Omnivoribus Australis – Edition III


Edition III is up and is like a giant red tractor. Actually it’s more like a mirror universe waffle and cream sandwich with creamy goodness on the top and bottom and waffle in the middle but I didn’t have a pic of that and did handily have one of a tractor. Great way of seeing what’s happening in things foodie in Australia and New Zealand. Hats off Saffy.

Omnivoribus Australis – Edition III

[and yes, you are free to discuss tractors on this post]


  1. deborah’s avatar

    Nice piccie. Thanks for the linkage. You done good!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Don’t thank me, thank CASE and its centrally hinged hydraulic steering linkage.

    Top job by you and the other posters.

  3. John Deere’s avatar

    red is good,
    green is better!

  4. Kate’s avatar

    I once heard a story about a Russian woman who named her first born daughter Tractor because she thought it sounded pretty.
    ‘Ya, Tractor, poor Mummy another shot of vodka!’

  5. Kate.’s avatar

    That should be pour. Sigh.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    -Perhaps twenty years ago.

    -Or Collectivefarm even. Still, better than Dakota or Apple. Maybe it does soubd pretty in Russian? Spelling scmelling

  7. John Deere’s avatar

    hey kate, was she green by any chance??

  8. johnmoniouse’s avatar

    green is the greatest!!!

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! Maybe for handbags and lollipops.

    But for marvelling at the panoramic view, ergonomic layout, luxurious options, and all the extras that you deserve and feeling the instant response of industry-leading horsepower and torque rise, giving you the extra boost you need under load, it is red.

  10. teddles_russ’s avatar

    “Go you Big Red Fire-engine”?

  11. Jeanne’s avatar

    I’m not Sam –
    Spice I am
    And I don’t like green tractors and ham.
    I will not have them on my land,
    I will not put them in my band,
    I do not like them sliced or canned –
    In fact I think they should be banned.

    Does that count as a cross-event Omni-EoMEoTE-Ausi post??

  12. monagreeniouse’s avatar

    ahh ya dreaming, get your hands out of ya pants, i quote,

    “Nothing runs like a Deere
    forget the rest step up to
    the best”


  13. Santos’s avatar

    jeanne leave the green tractors off your rider then.

    sorry, bad band joke.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    -That’s the spirit!


    The green tractor
    That’s a factor
    Is best
    in a compactor

    It does indeed count and high scores all round.

    Mon Deere

    My band’s got no nose.

  15. monideere’s avatar

    be seen in green
    the mighty machine.
    John Deeres , say no more!!!.
    park ya reds,
    at the back of ya sheds
    throw a match upon the floor!!!!

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    Say what you like
    JD couldn’t pull the cock
    off a chocolate mouse.
    In the sun
    It’s no longer number one.

  17. atossamous’s avatar

    hi there redboy to be perfectly honest i couldnt give a toss about tractors,
    Wozza, on the other hand would probably, if he could, make passionate love to his tractor.!!

  18. Anonymous’s avatar

    and I would probably have more fun!!

  19. awwwwymous’s avatar


  20. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmm a Fatal Attractortion

  21. amonymous’s avatar

    psst, devo,
    dont worry bout the tractor pervert ,
    i need you to go upstairs

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    What, now?

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