EoMEoTE#12 – An Homage to The Wicker Man

In the name of God, think what you're doing!

Thanks Moira


  1. Anthony’s avatar

    The Horror.
    Look closely, Eggward Woodward’s in the middle. Britt Eggland was unavailble for nude gyrating.

    I’m guessing you’ve left London then. Snails and puppt dogs tails, we’re they chopped or for chewing? Good luck with the rat, remember Poor Preparation = Piss Poor Performance. Just imagine it’s a pigeon – yuk.

    Hope you’re taking pics for posterity.

  2. Kate’s avatar

    I’ve never seen that movie. Is it scary?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Saw it as a kid and it left an impression. Bit of a cult fave – chopped to bits in editing with the other bits never to be seen again, apparently part of motorway supports now.

  4. Kalyn’s avatar

    Great photo.

  5. Stephanie’s avatar

    My only knowledge of Wicker Man comes from Coupling (the good, BBC, version; not that drivel NBC attempted to shove on us); Britt Ekland and Jenny Agutter feature quite prominently in an episode…they talk about The Wicker Man and Walkabout.

    You can guess the topic.

  6. Jeanne’s avatar

    Minus points for lack of eggs (Britt or otherwise) but big plus points for glorious photo & inspired theme. You rock.


  7. ejm’s avatar

    eggs schmeggs, where are the apples?!!

    (oh wait, is that Britt’s feature role?)

  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Great photo, but were you actually able to eat the toast afterwards? =P

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    -Cheers. Just burning some carbs.
    -mmmm yes, we watched Walkabout with much interest in High School and Polanski’s Macbeth (Shakespeare comes alive)
    -Ha! Then I rock harder, look closely in the middle.
    -I knows me rules.
    -not after it’s been soaked in turpentine.

  10. Anonymous’s avatar

    Was he a non spice mag reader?

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    I will be dancing next to your room with a subscription offer, I can’t be responsible for what happens after that.

  12. deborah’s avatar

    I am sure thats illegal in some parts of Australia! :P

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    And lucky it’s not bacon and eggs.

  14. Anonymous’s avatar

    ooh dancing
    with or without clothes on.

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Three subscriptions and I put some clothes on.

  16. Anonymous’s avatar

    oohhh 4
    and youll wear a leopard print jock strapp, with velcro side for easy removal?

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    I’ll have to speak with marketing.

  18. Moira’s avatar

    MUCH scarier than the original, Spicey, but I *am* sorry that you didn’t include buff dancing.

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    That would have been scarier still.

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