. Had I trained even less, they may have been included.

Big thanks to pledgers who have already coughed up and for the others, a very large thank you in advance. To get to Oxfam:
Oxfam Australia
Oxfam America
Oxfam International

By my sums we should have raised over $200. Wooh!


  1. Anonymous’s avatar

    laa, lla lalala …laleeeeeeee.bopbopbop…(REPEAT)
    laaa, laa (pause) lalalalalalalalalalalalalallalal

    guess the song…
    winner takes all…

  2. Santos’s avatar

    i ended up donating more than i had pledged. does this mean i can make you listen to crap around the house?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m going to have to charge you for that one (nice dictation tho’)

    Ahhhh ya champ. If it would help balance out your sado-altruistic yinyang, I get my Volvo back next weekend, I could drive around town listening to requested crap with the windows down.

  4. deborah’s avatar

    oooh you are a kind soul. which bit did aaaaaaaaaaw aaaaaaaaaw aaaaaaaaaaw aaw aaw – hangin tough!

    I thought it would have been great motivation for you with the runnin and stuff.

    I’ll be pledging soon!

  5. Kate’s avatar

    We’ll be donating our massive wads of cash (ahem) shortly.

  6. Robert’s avatar

    Hey anthony: is there any particular appeal you’d like us to donate to? Or just the general fund?

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Hangin’ Tough?
    I felt like Hangin’ meself.
    Such a spectacularly lightweight piece of crap.

    Wads! Massive ones!

    Any fund or the general fund is fine. It’s all good. (unless it’s for Peruvian buskers)

    Cheers all.

  8. Stephanie’s avatar

    It may just be me (and probably is); but did all the nominated/donated songs make it in?

  9. deborah’s avatar

    LOL! they were my first love, along with Bros and Milli Vanilli.

    Great job otherwise Spicey. Was this a race, if so what place did you get?

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Stephanie
    Yep got through most of the playlist on random for over an hour an 12 minutes with no reapeats. A couple more stops to tie up my shoelaces and I could have gotten them all.

    Hope you’re not too close to Hurricane Katrina.

    Deary me – the unholy trinity.

    Not sure of my place but I was overtaken by a fiftysomething lady dressed up as a clown at the 5km point.

  11. Santos’s avatar

    ooh. okay. but i know a lot of crap music. i may just stick to one band, but it would have to be “windows rolled down, stereo blaring”.

    it’s sort of a toss up between savage garden and the wiggles. (crap that sticks close to home)

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Living on a rather busy intersection as I do, you’d be amazed the crap people quite proudly listen to.

    Hot potato hot potato.

  13. deborah’s avatar

    will there be video footage???????????

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Man cruising around on his own in a wagon listening to the Wiggles with a video camera could get me chased out of town by angry villagers.

  15. Stephanie’s avatar

    Thanks, Anthony, but we’re far enough away to get lots of wind and rain, but no serious damage/danger. A couple states above the really bad areas, thank goodness.

    And donation has been made!

  16. Stephanie’s avatar

    Speaking of…might lose internet/cable connection soon!

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Good you’re OK but poor Biloxi.

    Goodonya for the donation – the song wasn’t all that bad kind of Devo meets “You Shook Me All Night Long” on a bad day.

    I should send you some emergency aerogrammes.

  18. Stephanie’s avatar

    I’m glad it didn’t cause too much damage.

    It’s actually one of my favorites…I have to keep running back to the turntable and put the needle back to the beginning…

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Yes it could easily have been much much worse.

    If it’s a single you could play it at 331/3, it’s be longer between changes and it’s dound more like Black Sabbath.

  20. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Thanks for being such a good sport about all of this and thanks for doing something for this organization. My donation (more $$ than I was going to donate initially) has been made. I hope you enjoyed the tune. It’s one that I like to listen to while biking.

  21. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Reid

    Thanks to you for donating. Oxfam do a great job and it’s all added up to a handy amount because of everybody. The tune relaxed me nicely for the final stage. Be careful on that bike now.

  22. Ampersand Duck’s avatar

    Hey, just even thinking about playing Bop Girl deserves the cash. I wouldn’t have played it either. Pat Wilson and her ex will be going to hell for that one.

  23. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey cheers Ampers&. It’s a pig of a song. Don’t know which one to blame for it. I think they has one of those enabling dysfunctional relationships.

    On a separate point
    Oh and when I said Katrina could easily have been much much worse, I wasn’t implying that it hasn’t been a complete disaster.

  24. Stephanie’s avatar

    won’t work; I have the full album.

    sorry for crap typing…brand-new sleeping kitty in one hand!

  25. Mindy’s avatar

    Where it said reason for donating, I said ‘Anthony listened to Bec Cartwright’. So someone at Oxfam knows what you went through for them. Well done.

  26. Anthony’s avatar

    Wow the whole album! I’m impressed – which member is your fave.

    Bless and thanks. I think even the hardened people of Oxfam may have shed a tear or two.

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