EoMEoTE#11 – Scrambled Eggs

chilli and soy scrambled eggs

Are you ready Jeanne? Aha
Stephanie? Yeah!
Uma, Emma?
Alright girls lets go!

Oh it’s getting oh so hard
Thinking of the things to do with eggs, aha
Oh once again it’s carbohydrates
unspecified, but subjected to heat

I see a chilli in the crisper
Chopped up it’s as hot as the sun
And the cream it was creamy
It thinks it’s the buttery one

The eggs, they were free range, which isn’t at all strange
The butter was danish, unsalted and delish.

Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah
And the chilli was deseeded
and soy sauce interceded
And it turned into the scrambled eggs
With the cream it was padded
And sugar was added
And it turned into the scrambled eggs
Scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs, scrambled eggs

It’s it’s scrambled eggs, It’s it’s scrambled eggs
It’s it’s scrambled eggs, yeah, it’s scrambled eggs

Scrambled eggs.



  1. Stephanie’s avatar

    Anothony….I adore you.

    And I love Ballroom Blitz!

    Hey…it’s eggs and toast; you can never be ‘late’.

    Thank you for posting!

  2. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    But I thought you were busy – the Ballroom Blitz of scambled eggs!!! lol – ok, well it IS innovative.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah tish tosh who doesn’t love Ballroom Blitz.

    You’re never late but often early and you’re welcome. Thanks for hosting.

    I am, but easily distracted, and besides these just things write themselves

  4. Sue’s avatar

    Dude, you’re famous. There is a little blurb on your site on the SMH good living pullout.

    I quote:

    “Exactly what you want from a quality food blog. Tempting recipes that go well beyond the basics, plus plenty of insight into the ongoing escapades of a chef on the road to mastering the epicurian arts”

    Quite a plug!

  5. Anthony’s avatar



    Thanks heaps for the heads up. I’m going to get that quote tattooed on my back.

  6. Sue’s avatar

    I can send you the newspaper article too if you’re really nice to me.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks for the kind offer Sue

    I should be able to get a copy when they arrive tomorrow but I’ll be nice to you anyway:
    That’s a really nice dress you’re wearing.

  8. Kate’s avatar

    Congrats Spicey you are now a Sydney celebrity! You can get a booking at Tetsuya’s in three weeks instead of five! I expect to see your mug in the social pages henceforth!

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Kate

    If I’m not in the next series of Dancing with the Stars my publicist is workchoiced.

  10. augustusgloop’s avatar

    Congrats on the plug. Nice!

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks AG. It’s a nice thing to see.

  12. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Now the pressure’s on Spicey!

    and you thought eomeote’s tough…

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    This is where I become a recluse

  14. Jeanne’s avatar

    [Climbing up mountain to visit rag-clad recluse Spicey]
    Hahahaha! That’s so fab – I particularly like the interceding sauce…! All just great. And well done on the excellent (and totally accurate) plug, as always.

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Oi hello you. Cheers for the postcard. I’ll be sending you a little package with the Age article in it.

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