WTFDYWMTDWT/EoMEoTE/IMBB – Fried Green Tea Ravioli with a Red Bean Paste Filling as part of a dinner party that included Spanish Mackeral and Fettuci

green tea ravioli with red bean paste

A quick apology for the rather low standard of presentation but I really can’t be arsed by the end of a dinner. Not that this is any excuse for a lack of skills in this regard. I should learn to do the swirly thing with the satay stick or something.

chotda pack uh oh

A little while ago I was lucky enough to receive a package from kindly Santos of Guam. Her generous efforts at a stretching my parameters were sadly confounded by our strict quarantine laws. I’m happy to announce Australia is still free of the scourge of banana flowers and medicinal bark. Apparently if you want to get food past customs you tell them it’s delicious with mayonnaise. Don’t bother with a Bhudda statue. The lesson is – send cash. Anyway I was left with rice paper and Korean green tea flower (which given my current embarrasing social habit, I was surprised I didn’t start chatting in Japanese with it). I could have combined the two but had a different plan.

My first one was to make green tea beignets and then stuff them but I thought the red bean paste I wasn’t to use wasn’t fluid enough for the task. Instead I was inspired by the fried chocolate ravioli I helped with on Thursday and thoought I’d go with a variation of that.

eggs and green tea flour green tea pasta roller ravioli cutter

The green tea pasta was your standard pasta recipe but with the addition of a tablespoon of sugar and the use of green tea flour. I’m not going to tell you how to make pasta, instead you can go here. The green tea flour wasn’t totally amenable but the pasta maker takes a bit of practice and I don’t think I’ve used mine more than twice this century. Ruggedy ragged edges aren’t too much of a problem if you’re just going to stamp it out anyway. Run it through to a 5 thickness.

The red bean paste – an freezes quite happily and was left over from IMBB#15 Mizu Youkan – detailed making instructions to be found there including showtunes.

Well then it’s rather easy. Cut out enough pasta for the ravioli stamp to fit comfortably, add a teaspoon of the bean paste, place another piece of pasta on top and, after squeezing out any excess air, stamp. Repeat. Deep fry until crisp at 180C and serve.

It was served with a gamache mix of half cream/half dark chocolate melted over a double boiler. Some cream for the plate and a slice of frozen custard apple as an afterthought. Santos has the goods on custard apple aka atis.

Well it was good. I would have liked a little more bean paste in my mine but it’s not to everyone’s liking. The green tea flavour was quite mild and the ganache nicely in unsweet unison. The custard apple, which I’ve never had before, and suspect it may not have quite been right.

Now as for the rest of the meal. I’d asked a couple of friends and a bit after 4 Toni asked me what I was making and I realised I had no idea. So a quick trip to the shops just before they closed at 5 had me sorted for guests at 6:30.

spanish mackeral

This is the spanish mackeral caught by Local Man Catches Large Fish who would be joining us for dinner.

The spanish mackeral was in cutlets and it’s just a matter of removing the skin. Using my tip from the Kaiaseki workshop, I coated it in salt for half an hour and rinsed to remove some of the fishy smell. Cooked in nice hot slab of butter with the addition of flat leafed parsley and tarragon and a splash of vinegar and served with aparagus mixed after cooked with lemon peel、parsley, tarragon, and butter.

A lovely piece of fish it was.

chicken and walnut fettucine with chilli pesto

Since the pasta maker was out, I made some plain fettucine as well. Not too hard but I hanker for a plastic pasta hanger as it was a bit of a tangle. Actually comes apart quite nicely when cooking which happens in about four minutes.

For the pesto – one chilli, deseeded and chopped; two crushed cloves of garlic; pinch of salt; handful of toasted pine nuts; and handful each of parsley and parsely; process, adding EVOO until it gets to the right pasticity. Stir in some grated parmesan cheese.

Chop us some chicken thighs, marinate in pepper, lemon juice, and olive oil and cook in a pan. Toast handful of walnuts. Add to the pasta and the pesto and serve.

A swell mix of textures and home made pasta really is better.

So that’s WTFDYWMTDWT kinda done for now, lasts month’s IMBB-fried has been done but a bit late; and with green (carbohydrate subjected to heat) eggs and an, I’ve done EoMEoTE#10.


Hey! check out what’s at An Electronic Restaurant by Masterchef “Noodle Cook” and Oslofoodie has made pancakes.



  1. pseudo chef’s avatar

    The fettucine looks great, and the green tea ravioli sounds good too though bugger about our quarantine laws.

    ps: You’ve been tagged for the childhood memories meme

  2. notthewest’s avatar

    Can you get adzuki beans in Perth?

  3. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    Hi nothewest, during the mooncake festival the oriental shops stock these pastes intended for mooncakes, which include red bean pastes or the adzuki you sought. I’ve seen the raw beans in the “bulk” bins section.

    Must try Green Tea ravioli combination, if ever I succeed at cooking …. :)

  4. Avatar’s avatar

    Who else but you would have thought of green tea ravioli filled with adzuki?

    Your creativity is a gift, and I admire you for it.

  5. deborah’s avatar


  6. Kate’s avatar

    Duuuuuude. That’s hardcore cheffery right there. Mightily impressive.

    I put any form of pasta-making into the ‘way too damned hard’ basket so that’s double impressive.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    -Erk tagged. Hmm I didn’t have a very foody childhood but since you’ve got a Voltaire quote, I’ll give it a try.

    -Yes. I think I got mine at just a small Asian supermarket.

    -thanks for that. Is the mooncake festival soon?
    It isn’t to tricky, you could even just use a rolling pin.

    -ahh bless. I’ve been lucky to have been surrounded by good ideas and inspiraion of late so it’s just putting the pieces together.

    – “G” ” L” “O” “R” ” I” “OUS”

    -Apart from the dessert, it was on the hop messing about.

    If you can make a pastry you can make pasta and it’s reet tasty.

  8. deborah’s avatar

    I may try this over the weekend. May being the operative word

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    May is for poles and flies.

    Can is for do.

  10. bramble’s avatar


    Oops. That’s the keyboard fried from too much drool.

    I like the sound of WTFDYWMTDWT. It’s a thought every cook has had at some point.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    I thought you’d accidentally typed in your word verification there. Thanks though. WTFDYWMTDWT is the very heart of the adventurous cook.

    Eep the cricket.

  12. deborah’s avatar

    Ok, Then I do. Infact I am in the middle of doing. It’s all very exciting and rewarding this pasta making. The dough is currently resting. Or more correctly, I am currently resting :)

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey good luck. Looking forward to hearing about it.

  14. J’s avatar

    why, you multitasking wunderkind! dinner looks fantastic; green tea ravioli with adzuki filling sounds fiddly to make but fabulous to eat…

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    You’re a muchtookind. I’m barely keeping up with your consistent triple treats. Starting from scratch with azuki beans would be fiddly but iofyou’re already got the paste, it’s not too hard.

  16. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    Hi Anthony, I found out from “Grab Your Fork” that mooncake festival is on 18 Sept. Just as well because the oriental shop is down to the last 4 cans of red bean paste! Couldn’t find green tea flour, but the shop keeper says, try green tea powder or make your own by grinding green tea leaves real fine. Preferably Japanese and not Chinese green tea. I think I’ll try no-cook glutinous rice flour pastry first before attempting pasta making.

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey thanks 2mnc. Are there any festivities for it in Perth?

    Green tea powder sounds like a good plan.

  18. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I was wondering what WTFDYWMTDWT stood for, but I think I’ve figured it out. Great job with the dessert ravioli. It’s just as creative as the dessert panini I had a couple weeks back.

  19. Anthony’s avatar


    Fourth word is “do”. Bit more stuffing next time I think or mayeb I should just find a taiyaki mould and knock myself out.

  20. OsloFoodie’s avatar

    Funny. I bought some canned red bean when I received the green flour from Santos. Still trying to decide on what to do with them though. Just too many ideas! (And so little time).

  21. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah spookiness Oslo Foodie.

    Maybe you could make little balls, roll them in sesame seeds and deep fry them

  22. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    I’ve succeeded with the “ravioli” using toasted glutinous rice flour, but the canned red beans errupt on heating. doh.

    Festivals in Perth? Um, this city is dead unlike Sydney! I suppose the Chung Wah Association is the place to ask. Isn’t that foodie “Spice” web you mentioned the source of such vital information :) ? AugustusGloop does a brilliant job of events in Sydney and I am hoping Perth’s best known food blogger, Jackson’s super chef to be, is going to do the same for the rest of the food dumbos in Perth!

  23. Anthony’s avatar

    I’ve just been over for a peek and the look gorgeous.

    Perth can be crap. Spice website will be up for such things, if only for my own benefit to actually find out what’s going on. Usually it’s ooh must be Spring in the Valley time, oh that was last month.

    Finger on the pulse.
    That’s my elbow.

  24. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    And what was that third word again? Fark? LOL! =P

  25. Anthony’s avatar



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