IMBB 19 Vegan Edition – Oven Roasted Mushroom with Walnuts and Garden Herbs

vegan delight

Viva Las Vegan with your neon flashin’
And your one armed bandits crashin’

Here’s something quick and late for IMBB 19 that I tricked myself into eating by using my left hand and pretending someone else was cooking for me (old boarding school trick).

Very large field mushroom roasted in EVOO with parsley, sage, rosemary, and ermm thyme, sea salt and pepper. Chopped up walnuts, EVOO over it all and roasted, covered with foil, until soft and juicy. Served on a bed of steamed silverbeet from the garden.

Thank you hosty Sam.

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Also: It’s a busy dish and I think I fell into the overcompansating trap of making vegetarian dishes “noisy” to make up for the lack of meat. It’d be just as nice with just rosemary and some EVOO and there we come to the vorian-wide issue of paying attention to ingredients and where they came from. This is while I’ll take a thoughtful vegan over a chop burning omnivore any day.



  1. Sam’s avatar

    looks very juicy. you got in just in time to be included in the main courses round up so please dont tell me this is an appetizer!

    thank you for taking part
    you made me hungry
    -oh it must be lunch time…

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Sam

    Just over the line : )

    It was about the size of a bread plate, so mains it was.

  3. deborah’s avatar

    poetic spiceone; the bit about a thoughtful vegan. this is good.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    There are irreconcilable differences to be sure, but I’d like to think we can agree on a few things in the slow campaign forwards.

  5. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Your channelling a touch of the Krishna Food for Life in the dish and the sentiment, how challenging. I personally find simplicity is a bit of a rule for dishes based on mushies.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Aparrently Hare Krisnas don’t eat mushrooms or garlic for reasons that only make sense to them no doubt.

  7. flygirl’s avatar

    Nice dish, spicey. Roasted mushrooms with herbs of any kind are always a hit. The reason why Hare Krishnas (and super-Orthodox Brahmins) won’t eat mushrooms is because mushrooms feed on dead/rotting matter to grow (they’re saprophytes). Garlic and onions are also forbidden because they are believed to inflame passions such as anger etc. Food has to be “satwic” (pure, of correct nature) whereever possible, so even eating too many root vegetables is somewhat frowned upon. But then again such restrictions are for the very very orthodox ;-)

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah Flygirl

    Welcome back and that’s for setting us straight again. Can’t see myself becoming a super orthodoz Brahmin any time soon. Frowned upon you say?

  9. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    First religions with no sex unless your married, and THEN, not even allowed to eat any root vegetables – far out, where do the foundations of deprivation lie?

    I haven’t ever found that my[or others for that matter] consuming of garlic & onions ever culminated in self-destructive passions, but hey – that’s just my observations.

    I think MTC should start up his own religion based on cooking – I’d sign up for sure.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    I’ll get struck down by a bolt of lightning if I make another root joke.

    Very skeptical materialist of you Liz and shame on you for doubting. I will be starting my own food religion but I’m still constructing my five gateways of completer nonsense that true believers must first pass through. Virtues grow freely, the irrational must be cultivated.

  11. flygirl’s avatar

    good to be back spicey :-)

    Pure Orthodox Brahmanism sounds like a very scary thing. The root veggie thing is again to do with where the veggie grows: underground, etc etc. I think it has something to with the whole life-giving thing with the sun (y’know?!), it’s the energy from the sun going into food, then consumed by you…or something like that.

    daily magnet: *lol* good one!

    No, eating alot of garlic in a setting doesn’t exactly incite murderous tendencies (at least in the consumer…hmm…new line of provocation defence?) ..the whole system of diet is based on all forms of consumption: food, drink, sight, hearing, tongue..and so on…

    I’m veggo but I get twitchy around those *weird* vegans ;-)

    I likes the recipe and have made a similar dish but put the mushroom in thin, thin shortcrust shell.

  12. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    That’s a pretty big mushroom. Where did Spicey the gnome find it?

  13. Anonymous’s avatar

    sometimes i get treated like a mushroom,
    kept in the dark and fed bull shit.

  14. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Maybe it was the one he grew up under – hey that is a great line for your new religion MTC – a mushroom sprung from the ground from every step he took.

    The gateways of nonsense sound fascinating – can we have graduated levels where the more seniority one gets on the path of spicism, the more spicey supernatural secrets are revealed?

    If irrationality is next to Spiceyness maybe there is salvation for the world yet!

  15. Anthony’s avatar


    I’ve been trying to think of things gelatinous to lure you back. I love the idea of vegetarian turf wars, things are always the most bitter in groups most similar. “Egg muncher!” “Worm Dodger!” etc

    It’s interesting to see how religions carve the world up into pieces and it would be hard not to see the classification of foodstuffs became the caste system of people. Omnivores are very accepting as a rule, we’ll eat anybody.

    Yum thing shortcrust shell.

    I like the daily magnet’s explanation below.

    I go well with steak.

    Legends must have legends. I’d like to see furious debates and eventual schisms whether it was portobello or shiitake that sprouted.

    Yes secrets will be revealed but religion’s aren’t cheap you know. ahem cough

    As well as the gateways of nonsense, there is the stairway to heaven.

  16. flygirl’s avatar

    “Worm dodger!” hahah! I love it! The Veggie turf wars, which would have to be held in India. Jains vs Hindus, Round I” Worm Dodger vs

    spiecey you don’t need gelatine to lure me here…

  17. J’s avatar

    hi anthony, that looks too fabulous…i keep thinking of baps stuffed with roasted portobellos a la nigel slater…

  18. Stephanie’s avatar

    I do hope you’ll be sending an entry for EoMEoTE, co-founder and absentee host…

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Stephanie

    I’m under the hammer (of the gods) but I should be able to get something eggly out. Great idea by the way.

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    oops sorry flygirl, I was distracted by baps.

    I for one would like food preference cage fights.

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