Cambinata Yabbies Dinner

Sorry, haven’t posted for near on a week but I’ve been batching learning how to peel an artichoke taking team portraits for the Wembley footy club interviewing Curtis from Surfing the Menu for Spice Magazine faffing around with MySQL and movable type Perl stuff with the wrong manual catching up with a friend who went overseas with a partner and came back without one being the first person in 6 months to order a pepper vodka and tonic dancing badly making boozey black olive and sheep’s cheese scrambled eggs with a garnish of rolled and sliced flat mountain bread practicing In My Head driving 350km to a fancy dinner in a shearing shed at a yabby farm blagging half a dozen bottles of wine meeting trout farmer and biodynamic wheat farmer judging a best comment post for Santos and all with Barracuda in my head. Might pop some more piccies here later.

Cambinata Extravaganza Menu


  1. deborah’s avatar

    *breath out*

    Nice to have you back. Look forward to hearing about what you did with the peeled artichokes.

  2. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Now MTC, when I nagged you about Eomeote, I didn’t think it would have this effect – you could have gotten out of at least a dozen Eomeote’s with this, I must have really thrown you off-kilter.

  3. Anthony’s avatar


    Showed them to chef and they ended up being used -breaded and fried- and not pureed. I now get my artichoke peeler badge to sew on.

    It’s been madness since then. I think I need a 9-5 job where I come home to my pipe and slippers or something.

  4. Brandon’s avatar

    Great post–I know exactly how you feel. Wish I’d thought of the hilarious style in which you were able to right about it first.

  5. Anthony’s avatar


    You actually wrote a post like this next Tuesday but I changed the date back a week for this one.

  6. bramble’s avatar

    first a lean cuisine, and now pepper vodka? you’re foolhardy indeed!

    (let’s see how many times you can be reminded of that momentary lapse…)

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    A moment of folly, pepper vodka and tonic is just the best though.

  8. deborah’s avatar

    congrats! i always end up saying “shitshitshits” when I peel artichokes. also the same with ginger.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    I know I know. I had to do a dozen of them, I was worried I’d just have a pile of leaves. Luckily I didn’t choke (fnar!)

  10. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Vacation again? Sheesh!

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Reid

    This is why you want to be a teacher.

  12. Manas’s avatar

    Curtis from surfing the menu? Cool. Where do I buy that magazine, anyway?

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Curtis Stone is a very nice man. All good newsagenst from the end of November although stay tuned for a very special subscription offer.

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