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wagin ram

While I’m writing up the recipe for the rabbit thingy I thought I’d open up some new digs for the Mingénew Country Chat Room to have at it.

Also opening the comments for – long time readers first time commenters saying hi; album reviews; Rupert Sheldrake; personal questions; the crisis of masculinity as portrayed in mid-strength beer ads; embarrassing things done with fruit or cider; erotic kitchen poetry; and Mario 64.


  1. ROO’s avatar

    hi spicee Bondie Dude,
    100 today Yipy,
    man theres a lot of total crappin on in that, yet im thinking the moment of the 100 was da naa….

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Triple figures!!!!!!!!!!

    Cheers peoples, have yo get you some new digs soon.

  3. Gracianne’s avatar

    Hi all, I was gone for just four days and I see you have been busy in the meantime (103!). You have got me lost though, I am not sure at all I understand the Australian language.
    I posted a botanic comment for Mon before I left, but obviously it got lost, basically it said that sure, things are frozen now, but roots are still alive, there is no permafrost in France (dictionary..) and they will start growing again in March.
    And Anthony, yes I did meet Australian men – in China, where else – and some romantic ones too (ehr. one, actually). I heard a lot about the wildlife, but nothing about polar bears. But that was a few years ago, and with the climatic changes and all…
    I have just come back from a four days trip to Essaouira, Morocco. It was fantastic, great people there, great food, nice mild weather, loved it. Sorry this is a long comment, I really need to start a blog I think.

  4. rOO’s avatar

    exellent your back
    Gracianne, Mons missed ya I think.
    She loves plants and shit like that.I better not wake her , I rang her too early yesterday and she told me to pi## off, hehe shes cute, she aint a morning girl.
    Any way are you married Gracianne, and do you have kids?

  5. DEERE’s avatar

    watch out Gracianne, she wants a husband, anyones husband!!!
    hey Monsa hows about a word.
    WE will be seriouse this time, promise.

  6. mon’s avatar

    Hi gracianne, great to here fom you.I looked up that word and understand now about the plants, thanks:) we have been busy , poor Spicy!

    okay, but only one,
    im as busy as a butler.

    heres a great one, now you need to tell me what this sentence says.

    The lubber was lugubrious while Lucretius was ludicrous when lugging his luggage.

  7. Deere’s avatar

    Nahh no can do
    sorry Monsa that the L page has been ripped outa me book,
    try again.

  8. mONS’s avatar

    oh , okay ill try the B page

    The beggarly beggar had behaviorism problems, so was beheadded in Belfast.
    there try that!

  9. ROO’s avatar

    Nope wont do ,
    sorry Mons as it sooo happens ive lost the B page!

  10. mon’s avatar

    im soo ova you 2

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Gracianne
    You found the one romantic Australian man hiding out in China. Well done. Actually we can all be pretty romantic, I can’t think of anything in particular I’ve done but I’ll check with my wife.

    Hey Morocco, how very good. Feel free to tell us all about it but I’d also recommend you get your own blog.

    I’m liking the wordbuilders.

  12. Gracianne’s avatar

    My dictionary is no good, I couldn’t find lubber – luckily there is the internet. I love words too.
    Yes Morocco is a sweet country, perfect to escape from the Parisian winter. I was there with my husband and we left the two kids at home, so that was even more perfect. We went shopping in the souk for spices, had nice grilled sea bass and Morroccan rose wine by the sea – Gris de Guerrouane, they call it grey but it is pale rose and delicious.
    No internet for four days, and I was sort of missing this conversation. By the way, where are you writing from, anywhere I can locate on a map?

  13. Roo’s avatar

    well Gracianne,
    if ya want to find out where Mons and Deere and i live, just look for the place marked

    Mon isnt speaking to us unless we say something intelligent.So ere goes Monsa

    Boys have a penis, girls have a vagina.

  14. Mons’s avatar

    Great bleeting Bagdads,
    GEES roo !

    Yeh Gracianne i love words too, that lubber is a classic, how bout this.

    A gilenyer with nystagmus was known for grasontic.

    A cheating swindler with uncontrollable rolling of the eyeballs was known for smelling like a goat.

  15. Mons’s avatar

    OOoops Sorry Gracianne I also wanted to say how amazing that holiday sounded , was your husband romantic and all? do tell.

    And we the 3 stooges that is, live on farms near a small wheat town called Mingenew ,its kinda in the middle of knowhere, and kinda going knowhere, and you kinda have to whisterpoop your self every now and then to stay sane.

  16. silent reader’s avatar

    question that need to be asked,
    how do we all know each other is who we say we are?

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Silent Reader

    Well you’re not a silent reader now so you’re not who you say you are. You can actually be whoever you like as long as you’ve got a good line on it. I am in fact not Anthony but a sentient toaster oven.

  18. Gracianne’s avatar

    Hi Roo, Mons and Deere, found you on Google Earth. It looks very green from above. I work in Paris, but I live in a village (240 people) in the middle of the fields. In French you could call it Le trou du cul du monde – the arsehole of the world.

    Sorry, nothing intelligent to say.

  19. Deere’s avatar

    oh Soo, ya like to watch hu.
    Ha a sicko and all hey.
    Hey Mons how was ya night out in the big smoke, did ya have fun, and drink lots?

  20. Roo’s avatar

    Na Deerey she aint answering her phone.
    Shame with all the boys out and all,we could have had an all nighter.
    MON come on we know you is their!

    wats with the silent reader, maybe he is one of the Spicee mans mates.

  21. Deeere’s avatar

    Hey Gracianne,
    are you sure it was Green, cause Mingas aint that green at this time of year.More dead brown id say.

    MONS Come on we needs ya

  22. Deere’s avatar

    Yeh your here,
    Gees your talkative shut up for a sec okay.
    Lookie up there,theres a stranger in our mist,how exciting…

  23. Roo’s avatar

    hey I should give him something to read, here goes

    oooooh ahhhhhh yes yesyesyesyes ohhh Baby mmmmmmmmmmm

  24. Deere’s avatar

    oh i know hows about this.

    Ill just unbutton my shirt here, ah thats better,i just loovve wearing no bras, oh and i may just kick of my panties here and put on my long black boots, yeh oh yeh

  25. mons’s avatar

    CLASSIC.. aah gees ,
    Spicee wont be happy with this internet porn, poor silent reader.
    good nite all,
    aint feeling grand or simple.

  26. Rooo oooo yeeh’s avatar

    YEH CLASSIC HAHAHA Bloody hell Deere ya even got me all hot under the shirt, geepas.
    haheheha, may have to go and find me man, goodnite all.

  27. Deere’s avatar

    oh well its just me then,
    welll, gees wish me man was here.. with no knickers on and all…goodnite

    goodnite dear mons.

  28. silent reader’s avatar

    Thanks girls , that was great, i enjoyed myself immensely.

  29. Deere’s avatar

    UMM we are really sorry Spiceee, we had a few too many, and now are extreamly ashamed of our behaviour.
    Mons outa action with some fluey thing, and said to Roo and I

    “2 thinbs girbs

    1 Sab sobby to Spicefor your stribteaseb.

    2 Bubba offachoo, imb sick.”

    and silent reader, she said to say to you
    “you hab issubes”

  30. MONS’s avatar


    confusia say

    tis far better to keep ones mouth kept tightly shut after hitting the plonk, for one can say many stupid thing to make one look like very big tossa.


  31. Mons’s avatar


    Confusia say

    tis far better to gaffa tape ones hands,
    and keep ones knickers firmly in place,
    when ones husband is out and drinks have been drank,
    to avoid looking like big horny girls.

  32. Deere’s avatar

    who the hell is confusia, she sounds wise.
    (man you were as seriously mashed)
    did you get busted!

  33. Mons’s avatar

    dont know, every where I look I see funny little saying by her or him,
    im sur its a girl and im thinking, shes danish.

    yep,busted isnt half of it!

    confusia also say

    Man who walk sideways through airport door is going to Bangkok.

  34. Deere’s avatar

    hey i know

    woman with large arse is better off getting smaller one.


    man with small cockies is better of with large parrots.

    are you sure she is Danish she sounds kinda chinese!
    Wheres Gracianne,she will know.

  35. Mons’s avatar

    nah she aint chinese for goodness sake, durrr, if she was it would be written in chinese stupid!

    excuse us Spicee or Gracianne who is this confusia?

  36. deere’s avatar

    he he of Course , god how thick am I.

  37. Mons’s avatar

    Confusia say, Man with too many woman is man with out too many brain.

    confusia say It is wiser for wise man to keep quiet, than for not wise man to not.

    confusia say woman with small breast is better off wishin she had hooters.

    Great collasal confusia that was fun.

  38. Roo’s avatar

    Hey I know

    confusia say
    tis far better on top!

  39. Gracianne’s avatar

    子 曰 : 學 而 時 習 之 , 不 亦 說 乎 ? 有 朋 自 遠 方 來 , 不 亦 樂 乎 ? 人 不 知 而 不 慍 , 不 亦 君 子 乎 ?

  40. us’s avatar

    Hey Gracianne,
    r u mad,still?

  41. us’s avatar

    umm Gracianne,
    we dont understand boxes, please use english

  42. Gracianne’s avatar

    Only joking, I just thought it would look pretty on Anthony’s blog. Confucius was quite a moralist though, I prefer Confusia I think.

  43. Mon’s avatar

    fREEKEN Holy flaps, GRACIANNE!
    YOUVE had us shitten ourselves ova here, weve been accusing each other of pissen you off, Geepas, we would hate to do that, we thought it may have been the strip night and all!
    anyway are there 2 confusia’s, cause im sure ive only heard of one, Is she the Danish one perhaps!
    I asked Wozza and he said, i quote

    what the fuc#ken hell are you on about!I dont know any wise Dansih woman that starts with Fuc#en C.

  44. Gracianne’s avatar

    Don’t worry about me, I don’t understand half of what you are writing anyway. I think the Silent Reader does though..
    As for Confusia, she must be Australian, I never heard the name before.

  45. Anthony’s avatar

    Hello Hello

    Sorry I thought I’d posted a commment here but it vanished. Happy to see you’re having fun and there’s a new spot upstairs for you all.

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