Crock Pots Rock My World

crock pot

As we all learnt from Great Expectations; it is not the pot that makes it crock. Nevertheless I have to say I couldn’t care less if this particular one had donkey poo potage in it, it just does it for me on many levels. I hope you like it too.

It doesn’t, in fact, have donkey poo potage in it but a very tasty lamb curry that I helped make amongst others for a lunch on Sunday. It’s a Jamie Oliver recipe but I don’t have it here, I could however point you to this Beef Vindaloo recipe, which turned out quite well.

I’d also tell you about the Mexican food that I made for a party on Friday night but I’m busy. Busy busy. Whistling sound in my head busy. Just quickly though, pop a few roasted beef bone offcuts in your chili con carne and add a bit of mandarin peel and juice (supposed to be orange but I didn’t have any at hand so next best thing, no harm done at all).

Been messing around with the Spice Mag homepage. Movable Type has been an adventure, think Ikea furniture with parts of the instructions saying “no instructions for the handles yet but perhaps you’d like to find out at the Ikea forum, perhaps they can help you”. Anyway you can take a look here so you can say you saw it when it looked all dodgy like, but you’re not saying that now because I’m busy remember so now I’m just accepting “wows” (unless it strangely links off to a Ukranian lingerie site or something so I can fix that). A few more days then it’s in the hammock, eating figs, and drinking moselle from the cask. Busy.


  1. Robert’s avatar

    You sure that’s not the chick pea curry? If so, I’m sure Manas can sort you out with the recipe.

    And re the Spice Mag blog: me likey.

  2. Santos’s avatar

    since you are fiddledeedeeing over there, can you hook the spicekids up with a paypal account or something? i can handle the subscription price, the postage price, but i balk at the US$35 my bank is charging for a bank transfer to a “foreeeign country”.

    i haven’t seen the magazine yet but i’ll just bet you made somebody cry already. muahaha.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmmm maybe it is. I don’t remember it being on the list and assumed the lamb had sunk to the bottom or something. It’s OK for the recipe I was just trying to sneak a Jamie Oliver mention in for the google searches. Did we use a Nigella Lawson recipe? No. Ah well.

    Oi! hiatus over at yours.Permanent, permanent? ’tis a shame as you’ve always been leading the charge here, but a great body of work left for posterity.

    Such jiggery pokery is not beyond the realms of possibility. I’ll look into it. $35! Jeebus and besides we’re not a foreign country, you are. So there.

    Lovers of clear and concise prose weep I’m sure.

  4. Kate’s avatar

    Sad now. About Rob, that is.

    I am imspired and I have just put a bid on a 1970s crockpot on ebay. Sadly it is not orange though.

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah sad to lose a good lefty but he’s done well. We’ll have to step up to the plate, here we go:

    IR legislation – worker hating bollocks
    Welfare to Work legislation – poor victimising bollocks
    Anti-terror legislation – hysterical civil liberties crushing bollocks.

    Hmm harder than I thought, Rob always seemed more eloquent.

    Gotta be orange unless you’re planning on a colour combo.

  6. Reid’s avatar


    Bollocks and more bollocks. What’s next?

    A crock pot huh? Mine has been getting a bit of use as well, only mine isn’t orange….

    BTW…I’m going to drop you a line about the magazine.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Ah Reid

    Don’t get me started on work related bollocks.

    What are you using it for amd are you planning on getting an orange one?


  8. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I made a crock pot roast and some stew. I’m planning on cooking some chicken in it soon….hopefully, it is good.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Chicken would be very good. A whole one? And then the cooking liquid for gravy?

  10. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    Yes, exactly. I’m trying to figure out which vegetables and herbs I’d like to use. Otherwise, I’d just use herbs and make a slaw out of shaved brussel sprouts. How does that sound?

  11. Kalyn’s avatar

    Your comments are more interesting than some people’s blogs! I do wonder how many inside jokes I am missing. I am quite a fan of the crock pot for cooking certain things, corned beef being one that comes to mind.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Reid
    The usual bouquet garni herbs should do the trick – thyme, parsley, bay leaf, and leek green. The herbs and slaw sounds great, anything which gets brussel sprouts out of the school food ghetto is just the business.

    That’s very nice of you to think so. I think I’m a bit lucky to have the commenters I do. There are many in-jokes here, fact we have in-jokes inside in-jokes and inside those in-jokes more in-jokes. It’s like a baboushka doll. Anyway like I said … fridge-freezer. Ha yes I thought so. Ha.

    Corned beef, with that and Reid’s brussel sprouts it’s like a half-way house for unfairly maligned foods. Cool.

    Crock pots – get one before they’re all $800 and made by Kitchenaid.

  13. FXH’s avatar

    I’ve been um-ing and arrghing about getting a crockpot for years. The theory seems right to me. But safety, y’know leaving stuf fon all day with nobody home, lack of bench space, ditto power points and possible unknown food handling issues, plus previous daggy rep. etc etc.

    Now I’m about convinced, especially if it’ll do good corned beef, and my BIG currys (for which I am rightly famous) thats enough to justify one. Does it have to be one of the great 70’s orange monsters from a garage sale or will a modern cheapo do?

    I saw one new in a shop the other day that claimed to be a combined rice /cooker and slow cooker. I squizzed at the dials and lights and it did appear to cater for both. If they are any good it would be the go.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Just with a usual disclaimer on safety, if the temperature wasn’t at boil tae fook (which they aren’t usually) and there was enough liquid and the lid was on, there wouldn’t be any danger. Well more than any other appliance being left on like the telly or an air-conditioner. Keeping it hot enough should take care of any bacteria issues.

    It would be better iif it were an orange monster of course but I’ve got a reasonably cheap modern one which works well.

    Rice cookers are great for cooking proper Japanese rice and I happen to have a nice crockpot/rice coooker here that belongs to Kate. Care to make an offer? I can always say I’d gievn it back to her.

  15. FXH’s avatar

    Thanks. I’ve had a rice cooker for years. Best thing ever invented for a kitchen. Not to forget the pop up toaster, oh and cast iron fry pan and good sharp knife set and that ribbed foccaccia maker thingo.

    I might try and get a combined rice cooker – slow cooker for xmas.

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    and an ice-cream maker. Don’t know if it’s essential but I got one today in a fit of consumerism.

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