Food memories and Haiku

we ate bluey

Sorry, no tales of Jackson’s this week, day job intervened. So instead:

Pseudo (aren’t we all) Chef has nabbed me for Food memories of my childhood

– Getting the strap for making spaghetti hair.
– Sardine Sandwiches – three years straight, by demand.
– Insisting the rind be cut off my bacon – fussy little bastard.
– Knowing that the fresh sheep brain patties had sheeps brains in them while my sister didn’t. (sorry Nat)
– Coke Spiders

Robert Corr tagged me for a Name Haiku Meme so Anthony Michael George[ff], here we go:

The opened flower
It is likened to a god
Who is the gardener

Here’s some food from Leederville – Fibber McGee’s and Cafe 130 – out with a couple of folks.

beef and oyster pie T for Toni Beer cake and cocoa


  1. deborah’s avatar

    Coke Spiders! Me too.Usually in the heat of summer. And after a swim.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah coke spiders were part of the Merredin Coffee Shop trifecta of them, toasted chicken and cheese sandwiches, and cappucinos – all after the Friday afternoon swimming classes, preceded by Let’s Sing.

  3. apeasymous’s avatar

    yeh spiders were great!
    I also remember, to get out of eating my peas, shoving them up my nose at the dinner table. Untill one of my sisters dobbed , so i had to stand in the corner with a cooking pot on my head chanting , i will not shove peas where they dont belong..

  4. WOZZA’s avatar

    Hi Mate,
    Mons been on the booze with her mates, she gets a little too honest when she has a beer or 3. Sorry about that. WOZZA

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Ahh she’s right Wozza, hardly a dry blog.

  6. amoniyous’s avatar

    psst,, hey devo, old buddy, old pal, any chance you can delete my drunken pea story( which was true by the way)???

  7. MJD-S’s avatar

    My Nanna’s crumbed fried sheeps brains WERE TO DIE FOR. All us kids knew exactly what was in ’em – yet the fight over the last cold one in the fridge was terrifying….

    (Don’t even ask me about the rhubarb and apple pise wars)

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Nah let this be a lesson for your intemperate ways. Besides it made me laugh.

    Did she chop them up or anything or were they just whole crumbed brains?

  9. ejm’s avatar

    I’m almost afraid to ask. What are coke spiders?

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    No not fevered drug hallucinations but a glass of coke with a scoop of ice-cream in it.

  11. ejm’s avatar

    That’s it? It’s just a coke float? (I have to admit that “spider” is a much better name for it though!)

    And here I thought that the spider was something in the same vein as laughing so hard while eating noodles that they come out of one’s nose. (No, this never happened to me but my husband claims he saw one of his cousins do this while eating chicken noodle soup.)

  12. aflatoymous’s avatar

    sheeps brains and flat chickens?
    WAT THE!!,
    ahh i get it, you lot simulataniously fell into ya deep fryers and cooked yourselves.

    GO THE good old lamb chop and a chicken leg!

    no offence i hope,

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Yes that’s all simple pleasures out our way, no ten speed bicycles or x-ray glasses.

    A deboned sheep?

  14. ABOREDAYMOUS’s avatar

    could it be done?
    cause a chicken would be easy to reverse over a few times in the mighty nissan but,
    a sheep,
    i dunno

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Well if you had a Landcruiser…

  16. aevenborederymous’s avatar

    ahh shit,
    everyone up here nose
    that blody farmeres wit landies, either havent got a big enough blody farm,
    or havent got a big enough blody dick.

    im practising my speed tyong waty do ya fink

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Nah you can use a Nissan, just make sure it’s in in L4 for the sheep, H4 for the chicken, and H2 should be fine for quail and spatchcocks.

    I’d hope that’s pretty speedy typing.

  18. agreatymous’s avatar

    wats a spatchcock, a spatular with a pointy out bit.

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Yes and they’re making ones that atach to a Bamix.

  20. aramsymous’s avatar

    i just went to IKEA and bought all new cooking utensils, that is the greatests shop ever .

    guess wat we are going to Wagin on wednesday, to by some rams,

    ho hum bored, bored, bored

    wozza asked me very poelitly to stay out of trouble for at least one day.

  21. aloosermyous’s avatar


    anyone want to talk,

    ill even settle for the tractor pervert……..

    hey deviate ,

    some one say something

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    I like IKEA and the kitchen gear shop down the road ab bit next to WA Salvage is pretty good to.

    I hope it’s not a giant ram that once belonged to Casey Chambers. : )

  23. Anthony’s avatar

    I’ve work to do I’m afraid, but you could probably find some folks here

  24. Anonymous’s avatar

    excuse me,
    correct me if I am wrong but,
    a spatchcock is a small chicken!

  25. Anthony’s avatar

    It is indeed sir/madam. A small chicken is a spatchcock and the ladies tell me that a small cock is a small cock but not so bad if one knows what to do with it.

  26. Anonymous’s avatar

    Well then young man,
    we here, at the office that is , all belive you should let that poor unfortunate girl know, that she wont be buying a spatchcock attachment for her barmix !
    I work for the department of GLAFG.

  27. Anthony’s avatar

    Will do

    Geradlton Lovers of Avian Food Groups?

  28. Anonymous’s avatar


    and by the way young man
    a small cock , well it wouldnt even touch the sides!!
    A large chicken is required to feed our family.
    (very large)

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