The Freedom of Bulgarian Choice


I love choice. The steak or the fish? A lighter bottle of merlot or a more robust cab sav? Flat white or long macchiato? Eat shit or fuck off?

Ah yes the last one. Welcome to WorkChoices the latest in a long history of wanting an underclass of working poor that can be shafted at will. If you’d prefer a country where working Australians have half a chance of not being done over, have a catch up on the travesty of these new laws at Red Rag. Robert Corr’s been doing an exceptional job of cutting through the crap.

You can also get out there in a show of solidarity next Tuesday at the National Day Of Community Protest – 15 Nov. 2005. Decency demands it.


  1. sari’s avatar

    I love to have a choice too! We make choices everyday! Heeheee, the article is out! Pick it up~ hehehe =)

  2. turnip’s avatar

    Breakfast in bed.

    Friday night.
    Handsome promised me breakfast in bed,
    with some colours created by God.

    Saturday morning.
    Sunshine streams in fresh juice, orange,
    The calm sea in his eyes, blue,
    His lips sun-ripe tomato, red,
    A throbbing hot sausage, brown,
    Two snug eggs on straws, mellow,
    Mimosa scatters crumbs on our bed, yellow,
    His fresh loving milk,

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    -cheers for that. Glory!

    -No relationship to ace anonymous poem leaver cockatoo?

  4. Anonymous’s avatar

    hear hear!
    curses to the workchoices

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    That’s the spirit.

  6. Turnip’s avatar

    I haven’t got a clue what you are on about, Anthony.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    [Quince related devil signs]

  8. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Why Turnip – u r the saucy 1!! MTC – even on a food blog u can always B counted on for 2bobs.

    Down with the [general lack of]workchoices and the little viper intent on opposing the Aussie fair go – he has been eating way too many yang foods!

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Turnip is very saucy. I try and steer away from politics as I’d like this as an oasis of pleasantry but every now and then you’ve got to join the cry. So now I’ve got the opportunity:

    Miserable little hateful fucker and his ordinary aussie bradman bollocks hope history turns his human right hating legacy to dust.

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