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Spice Magazine

A plug. Spice magazine‘s first edition will be out at the end of November. This is not only a good thing for its four creators but a good thing for food here. Its slogan is a magazine celebrating the diversity of food and life in Western Australia and its emphasis is on local food producers. This might sound like an excessively foody concern but it’s not. Unobtainable, exotic, and imported shouldn’t be the pinnacle of food experience, nor should a constant stream of refrigeration trucks be the norm. Instead we should be making produce as available, as excellent, and as local as possible. Anyone who has been in WA for the past 5 to 10 years should be aware of the rate of change that is happening here and will continue to happen if people who have been making these changes through their own dedication are supported. We should look to becoming one of the premier food producing areas of the region, if not the world.

Sorry I’m getting all evangelical here, but I really think this is a great thing to get behind and there’s a special get one get one free gift subscription offer on for Christmas. Ideal for self-interested generosity and alternative to the silicon oven mitt on the shopping list. Details become clear if you click on the photie for an enlarged view. Otherwise, any questions, see me.

Other things:
Ni Hao/ Ni Hou Ma. As much as I’m enjoying my food bloggy dreams creeping into reality, what I’ve always really wanted was a TV show where it’s me and three gorgeous women, they could solve crimes and I would make stuffed chicken with couscous. An article in the local Chinese newspaper will do fine for now. Many thanks MicheLLe.
-cheers to Craftapalooza for those nifty fridge magnets in the photo up top. I’ll have to do a post on the great stuff she’s given me.


  1. sari’s avatar

    Hehe, Thanx Anthony! Hehehe remember to pick up the copy today or we can send an issue to yr house too! Hehehe~

  2. Ed Charles’s avatar

    Great idea and hope it works. i tried something similar in Melbourne with Tomato but all that happened is that big companies wanted free publicity. I hope I’ll get another edition out soon and look forward to seeing Spice

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Sari
    I’ll have a look out for it but thanks for the offer.

    I hope it works too. I just had a preview of the draft with most of the articles and pics and it looks great.

    Big companies, what bludgers. Get that edition out, it’s all good.

  4. pseudo chef’s avatar

    If there is anything I’m missing quite sorely – it’s the farmers’ market scene that seems to be rampant over on the east coast.

    Looking forward to the first edition of the Spice Magazine, I’ll pester my boss to get a subscription :).

  5. Barbara’s avatar

    Anthony – I’ll be in WA for most of November – Perth and Margaret River and a bit of a road trip thru Pemberton, Denmark, Albany and Mt Barker. Will the mag be sold in newsagents or supermarkets (or both)? Maybe we could meet for a quick coffee if you’re free when I’m in Perth.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Good point PC. I’ve always thought they could have made better use of the old Perth markets site on Wellington Street than sweatshop land. The market scene is very atomised not like Collins Street(?) markets in Melbourne which has a dozen butchers for example. Maybe one day.

    Work your boss : )

    Hi Barbara
    A quick coffee. Tsk, we’ll have to do better than that. email me and well tee something up. Soounds like a great trip. Supermarkets seem pretty stitched up for magazines but it will be in the hands of a nation wide distributor so all good newsagents I guess.

  7. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Is this a magazine that you are publishing? If so, am I going to be able to get it in the states? =)

    BTW…when’s the party?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Reid

    I think you’ve mistaken me for a hard working person. I’m just doing an article or two and helping out here and there. The name was a coincidence but a happy one.

    24 hour party people here Reid.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    I’ll check on the states thing but I just remember I had to ask you something so excuse me for a minute.

  10. monique’s avatar

    oooooh did sum one say “Party”, us country hickky babes will show yous stressed out city folks how to party right….

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    You have you have to buy a subscription for you and ll your sisters first. Than not until after harvest.

  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    okay okay ill have 1 for john deere 1 for spammy 1 for us & 1 for sister. only the 1 year subs please who do i pay? (cant believe im subscribing to food mag-she who does not eat!) no it would be good am looking forward to reading it. so whens the party and am i invited?

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Oi just kidding, the dinner invite still stands regardless. Send an email to

    subs AT spicemagazine DOT com DOT au

    Tell them I sent you and I get a brownie point. I think your Mum might like a copy too. : )

    You *should* eat.

  14. bramble’s avatar

    ditto reid’s query about subscriptions in the US.
    (and while you’re finding things out, how about the uk?)

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Ta for asking. Watch this space. I’ll find out.

  16. keiko’s avatar

    Anthony, sorry this is rather late response, but this looks/sounds fantastic. (thought it was ‘your’ magazine but read Reid’s comment) I’d love to read it, but I assume it’s not available in the UK… (I’m not saying ‘send me a copy!’ :))

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Keiko

    No problems, luckily I put a commnets thing on the right so it wouldn’t get lost. No it’s not my magazine, I’m too lazy. They settled on a name and then sombody told them about my blog. They were really nice about it so I didn’t mind at all. The magazine is looking great and it’ll be a good thing for here.

    They can do overseas subscriptions but the postage is a little high, maybe we can look to getting in in Earl’s Court for homesick Western Australians, otherwise maybe I can swap you for a copy of Orange Page : )

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