Scary Steak and Mash

steak and mash skinny version

I quite like how deeeeelightfully ugly my steak and mash turned out. Part of a carnival of food monsters. Charming beneath it’s hideous visage unlike the meal below which, like rokurokubi , hides it’s beastliness well.

You know how to cook a steak. The mushrooms are roasted with rosemary and olive oil. The mash is roasted sweet potato – a bit of scorching gives it its colour – and cream butter and milk. The sauce is just some butter added to the pan while the steaks rested, some finely chopped leak, then a splash of wine, a bit of beef stock, a teaspoon of wasabi powder, and then some cream. All done over a high heat, stirring constantly.

Now for a bit of housekeeping-

Jacksons: I returned for some very accurate chip making, curly whirly squid slicing, potato peeling, aspargus prepping, lwob gnikaerb, vietnameses mint tearing, and rasberry and red wine sorbet tasting. The place was fully booked but it was an hour before and order came in. Much anxious standing around like in Das Boot, waiting for the depth charges while the destroyers passed overhead. Slamming was not to happen, 61 people fed in an hour and a half. Take that merchant ships. Periscopes up Oberfähnrich Mitty.

Meme #1: Mike of Shiraz in San Diego has, out of medium sized meditteranean city affinty, tagged me for a wine and food meme. I’ll do my foody half and nominate my wine friendliest meal of the past thirty days. This was Hal Hartley Pork Belly Braised with Fennel and Pears. Nothing in it that exceptionally cried out for wine but the fact that I expressly made it to match with a wine that I’d bought a year ago, is a gold star effort for me. I’d hope that we’re the reverse the case, there’s be a bit of wino head scratching in kind. I’m going to do a double twisty tag here and send off to mistresses of both wine and food Jeanne of Cook sister! (and bugger me she’s just done the EoMEoTE round-up) and Barabara in NZ of winosandfoodies.

Meme #2: Mrs D of the disturbingly-pet-filled-for-a-food-blog Belly-Timber has gotten me with the 23rd post fifth sentence meme, it is:

They then had to switch the island from driving on the right to driving on the left.

Hmmm take heart comrades!

Five is too hard, I’m sending this to the house of bones.

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  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I tagged you for the meme and I tagged the bones-y one too. I suspect that quite a number of us don’t like to do these things much….

    BTW…the steak and mash doesn’t have to look good to taste good right?

  2. mrs d’s avatar

    Notes to self:

    1) no more memes for Anthony.

    2) more animal pics. In fact, TONS of animal pics. After all, I plan on eating the dog and the cat when the pandemic hits and we run out of biscuits in the pantry.

  3. bramble’s avatar

    Being a llab rekaerb myself, I sympathise.

  4. Jeanne’s avatar

    Mmmm, yucky- looking, glorious-tasting comfort food, can’t beat it. I make pan-fried boerewors with a sauce which is basically brown onion gravy and a tin of creamed sweetcorn. It spreads all over the plate like an amoeba with a particularly thin cell wall and a predisposition to rampant pseudopodia and looks like baby sick, but nothing cheers me up quite as well when I’m feeling fragile… ;-)

    Will try to think of a new meme to torture you with. Oh sorry – already done that – EoMEoTE! hahaha

  5. Barbara’s avatar

    I get to play this one twice. I was tagged for the wine side by Clare at Eat Stuff. I’ll take the food side of the tail this time.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    I tag you and then we’re caught in an infinite loop. Santos is being a bit hard on herself, she’s usually a trooper with memes.

    Not at all.

    -Mrs D
    No no I like memes, I’d never have to cook anything again.

    I do worry that today’s pet pic is tomorrow’s pie.


    Creamed sweetcorn – yuckity yuck. Surprisingly resistant that EoMEoTE, and I see you’ve found a new host.


  7. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Yes admirably grievous – it has achieved the old Dr Who monster level of scariness.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    it has achieved the old Dr Who monster level of scariness.

    Gasp! The gold standard!

    I should have faded the post out to:

    weeeeeeeeeeeeoooooooohwaooooooowaooooooo oooo ooooo ooooo weooooooooahooo…

  9. Kate’s avatar

    Welcome to my cooking. I’d be a foodblogger if my food didn’t all turn out as ugly as sin.
    And we’ve already warned the dawg that when the Plague (war or apocalypse or whatever) comes we’re drawing straws for who gets eaten first. As she doesn’t have opposable thumbs we get to allocate her straw.

  10. Anthony’s avatar


    Quote of the month from Santos is

    “it looks like he threw up all over himself, and is hurling even more”.

    Presentation is nine-tenth of the law, no wait that’s population. Never mind.

    My plan was to stock up on some lean cuisine but you’re plan sounds much tastier.

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