Caramelised Bananas and Who’d play Me

banana delight

Kate, who makes a very nice paella I must say, has tagged me as to who would play me. Trickier than it appears when I’m not even sure if I’m actually playing myself all the time. Michael Ironside seemed appealing. I think I’d be great with a robotic hand.

Also very tempting was Christopher Walken, he’s running for President you know. Personally I think this is an unnecessary ploy for my affections – Adam Sandler playing yet another idiotic yet loveable man-child would be a preferential candidate to the current idiotic yet dissembling and cowardly war criminal man-child. I’d love to have ludicrous hair yet retain dignity and be able to switch into a tap dance or a karaoke spot. Yet it wouldn’t be right, playing roles isn’t what he does best. What I’d love is Christopher Walken playing me in someone else’s movie so “I” could walk on say a couple of lines. People could go “wow! who the fuck was that” and then I could wander back to the kitchen and check my gravy.

So it’ll have to be Daniel Auteuil. Despite actors being some enhanced projection of self, he seems to be resolutely the everyman. Not handsome but interesting and prone to the absurdities of life, faced with a light and appealing touch. He also gets to throw knives But then again, I’ve seen barely a tenth of his films and I’d hate to pretend I’m an expert on his work, should my bluff be called.

So I’ll have to go with Owen Wilson for his good humoured faintly crap taoic ambivalence maybe and at the very least for his spectacular car crash in the Royal Tenenbaums. But then again the more anxious anal aspects of Ben Stiller certainly…

Ahh fuck it Michael Ironside will play me and if you want to caramelise bananas just slice them, coat them in a mix of raw sugar and cinnamon. Pop them in a very hot pan and turn when caramelised. You can release the sugar in the pan with some butter.

Oh tagging three people, if you would like someone to play you, let me know. First three.

Oi!; and speaking of Kate, she’s nicely remembered to remind us about Perth blogger awards at the Brass Monkey tonite! People will be there and speaking of whom, Crafty has just given me an idea. Oh wait java script polls don’t work in blogger posts – bugger! And it makes my text all small if I put it in the sidebar. Gah!

Two Words: Jackson’s and RODD.



  1. Barbara’s avatar

    …but Daniel has the gorgeous wife. Oops – I mean’t had. His latest companion is kinda pretty too.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Barbara

    Emmanuelle Béart, ah yes. But I have a gorgeous wife.

    Who’s his latest one? I’d like to test the Gainsbourg hypothesis.

    Michael Ironside is married to Karen Dinwiddie BTW. I’m not sure what she looks like but a google search will take you here

  3. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Almost a bananas foster huh?

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    This one’s a foster child.

  5. Robert’s avatar

    Yes, what more can we say but “RODD!”

  6. Barbara’s avatar

    Seems all Blogger sites are being hit this week!

    Dan is now with Marianne Denicourt. Can’t say I’ve seen any of her movies though. You’ll need to explain the Gainsbourg hypothesis.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    I hold the RODD!


    Yes. What a pestilence, I thought the one trading off NO tragedy was especially vile.

    Gainsbourg principle – check out serge, check out his ladies.

  8. deborah’s avatar

    What this two word business Anthony?
    * said in a Sri Lankan mother accent*

    RODD…? Its not a Big Boy is it? LOL

    Sorry :|

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s a shame we don’t have Sril-Lankan mother tags.

    Jackson’s was I got to go back and do another night there (details soon maybe)

    and RODD is a trophy gnomic derring do (epic ballad up soon maybe too)

  10. deborah’s avatar

    Give me a couple of days and I’ll create one!

    A gnome named Jackson?????????

    Please tell us all about your second time. You must’ve been good. Plus we like seeing happy faces with beer at the end of a night.

    I am eagerly awaiting your answers to my hard questions as well ;)

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Oooh good a ballad frenzy.

    The gnome and Jackson are unrelated except in a more abstract hermeneutical schema.

    Well good would be stretching it, slightly more of a help than a hinderance perhaps. It was tired face with beer last night, I was knackered.

    There are questions, there will be answers, that is the way of the world.

  12. Nicole’s avatar

    All hail the RODD.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    A woooooooh ha!

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