T-Bone with champagne and Cream Sauce with Broccolini, Squash, and Jerusalem Artichokes.


It’s good to eat.

Its multidimensional flavour can’t be beat.



It’s the chief

It comes from pasture’s leaf


Two T-bone steaks rubbed with olive oil, pepper and some fresh thyme and left.

Broccolini and squash, micro-waved for 2 minutes and then left in cold water – keeps the flavour and crunchiness on the inside.

Jerusalem artichokes were peeled and zapped for a minute then sliced thinly (thicker than finely).

T-bones were cooked to medium rare on the stove-top-hot-plate thing, then rested and replaced on the STHPT with the veges which were cooked in a little olive oil until warm on the outside. JAs on top of the steak, others to the side and then the sauce on the steak.

The sauce: apropos of my previous post with what I had handy. A cup of beef stock half a cup of leftover champagne, reduced a little, half a cup of cream added and then a teaspoon of dijon mustard and reduced a little further.