Hey look I don’t want to be like the elderly Salvation Army lady at the pub on a Friday afternoon…

but the best thing I could come up with for the Katrina [neutral understatement] disaster was a list, a cell, a pistol, and the suggestion that the honourable thing be done.

Welcome sweet inspiration.

Joanna at BlondeSense has a plan, it’s as angry and inspired as it is decent and right. Farewell sweet beer money.


  1. Kate’s avatar

    here here.

  2. deborah’s avatar

    I think you’d make a great Salvation Army Lady. Would you carry a tambourine?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    aye aye
    and big yeahs! all round

    I had fancied myself as a sweary progressive woman of social justice action with a pick-up truck and a ton of moxy but I guess I could be a Salvation Army Lady instead. I’d just have to imagine I was badgering drinkers for a ciggie.
    Tambourine? No. I’d carry a guitar that was secretly a pop-up toaster.

  4. deborah’s avatar

    Oh I like your thinking.
    But all Salvation Army LAdies have at least one tambourine. Maybe yours could be masked as a salt and pepper shakers

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Razor sharp cymbals around the edge.

    And in mail:
    As you already know, we did a huge buy & drop Sunday night (Second Harvest
    Food Bank of New Orleans truck caravan), of over $1,200 worth of food, first
    aid, baby food, etc.

    As soon as PayPal & my bank get their shit straight, we are going to be
    doing it again and again and again, as well as bringing supplies to several
    of the many shelters around this area, who have been INUNDATED with
    hurricane victims. We’re also getting together supplies for the LSU Vet
    School, who are sheltering & treating so many abandoned/orphaned animals, as
    well as the animals of folks who are stuck in shelters and can’t keep them.

    Also, there’s a M*A*S*H – type emergency medical center that’s sprung up in
    an abandoned K-Mart in Baton Rouge, and we’re going to see if we can get
    ahold of a medical supplier to mainline some stuff to them, too.

  6. deborah’s avatar

    Wonderful work there.

  7. Kate’s avatar

    You don’t wanna be a salvo lady. I quote:

    “The Salvation Army conducted an outside religious service that included songs such as “What a Friend We Have in Jesus.”

    “Natural disaster is caused by the sin in the world,” said Maj. John Jones, the group’s area commander. “The acts of God are what happens afterwards … all the good that happens.””

    From here: http://www.alertnet.org/thenews/newsdesk/N04307426.htm

    Yes they do good works but… you know. Natural disasters are caused by nature.

    Sorry to get all political on ya.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Fucking platitudinous idiot. I don’t even think that’s good theology, outside of the suffering is noble crowd.

    Link doesn’t work, is the Major here or in the states? I’ve heard it’s much more under the thrall of fundamentalists and a religious right agenda. Australian one’s just seem to have a dogmatic approach to drug rehab and have the governments ear on the subject.

    Gotta go, more thoughts later perhaps.

  9. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    Instead of watching the TV and feel helpless I did Paper Chef #10 New Orleans challenge, eating cheap to save money for donation. While I did a big huh ha over Aussie contribution, my problem is where go that $10 million aid from Australians which the foreign minister announced?

    Does anyone have high hit weblog to do a roundup on Aussie bloggers’ writings on Hurricane with a link to Red Cross, Salvos, or whatever, even to Westpac, Commbank? Never sure whether that will motivate visitors to donate, at least that beats standing in a street corner dressed like a pan-handler. My site got “noindex” and no RSS, so never gonna get many hits.

    I am trying to put a video of New Orleans dessert “Banana Foster” on Google Video, with message: enjoy, but please donate to Hurricane Katrina.

    If you’re worry about money on beer, dilute the stuff with tomato juice (water, tomato paste, cajun seasoning if you like), sprinkle over ground akudjura (bush tomato) and flog the “cocktail” off for double the price, under a fancy name like Akudjura Redback or whatever brand of beer you drink :) – I did that, electronically, in Paper Chef!

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey good for you 2mnc. I haven’t seen a round-up on any of the high hit websites so I think we’ll just have to use our initiative as you’ve done so nicely. Good on Owen for organising that too.

    Money Money pledged by governments is often more than it turns out to be in reality, Afghanistan was pretty much shafted. Ah well, there’s always heroin. But I’m happy to say the money from the government went straight to the Red Cross who are doing the best they can despite hinderances. For any donation it’s always best to donate to the general pool as it allows more flexibility of funds exceed needs (like they did with Bali and 9-11). Anyway I ramble.

    If you want RSS you could try here:

    I might have to pass on the red-eye but will go for a Bloody Mary maybe.

    Further thoughts-
    I’m going to have to dig out Candide but I think The Raving Atheist hits a nice note.

  11. Kate’s avatar

    I posted another comment before but it was eaten. The internet has it out for me (and my phone lines were down for hours today…) Now I can’t even get into my own blog.
    Anyway, I appreciate the good work of the salvos but… you know, not a good thing to say.
    I haven’t put up links to donate because last time I did that I got lectured on ‘charities don’t work blah blah blah’ so I’m being a defeatist.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    That will happen on a food blog. Anyway in regards to your lost post, yes I have been working out, and I wouldn’t normally expect anyone to give me a case of trappiste beer but, well, alright then.

    The Salvo’s do do a good job but I prefer my charities secular and progressive if I can find ’em.

    Regards your lecturer; a wise man once said that if you give a man a fish, he will eat for but one day. However fishing lessons are rather expensive and how can we be sure that the money even gets there perhaps an aid agancy worker might use it for a cup of coffee or stay in a hotel and besides aren’t their governments corrupt I bet they’d take the lesson for themselves and anyway I prefer to help charities closer to home like ahmm kids with something.

    BTW if you want to borrow those graphic novels on your list, I’ve got most of them so, just let me know.

  13. tokyo goat’s avatar

    may recall i grew up in the salvos.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    I do indeed. Did Salvo’s kids have to do anything in particular or go on camps and stuff?

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