Braised Speck and Leek Omlette

speck and leek omlette

Was going to do the hicken chicken (erk! thanks Santos) post but busy busy busy so here’s the egg one. Omlettes are the traditional food of the busy, yet are notoriously tricky to perfect. This is a shame as they’re the gateway from worthlessness at Le Cordon Bleu. There was something about banging the handle or something that I can’t work out, but I think I’ve done a reasonable job here. As it’s mainly practice with these things, I thought it would be a nice idea to use my small crepe pan so I could make four instead of two. This is the fourth one.

Five free-range eggs, lightly beaten with freshly ground pepper added (you can add salt but the speck is quite salty already). Usually omlettes are just eggs but I had about 2tbs of double cream leftover so that went in too. It doesn’t blend in particularly well but ah well.

Half a leek, finely sliced, about a handful of cubed speck (or bacon or pancetta), and a clove of local garlic. Sauteed in butter for a few minutes and then braise in half a glass of red wine until the wine is absorbed. Reserve.

Melt some butter in the pan, not allowing it to brown, and making sure it covers the pan well. Add a quarter of the mix and work the top with a fork. When it’s still a little runny on top add a tablespoon of the leek and speck in the third closest to the handle. Lift up the pan. Work an egg slice under at the handle and fold over at the one/third point to the two third part. Add some more butter and allow it to run under the rest of the omlette. Put down the pan and flip the other third over and then flip the omlettes onto a plate. You can drizzle some extra melted butter over it if you wish.

Browned on the outside. Runny in the middle. All animal protein and fat, it’s fantastically rich. My heartsie.

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  1. bramble’s avatar

    1.>Sauteed in butter for a few minutes
    2.>Melt some butter in the pan
    3.>Add some more butter and allow it to run under the rest of the omlette.
    4.>You can drizzle some extra melted butter over it if you wish.

    My arteries clog for you…

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmm when you put it that way…

  3. deborah’s avatar

    bring it on. so many options for an omlette. god bless the soul who came up with them.

  4. flygirl’s avatar


    leek omlette, huh?..what a great fast alternative to cereal for when I get home late and can’t be bothered cooking, well, food…

    *off to get some eggs*

  5. Kate’s avatar

    Ahh. So I need more butter. Waaaaaaay more butter.

    I see now that my mistake was basically trying to be healthy, not using enough butter, and adding too many veggie-like fillings.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    ’twas a giant Om

    Cereal for dinner. Tsk! What would your Mum say?
    They’re easy, they’re not necessarily cheesy.

    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more butter. And and easy on the fillings, you can always put them on top after. Mayeb with some cheese or double cream on top and then finished uner the griller.

  7. Gracianne’s avatar

    Uhmm, that’s my kind of omlette, and you have added leek too, so it’s healthy!

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    I needed my roughage.

  9. Santos’s avatar

    >Was going to do the hicken post

    ‘hicken’? is that like country bumpkin poultry?

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Ha! I must have been off on a word association typo thing, it was supposed to be a requested hearty non-lamb country meal.

  11. Sue’s avatar

    Omelletes rock. Fave fillings – bacon, cheese, mushroom. Easy on the fillings, and not too long on fire. But all this time, butter have I been missing. Yoda must I like speak.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Mwoooah uhn woooooagh

  13. Anonymous’s avatar

    yeh yeh , we get it Country Hicks and all..
    watta dus ya fink Moni,

  14. HICKKO’s avatar

    Heey johhny D,
    caannt quuite type at da min i is so soo busy chowin down on me wheat stalk and all

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Ain’t no offense to me country kin n’ all

  16. Sticky’s avatar

    A bit more gourmet than the omelette I shoved in my cakehole the other day, mate. How does crunchy sliced cucumber and chili sauce sound for an omelette accompaniment? Standard in ‘Nam!

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Actually sticky me old cob, that sounds bloody good.

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