A week of week – Kaiseki Workshop; Perth Blog Awards; More Jackson’s

Another week. My fanciful blog life has become real and as you’re probably all thinking, it is like the uncontrollable materialisation of desires by a machine left by a long extinct ancient civilisation. So here we go:

Comestibles Kaiseki Workshop

Boiled daikon with egg tofu in dashi Peeling Daikon Grilled Salmon

I’ve always wondered what food workshops were like and I got to tag along to one as photographer for Spice mag on Monday. Good good good. Handy stuff from the kaiseki (Japanese gustation menu before gustation menus were around) chef at Yahachi. I never knew you should use the water from washing the rice when making dashi and salting fish like eggplant to draw out the fishy taste. We were treated to my favourite Japanese chef trick of shaving a long translucent strip of daikon with a knife. I’m sure if it had been the tearing a Minties wrapper competition he would have come in at 15 metres. I got to try all four courses of the various kaiseki menu items and enjoyed every last morsel. I’m inspired to tender daikon and crunchy lotus root. If that wasn’t enough, each course was matched with sake from the Australian brewery of Go-shu. Very pleasing to the tongue and better than any imported one I’ve tasted here. My favourite one, the Go-shu Nama, happened to be their cheapest. How very fortunate. Apparently it’s available at the Wembley Downs Shopping Centre (cue misty hazy memories) Liquor Store. We also got to try some Leaf (of Cottesloe and Mt Lawley) teas with a detailed explanation of each one reminding me of how ignorant I am in this area. Lapsang Souchong is now my smokey fave.

Yahachi’s site is here and Comestibles has a few more workshops this month. If you’re interested, I can email the details.

Perth Blog Awards

Kangaroo Steak Perth Blog Awards RODD

Wooh! Wednesday night at the Brass Monkey. After dining on a most tenderly cooked and deliciously seasoned with Szechuan pepper Kangaroo Fillet, I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of not one but two awards:

Most Creative Blogger Currently Working in the Public Service
Best Impersonation of a Giant Gnome

take that! Linus Pauling. And I was honoured to receive the RODD ancient knife of gnomic hammer and elfin tong. Legend has it, it will be used with all other trophies to serve at an afternoon tea, the likes of which can barely be imagined. Check out the others at the WA Blog Awards. More pics here.

Many thanks to Bret of Not The West for his organisations and as a shamefully late post for 3108 Blog Day, I would like to draw your attention to four new Perth blogs that have decided to enter into the fast paced and brutal world of food blogging:
Cook & Eat
An Electronic Restaurant by Masterchef “Noodle Cook”
TeDAMENU Tuckertime Home
chubby cat cooks
and because she’s a fave and spreads the good word with Omnivoribus Australis, Saffy of The Food Palate

Encore Night at Jackson’s Restaurant

service Vension chocolate ravioli

I was kindly let back into Jackson’s kitchen again. Much more settled this time. I wasn’t sweating when I got to the door. Advances were independent thinking when I prepped the veges in servings ready to go by myself without being asked; and multi-taskingin getting an order of veges out and deep fry 20 mini pappadums, albeit in laughable disarray. I also like to flatter myself that if I hadn’t noticed a small piece of styrofoam in the fennel salad I was preparing, disaster may have resulted. It was impressive to see how intense things can become with just a slight change in orders. Most of the service seemed a rattle of dishes, table numbers and controlled frenzy. You could feel the calm settle as the list orders dwindled towards the end of the night. On my modest front, I practiced slow patient cutting work with asparagus and learnt the benefits of working tidy and the efficacy of a few bowls and containers. I helped make the white bread rolls and the chocolate ravioli, as well as reprising the gremolata, and not burning my hands with the sauces I had to organise into flasks. Lots of counting things which turned out to be surprisingly tricky. There was a date and apple cake for afternoon tea and steak and frittata for dinner. A Clam Pho for a snack. I got to lick the frypan of the scrambled eggs with Western Australian truffles and try lamb cooked in a mind bogglingly complex Moroccan spice mix. Tiramisu to finish. If they’re wanting to be rid of me, they’re going the wrong way about it.

In other news:
Host-for-life Jeanne hosts EoMEoTE again, I clain (clain?); Clement continues and may have finished with the mammoth series IMBB 17 – Tea at A La Cuisine!; and money raised in the City to Surf went to Oxfam – many thanks all.

Why hello Anne, that’s a heck of a dress you’re wearing.



  1. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    LOL over the licking of frying pan! You must be one of a few who tasted real WA truffle…

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Figuratively licking of course, in case anyone was yucked out. They’re hard to get and it was actually my first bit of truffle proper. I love mushrooms and was impressed by the intensity of the flavour. Let’s hope for a large harvest.

  3. deborah’s avatar

    Wow! You’ve been busy. GREAT pics from the Kaiseki workshop! Can’t wait to see this new project.

    Clam pho! Clam pho! Clam pho! I must know more… please!

    Most of all congrats on the RODD. You deserve it mate!

    T-ank u for the linkage. We have so many new peeps this month – yay!

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    I have Saffy, I have. The mag is out in November and the website should be up shortly to beforehand. I’m looking after the website and then plan is to make it a local food bulletin as well as an adjunct to the mag.

    The clam Pho was just some fish stock, some herbs, and clams. Very lovely.


    No worries for the linkage – I suggest you get Karen Cheng to link to you, my site meter just went nuts.

  5. deborah’s avatar

    Went nuts? Cashew or almond?

    Oh I think you’ve got the best job – online food journo – lovely.

    I love Karen’s website. But am too shy to ask :/

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    -chickens hatch

    -asking schmasking, never been able to do it myself, as with most things gifted trumps demanded

  7. Kate’s avatar

    The Forbidden Restaurant! Or should it be Return To The Forbidden Restuarant!

    If Spice needs any more magazine savvy talent (modest, moi?) give ’em my number, okay?

  8. Kate’s avatar

    Oh that was so ingracious of me, wasn’t it?

    A very good post, I must say.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Ingracious yes, I would never have coughed up the sci-fi movie reference until at least comment#12.

    Expect a distressed teary call from a Spice magazine (yet-to) contributor asking you how you do it soon.

    PS nice suggested title, I know when they start tellin me they’re shut on Thursdays.

  10. Kate’s avatar

    Some writer I am: can’t type, can’t spell, can’t use the English language correctly…

    I’m on deadline this week so any teary calls will likely be met by a teary response.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Spelling is for the petty, typing is a substitute for writing, and the English language is far from a done deal.

    I’ve got a half bottle of vodka, a third of rum, and two dozen bottles of wine (not counting the anniversary stash). You?

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s Forbidden Planet people.

  13. deborah’s avatar

    Nutty Fast.

    I am now going to reveal just how unrefined I am… Lapsang Souchong
    *Blech* You’re right on the smokey… cigarette butt water. Hngh.

    Otherwise, Clam Pho. Sounds divine.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m a bit gimmicky when it comes to tea.

    Pho was great, slurpy sounds filled the alleyway.

  15. Anonymous’s avatar

    awwww devo , i liked slumping around down there at fight, fight, fight, there are alot of extreamly smart people up here and as my wonderful husband reminds me every day im definatly not the sharpest tool his ever had!!!!! so as u have already realised, i cant spell or type, and i hate big, words .

    anyway its true about the guitar. and i didnt even use the jarrah beam to get it! lets just say im a VIP…….

  16. notthewest’s avatar

    OK I just got the reference to Linus Pauling. Nothing to do with co-valent bonding. He was the only guy to win two Nobel prizes (chemistry and peace) without having to share either of them. Sharing a Nobel Prize should count as only a half-Nobel if you ask me.

  17. Anonymous’s avatar

    say no more!!!


  18. Anthony’s avatar

    We welcome all spelling and typing sinners here, come forwards to A week of Week.

    “sharpest tool”
    Fnar! Har!

    So what kind of guitar is Casey’s, we’re big on details here, and do you need a lyricist?

    Good Stuff Bret. I would have walked out rather than share my Gnome award.

  19. Anonymous’s avatar

    wozza thinks, its a fake!!!
    its not cause the people who gave it to me know,that if i find out that its a fake i will be using the jarrah support beam!!!!!!

    there will be no facilitating,or mounting for wozza in the truck this harvest………

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    I think you should find a nice 70’s house and use a fake Jarrah support beam.

    Poor wozza

  21. Anonymous’s avatar

    its cofirmed, the guitar is fake.
    ohh the pain, im devastated…..all that bragging i have done, ……

    i used to go to the brass monkey!!


  22. pseudo chef’s avatar

    The grilled salmon pic looks great! And congrats on the two awards :)

    Clam pho – interesting!

  23. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh a fake, what a shame. I mean it could have been worse and been a piano played by Delta Goodram.

    You should go again, it’s good.

    It was just yum. The egg coating was scrambled eggs run through a seive.

    Thanks, there was some pretty tough competition on the gnome one.

  24. Anonymous’s avatar

    devo do we detect sarcasm in your typing!!!!!

    we would have run over deltas piano with the deep ripper,

    (fancy words compliments of the macquarie dictionary that wozza flung at me yesterday)

  25. Anonymous’s avatar

    Stay tuned mate, next week Elvis’s underpants!

  26. ChubbyCat’s avatar

    Congrats on the two awards! Hope you had a smashing time. Also, ta muchly for the 3108 day shout out :D

    Also, also, I’m very keen on the Kaiseki workshop. Could your email details please?

  27. Anthony’s avatar

    Do it with the ripper and film it. Jeebus I’ll even do the on-site catering.
    Sarcasm wouldn’t know the meaning of the word.

    It’s funny you should mention that…

    Very welcome. I will get around to updating the blog roll one day too.
    Just sent the details, the kaiseki one has passed but there are a few other good one’s. When I get this website up and going hopefully we’ll be able to keep people better informed about stuff like this

  28. Anonymous’s avatar

    gees!! my mum will be so proud, seeing her daughter fanging herself around a paddock in a deep ripper running over freeken deltas piano!!!

    what is a rodd? and why did u win it?

  29. Anthony’s avatar

    With gnomic hammer
    and elfen tong
    becomes a tale
    becomes a song

    And people tell
    and people rhyme
    of a talisman
    from the mists of time

    Trust not in man or in god

    [to be continued]

  30. Anonymous’s avatar




    tell me more?

  31. Anonymous’s avatar

    or perhaps


  32. Anthony’s avatar


    Was found in a mongosteen


    With its silver sheen


    It is bright and clean


  33. Anonymous’s avatar


    i will ask another time


    although its a lovely rhyme


    simply to explain


    as its driving me insane


  34. Anthony’s avatar

    Those men inside my brain.

  35. Anonymous’s avatar


  36. Anonymous’s avatar

    what men


  37. Anonymous’s avatar

    i think you’ve been sniffin the Mr Sheen……we no comprehendo

    r u saying im cheap

  38. Anthony’s avatar


    Go up four comments and click on the exclamation mark.

    “driving me insane”

  39. Anthony’s avatar

    The men inside my brain of course, not you guys who are being very entertaining.

  40. amazingouse’s avatar

    ha ha ha ha , got ya!!!
    THAT GOT YOU PACKING DIDNT IT, hahahahahahhaha..

    thats wat ya get for messin with the girl from the bush!hahah

    you blokes, your all the same, oh im laughing so hard i caN hardly type, oh i forgot i cant type anyway….

    and aint it great

  41. Anonymous’s avatar

    She got you a beauty mate!!!
    be warned Devo, she is the Devil in disguise! And what a great disguise it is!! WOZZA

  42. Anthony’s avatar


  43. afreakamus’s avatar

    still laughing, at 9.10

    awww devo we think you is very sweet,
    i mean come on usually its me everyone laughs at and thinks is a fucken freak, and wozza just reminded me that every time i open my mouth he usually runs for cover! god his a prick..anyway just as long as you know im one up! let the games begin………

  44. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey stuff upstairs.

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