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Fish Fingers

Ah yeah fish fingers, best thing in the whole frozen food section that I can think of. No? For a bit of magic, make yourself some tarragon and basil mayonnaise. A general guide to mayonnaise here.
[I’m looking forward to the time when I can just have this blog completely self-referential so I can sneak out the back for a vanilla slice and a soda pop.]

I’ve met quite a few bloggers, all good folks but I’ve never met another food blogger in person. This has since changed. I got to meet Barbara from winosandfoodies on Monday. She was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule and bring me a bottle of wine and an egg whisk and hang out with me for a few hours. This is after I drew a complete blank on Sunday morning when she called and stringing out the phone call until I realised who she was. My generally guilty conscience assumed it was a call from work over something I’ve ignored. Had to scratch my head for a lunch venue but it was a lovely day so I suggested we have a picnic. We stopped in at the Boatshed Markets for some cheese, marinated sardine, honey and soy chicken, Holy Smoke trout paté, marscapone stuffed figs, and a baguette. Grabbed a bottle of Alkoomi Sauvignon Blanc, dodged a reversing 4WD, and set up camp under a tree by the river in Freshwater Bay. I’d say good food begets good company but I’d imagine she’s just as smart and charming with a can of spam and a warm glass of Bacardi Breezer.

Who wants second chances?

Moira has lost most of the piccies for DMBLGIT? – 11th Edition. If you’ve sent her one, please send it again. Perhaps we should make her draw them all from memory. What say you people? Yes! Shame on you, she’s a nice lass and did a top notch job on EoMEoTE#12

The circle of life
This is a time of transition. I feel that as summer approaches in the south, it leaves the north, like two trains passing in opposite directions on a circular line. I was also reminded of the interesting phenomenon of how water will spiral in different directions in the commode depending upon the hemisphere. This intriguing fact got me thinking. Before dispatching the contents with a flush, what if bloggers from around the world were to take a photo beforehand and then compare the differences between, for example meat eaters versus fish eaters, or what about where people mostly ate brown bread or white rice? Or what if it was the same shit all over the world wherever you went? And wouldn’t it make a great meme, I thought. Unfortunately, I’ve been beaten to it.

Yay! – Australia’s Coopers says rejects raised Lion Nathan bid

God forbid that we should prevent the flogging off of Australia’s last large independent brewery to a company that specialises in bland tasting lagers and protect a bit of culture and competition and leave some shareholders with a bit less jingle in their pocket! – Treatment of Coopers shareholders leaves a sour taste

[Note: It’s lambic that’s sour by the way]

No cookies this weekend, I’m off to Kalgoorlie for “research”.


  1. pieman’s avatar

    Haven’t had fish fingers in donkeys and I’ve never met another foodblogger – afraid I might eat them. It’s good to hear you got along.

    Have you listened to that Magnetophone download I’ve been plugging? Has Santos? It’s one of those things that rekindles your interest in music in a land where Boney M are still hip. Cripes.

  2. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Erm…I don’t think I like processed fish parts all that much. You really don’t know what you’re getting right? =P

    By the way, off on another holiday? Where’s Kalgoorlie?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    “Haven’t had fish fingers in donkeys” neither have I, I usually have mine on plates, each to their own though. Food bloggers – nice.

    Not yet on the magnetophone but will do when I get home. I get easily distracted.

    It’s 100% pure finger.


  4. Kate’s avatar

    Corr blimey Barbara has walked the Camino del Santiago. That’s one of my “things to do before I die”.

    You back in town for Monday night?

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    I was more impressed by her Oggi shop in Port Hedland but yeah a life being well lived. Mines getting to drive with Joey Santiago in an El Camino.

    I’ll be back for Monday. Flying back in on Sunday so I expect my arms will be a little sore (I never tire of that one). All comedy this week folks.

  6. Barbara’s avatar

    I had a nice time too Anthony. And my husband loved the “serial killer” story. Really wish I could get those WA sardines in Auckland.

  7. cin’s avatar

    I like your presentation of the fish fingers, Anthony.

    Interesting to read that you’ve not met other food bloggers before cos some of the Melbourne blogggers met up this week for the first time too.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Was a lovely day and can I use the “not a serial killer” as an endorsement?

    It wasn’t that long ago that sardines were exclusively used for bait here.

    BTW that book I was talking about is “The Chemistry of Cooking” by A. Coenders. A great geeky read that takes the kind of hocus pocus out of cooking and grounds it in science.

    Thank you, it’s always important to give that little bit extra.

    I heard about the Melbourne food bloggers meet-up, I imagine endless arguments about the best restaurant to go to.

  9. Stephanie’s avatar

    Oh, I miss fish sticks (as they’re called here); I keep hoping one of the fake foods companies will finally come around and produce a fishless version.

    I mean, I can buy meatless ‘chik’ nuggets; why not fishless ‘phish’ sticks?

  10. J’s avatar

    hi anthony, fish fingers must be one of the most maligned foods (can one call it that?) on earth…trust you to elevate convenience to cuisine with a dollop of homemade mayonnaise!

  11. tokyo goat’s avatar

    distance yourself as far as you can from friggin XXXX and Tooheys I say.

    having said that, pretty sure I know what would happen if someone offered one up…

  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    The man eats fish fingers and drinks Coopers. Bloody legend. Hope you’re having a brilliant weekend –saint

  13. Ed Charles’s avatar

    Just might now be inspired to eat the fishy finger. I’ve been knocking Lion Nathan then I realised I do drink quite a bitof its beer – Becks, James Squire, Heineken – and now am confused. Would it be good to have a big company make it cheaper and more available. Or should the family continue until inevitably another big brewery quaffs it down. God forbid one of those bland American ones…

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    We could maybe get a potato and cut it into stick or fingers and then deep fry it. It’d be worth a try.

    I know they’re a bit of food of last resort but apart from the funny coloured breadcrumbs they’re pretty good. I’m getting all evangelical on mayonnaise at the moment.

    It would be rude to refuse the offer of a host. I remember when XXXX was a bit of exotica over here and it was the first carton of beer my Dad ever bought for me. Ahhhhhh. Otherwise yuk. Otherwise yuk and tooheys is piss and everywhere these days.

    Doesn’t have to be fancy, just good. Weekend was excellent

    A tricky point. Lion Nathan do a better job than CUB (which only push their own beers at pubs) and James Squires is excellent. With monopolies you have much more of a convergence of product towards a kind of universal taste and if you look at the beers that are heavily promoted becks, heineken, stella, fosters, they’re all much of a muchness. Near identical products to give the semblance of variety. While they will have some specialty beers, the ideal is towards a more limited range and these specialty beers are more a matter of largesse than having their own natural lives. Market power and advertising power consolidates this gian. Smaller producers naturally encourages diversity and this is how we ended up with Coopers and and why they should stick around.

  15. Barbara’s avatar

    Feel free to endorse!
    The book I was referring to is “On Food and Cooking” by Harold Mcgee, also for food geeks.

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