Chorizo in Red Wine

Chorizo as in “ch”eese, not chianti as I”d wrongly assumed Spanish being a Romance Language and all. Soy un idiota!

This was an impromptu tapas evening inspired by a large bottle of Talijancich sherry that had been gathering dust.

The sausages came from a small Spanish deli in the Wembley food hall and come in standard or spicy. Both are great.

There is a slightly more elaborate way of cooking them but the simplest way is pricking them, letting them simmer for 15 minutes in red wine. Leave for a while and then slice into cm thick slices. Keep the wine.

One recipe called for a flambe in some brandy, I tried a bit of leftover bourbon but couldn’t get it to light up, so forget the booze. Just fry them up in a pan until a little browned and then add some of the reserved wine, cook a little to coat and enough for a bit of juice.

Served with some chopped parsley for garnish.

My parsley has seeded and is looking like a triffid at the moment – I half expected the lash of a stamen and then for it to crawl over and devour me.

I chilled the sherry and it was a little on the sweet side for what I wanted but tasty nonetheless