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It’s officially out. The launch was on Monday night and a deserved success for Jeff Atkinson, Kate Lindsay, John Loss, and Claire Kaylock. A fun night in lovely weather, attended by around 300 people, who ate local food and drank local beer and wine all supported by local businesses in the Western Australian food industry. Thanks to those that came along and those that posted about it.

The magazine is brilliant and a testament to what people can do with a sound set of principles, ideas, skills, and hard work. It manages to perfectly encapsulate the local producers it set out to represent.

Relatively speaking I’ve played a minor part and was fortunate be as much in the magazine as I am. There are a few of my photos, an inteview I did, a story I assembled, and a piece I wrote on ermmm me (yeah I know I still feel a bit of a knob about this). My feelings about this are equal parts pride and urk. Hasn’t stopped numerous – oi look I’m in this mag incidents though. Many thanks to the Kate, Jeff, John and Claire and to all the readers here who have encouraged me with my writing and thus making the transition from this little digital experiment to analoguey wood based stuff. My esky appears on page 8.

Out now in the newsagents.


  1. Sue’s avatar

    That is awesome. Congratulations. Don’t worry, you’ll be just as good in the woody stuff as you are in the digital worlde

  2. deborah’s avatar

    Cedar or Sandlwood?

    Congratulations. I faxed my subscription a few weeks ago; so am looking forward to receiving my own little copy.

    All the best to the team.

  3. Barbara’s avatar

    Excellent choice for cover shot.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks so much, I’ll muddle along as I’ve done here.

    Three wood – I hate golf. Hope fully it should be there soon and thanks for subscribing. I’ll send my regards and I’m sure there’s a thanks your way. Omnivoribus Australis gets a mention in there.

    Don’t want to blab but there was a bit of discussion about whether to go with this or the more traditional ones of celeb or food porn. I think this was a great decision. I was looking at the food mags in at the airport and they were all a bit of a glossy much of a muchness and it would have gotten lost. Gotthard the baker is great and really what it’s all all about. The first time I went to his bakery down south there was just a sign saying not here, leave the money in the basket.

  5. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    I likely like the bush tucker segments on Chef Black Olive and on Slow Food produce. Really good timing with the Paper Chef :). The question is where to find sandalwood nut to make the biscotti? Do they have tours to the sandalwood plantation? Do you phone number to supplier of sandalwood nuts?

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Sorry that should be “Barbara”, I think barabara is the sound a tyre makes going over a grating in Japanese.

    Good question. Here is some info on Aaron Edmonds who has the plantation. Maybe we need to have a contact bit at the back of the mag or something.

  7. Reid’s avatar

    Hey Anthony,

    Congrats! It’s certainly well deserved. I’ve been reading for a while now (I’m sure you know that!) and you’ve always been witty and full of information — not to mention, there are always gorgeous pictures of food (that make me so hungry here).

    Go get ’em Spicy the Gnome!

    BTW…any plans to post some of the stuff here? I don’t think this magazine will be available here. =(

  8. Gracianne’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,
    Congratulations! Like Reid, I am sorry I won’t be able to find it at my local newsagent. You never know though, you may have a French edition one of these days…

  9. 2-minute Noodle Cook’s avatar

    Jeff Atkinson (Spice Mag) emailed the sandalwood nut answer: substitute hazelnut. Impressive customer service! Maybe quandong kennels do the job too. But I think of red craisins and green pistachio for Christmas colour.

  10. Chubby Hubby’s avatar

    Huge congrats! Now hopefully they’ll accept subscriptions from Singapore!

  11. Anonymous’s avatar

    Hi and Congratulations,
    we cant wait to read our very own copies..
    from us three way down below.

  12. Lex Culinaria’s avatar

    Spicey – Conga Rats! We’re all real proud of ya.I will have to get a mate to find me a copy and save it for my trip to oz in Feb!!!

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Gnome power of po-faced immobility activate!

    They can be sent there just a matter of the cost of postage.

    One day, one day, but not with my powers of French.

    Jeff is a monster. Don’t know where he gets all his getting stuff done energy from. I came home to find his card on my door last night.

    I hope so. It’d be a great thing for tourism.

    Hello. I get you new digs up here soon, promise.

    Ah bless. Hey a trip to Oz, that’s great. Just Melbourne?

    Anyway thanks all and plug plug


  14. pseudo chef’s avatar

    It was a good night and now I have convinced my colleague to get a subscription too.

    Hmm roo mignon and emu prosciutto. Interesting…


  15. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Congratulazione Spicey ragazzo!!

    I am a little overwhelmed by the huge surge in cooking mags at the present, but this one sounds quite innovative and refreshing – so where can you get it??? Only by sub? Cheers and well done, ab.

  16. keiko’s avatar

    Congratulations Anthony, it looks great! I’m really looking forward to reading it, will send you an email shortly. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    hooray for your convincing. Many thanks.


    Thanks thanks. There are a few around but this one has 35% less wank. It should be avaiable at most newsagents based upon a complex algorithm of sales of Donna Hay.


    Domo domo. zasshi ga omoshiroi noni boku wa bakamitai desu.

  18. Jeanne’s avatar

    Oh wow! Fame and fortune! Can I start telling my friends stories about “I knew him back when he was jutst one of the little people”?? Expecting to receive a signed copy in the post any day now…

    Well done, you! You deserve every ounce of attention you get!

    PS beware of feeling a bit of a knob. You know you’ll go blind, don’t you?? :o)

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Hah! snorf! I’ve never needed glasses so it can’t be true.

    Hey and cheers, I’ve been getting a few questions about what koeksisters are. The fortune eludes me but I have been a very lucky bugger.

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