Spiceblog Weekend Digest – Jacksons! Cottesloe! OA! EoMEoTE! Cheese! Spicemag Picnic!

Giant Ram

I pity the poor fool that doesn’t start their weekend on Thursday. Backtracking from a glass of wine to finish the night at Jackson’s, I’ve now been there approximately one week in total time, which isn’t a bad way to look at where I am and what I’ve done. I’m still learning and also consolidating. I had another go at deboning a couple of quails, I made a mayonnaise and remembered to add the oil drop by drop rather than pour it in and ask “now what?”.

I can chop chop chop and peel peel peel. I’m still doing at least half a dozen things wrong in an evening but these are at least not in the things I’ve been taught to do. Mark, who just snared himself gold, bronze, gold in a local comp, has taken it upon himself to keep an eye on me for when I stray and quickly sets me straight- whether it’s cleaning and flipping a board after chopping up garlic or the right way to segment an orange. Tanya gave me my first list of jobs, which I took as a sacred bond of trust, fields questions, and is going to teach me how to not sharpen knives like a “cocky”. Krystin is starting to get dessert questions and Michelle talked me through how she organises and works through a night of service and set me straight on reducing stocks. Chef wasn’t there , which is good because word has it I’m in the shit for my devasting review of the air-conditioning. It was a relatively quiet night so I took a few pics. I’ve organised a set on Flickr of pics you’ve seen but also some new ones. They’re here: Jackson’s Restaurant


Omnivoribus Australis – Edition IV is up and word has reached as far as San Francisco – home of bays, gays, and clam bisques. It’s your monthly one-stop shop for austro-zealandian food and wine blog and gender clarification. Fans of eggs and 70’s music, if they haven’t yet, should get to the EoMEoTE#11—The Round-up before the drum solo finishes.

Barchetta in Cottesloe deftly evades the general rule on bars and restaurants named after vehicles being naff (although Cafe Kremenchug Auto Zavod KrAZ-260 would not be without its charms) and disappoints by actually having reet tasty tapas and thus not letting me call it Barfetta. Pity the frustrated food snark, maybe I will anyway, no that would be wrong, wrong, wrong. Bloody noisy though, a victim of its own ocean overlooking popularity. The beers at the OBH are still cold and writing is hard work.

and then a cold frosty beer

Top tip: when taking some cheese along to a picnic, remove the plastic wrap and wrap it in greaseproof paper for that just cut from the cheese wheel look.

picnic Eric Toni and Kate

The Spice Magazine peoples had a picnic to try and capture the spirit of the summer and snag that elusive cover pic. So myself, Toni and the barge widow Kate went along to the Matilda Bay foreshore with my lambchops, asparagus, and eggplants as well as Holy Smoke Chicken pate, goats cheese, olives, bottle of champagne, a sixpack of Swan Stout and a bottle of lemonade. Mucho relaxation was had, freed from the pressures of the press room, time enough to sit in the sun, on the grass, and visualise the successful future that would bring a red and white Square Rigged Spice Yacht moored in the Swan River. I discovered I had a rare talent for making the ukelele a depressing instrument. Back to work, they’ve got three weeks left before it goes to the publishers and stay tuned for a remarkable subscription offer.

That’s it. Sunday’s good lookin’ country cookin’ will be up soon.

plinka plunka

Stop the press Crafty tip-off: I know it’s not about the stuff [cough] but how good does this look. Is it just me? Anyone actually used them? And why does one of them look like they’ve been stuffed with bin liner?


  1. Pinko Punko’s avatar

    I can’t bring myself to read your blog, because everything looks:

    a) so good


    b) so tasty

    I need to figure out how to take good food pics a la you and Twisty Faster.

    Then I will use my new powers on stuff like fish sticks. Hilarity will ensue.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hello Pinko Punko

    Cheers but I can’t help but feel they’d all be better roasted over a flaming scimitar that was resting on my groin.

    Anyhoo – the secret of food piccies is a gentle light and steady hand. A window, the afternoon, or an Ikea lamp will all do the trick. Do that and maybe a bit of wide aperature depth of field trickery and those fish sticks (fingers) will be looking the business. Solemnly lined up tombstones on a bed of mash perhaps?

  3. de gaye ( with an e)’s avatar

    hey ,Devvo i climed that ram last time i was in Wagin!

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Mon Ami
    Woah! I hope you didn’t bump your head on its enormous testicles.

  5. John Deere’s avatar

    Moni ahh what crap,
    theres no way you climbed that,
    your full of it lovey,
    hi food dude, you got to watch her shes a legend in her own lunch box.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Tractor Man

    Perhaps she was thinking of the Big Apple in Donnybrook

  7. de gaye’s avatar

    no well of corse i never, i was only shitten him, but i did try too untill wozza yanked me down.

    yeh i noticed you cut off the picture at his “spuds”
    Great wacckin wollibies,
    hope he never gets flystruck

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Thought I’d leave a bit of mystery for people to appreciate them in their full majesty when they go to Wagin.

  9. Kate’s avatar

    Dude! Your deboned pork roast has sprouted evil pink tentacles!

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    What where?

    Those mushrooms in the back of your garden…

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah yes dude tentacles everywhere, they’re GETTING THE LEEKS!

  12. flygirl’s avatar

    nooo…not the VEGETABLES…

  13. Anthony’s avatar


  14. sue’s avatar

    why did they choose to make those tentacles pink? if not for our hilarity! Reminds me of a bad anime I once watched which featured a ‘penis monster’…is this blog G-rated? Oops!

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Sue
    The posts are G but the comments are pretty much a free for all. Since the penis is that which must not be shown in Japanese movies, tentacles serve as surrogate penises in Japanese animation. Have I revealed too much?

  16. ejm’s avatar

    I like Pinko Punko’s formatting… I have two questions:

    1. Why is it necessary to debone quail? It seems like so much work.

    2. Who thinks that maalox pink is a good colour for the silicone trusser? Surely, ANY other colour would be better.

  17. ejm’s avatar

    One more question…

    3. That’s a ram??? It looks like a caterpillar

    Sorry for the repetition on the lurid colour of the silicone trussers. I really should have noticed that Sue already mentioned them. (Yikes!! anime that featured a ‘penis monster’. I simply refuse to add another question….)

  18. Anthony’s avatar

    Indeed. and the offending pic is here.

    1) It’s to save the guests having to pick away with a knife at a small boney bird. It’s gets easier after you’ve done a few and then you can apply the skills up the food chain like chicken or duck.

    2) Maybe it’s the same factory that makes silicone nipple or something. Anime*s” it’s the Japanese cartoon equivalent of “I would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for you crazy kids”

    3) Is too. Does not.

  19. deborah’s avatar


    i like the spice site.

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah it’s a good site, Kate the designer is a bit of a whiz. We’re currently grappling with the deomns of MT and MySQL to get a kind of local food news blog up and running.

  21. Kate’s avatar

    Japanese tentacle porn! This comment thread has jumped the shark and alas, it is all my fault.

  22. Anthony’s avatar

    Now Kate for shark jumping you’d have to assume there was something wrong with discussing Japanese tentacle porn on a foodblog. Carry on people.

  23. Pinko Punko’s avatar

    Thanks, Anthony- I got the feeling that would be the case with the pics- I borrow a camera from work for Monday Goldberg Theatre (don’t ask) and it has a macro lens for close-ups, and have indeed used an Ikea lamp, and was quite satisified with the shots, although I have not yet tried food.

  24. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Pinko Punko
    It doesn’t have to ben Ikea lamp but it does lend a certain Scandinavian humanist functionality to the whole thing. Macro is great for frame filling food shots without having to crop. Nice adavantge for smaller megapixelled cameras. The bests with it.

    Goldberg. Rube? Jonah?

  25. ejm’s avatar

    1. And what is wrong with guests fingers? Or are they afraid to pick up small bird carcasses to gnaw at them? (Of course you realize that I’m just jealous that you even contemplated deboning quail, let alone achieved it)

    2. Makes me carsick.

    3. Most certainly does not! Not even remotely. Perhaps you didn’t realize it was a caterpillar because the giant hookah is missing.

  26. Robert’s avatar

    You’ve been busy! Spice is looking pretty good. If they’re taking cover snaps the launch must be soonish, no? That will be mucho exciting.

  27. Anthony’s avatar

    Can’t have the guests getting their grubby quail stained hands all over the glassware. It’s not too hard a chicken’s easier because it’s less fiddly.Vague instructions here.

    I imagine it’s the hookah that’s made it all horny.

    Spice site is bugger all to do with me and I’ve generally done not much compared to the four involved but it’s all coming together so wooh!

    Friday, is Mr Bahnisch sorted for earlier on?

  28. bramble’s avatar

    >I’m in the shit for my devasting review of the air-conditioning

    Do tell.

  29. Anthony’s avatar

    That was the word in the kitchen, but chef’s kinda sarcastic like maybe.

    Devastataing review of air-con here.

    Not like I said they’d been forged in the pits of evil appliance djyni – w’ud al vin’yl

  30. ejm’s avatar

    That’s what finger bowls are for. And guests shouldn’t be putting fingers (grubby or not) anywhere but stems of glassware.

    Yes, I remember ignoring the deboning part of your couscous stuffed chicken. Seemed like too much work… (I suppose you expect me to admit publicly that I’m the one who loves it when someone ELSE has deboned a bird.)

    So you’re saying it IS a caterpillar then?

  31. Robert’s avatar

    Mr B doesn’t get in until 10:45pm. He might meet us then, or he might want to crash. I’ll email you/Kate/etc with more details

  32. Anthony’s avatar

    Now you’re just making excuses. Go on go get yourself a chicken, you’ll feel an overwhelming sense of accomplishment and the act of love towards your guests will be revealed in the dish.

    No I’m not.

    Hmm that’s 12:45 Brisbane time. A few bottles of duty free gin on the flight and he’ll be right. Good if he can but regardless, there’s done study to be celebrated.

  33. ejm’s avatar

    Okay Okay. I’ll give it a shot soon. (But don’t the bones add essential flavours to the roasting bird?)

    I think you are. How could you not? Even without the hookah.

  34. Anthony’s avatar

    Good luck EJM! It could but I’m not convinced of the bone argument as the roast cooks from the outside. The bones can be made into a nice stock though, which will make for a fine gravy.

    Don’t make me post the rear view.

  35. teddlesruss’s avatar

    Post the rear view! Post the rear view!

    Good find whoever found those cable ties for roasts, wish I’d thought of inventing them. (Pink or not.)

    I bought one of those silicon basting brushes the other day after seeing it at a cookware demo and seeing some woman in the audience telling her pals (and doing all the actions,) how she thought the things had a future when combined with chocolate bodypaint.

    Must be the silicon…

  36. ejm’s avatar

    I am steeling myself to actually use one of our lethal weapons that are kept razor sharp. (On the other hand, I may just delegate this poultry deboning task to my husband, who is rather fittingly named “Il Cotello”.)

    Well, of course, I can’t make you do anything.

    We have one of those silicone basting brushes (a sedate yellow, rather than putrescent pink) and it is really is fantastic – didn’t even think of trying it with chocolate bodypaint though (chocolate bodypaint???) We have used the new brush for brushing milk, oil and/or barbecue sauce on bread dough or meat. It’s WAY easier to clean than the old style brushes.

  37. Anthony’s avatar


    Soon, as a treat.

    I know I know [kicks self]

    I’ve got one of those brushes, I’ve have to keep it in mind for those quiet nights.

    Tsk. More excuses. When are we going to put this demon to reast.

    The rear view will convince you differently.

    Oh yeah they’re great, my other brushes always seemed to end as a frizzy stump of bristle.

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