Ah huzzah! Holidays strech forth to the very end of January, kicking off with a frosty glass of Hoegaarden. Actually kicking off with a crisp and tarty bottle of Moss Brothers Semillon and a club sandwich for lunch but the vibe was harshed by an hour of project report knocking out. Nice numbers. Active verbs.

Expect much – dinners, cakes, music.

Enjoy some more of my chilly friend’s below. I think we have a Coopers Pale Ale with an italian sausage hot dog at home and then an Alpha Pale Ale at the Brass Monkey. Over.

hot dog and coopers

alpha pa at the monkey



  1. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    That sausage dog looks like a mess, but I bet it was really delicious.

    Mmmm. =P

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    I’m afraid it wasn’t that good. Some things you shouldn’t mess around with. I cooked up the onions with grainy mustard and a little beer which was nice enough but the panini is unyiedling which separates the elements too much and the italian sausage was a bit gappy. Not to be messed with, your standard hotdog – nice and tight with a well minced sausage and soft white bun and some mustard and tomato sauce from a squeezy bottle is perfection.

    Hey any more thoughts about that hot dog stand?

  3. wozza’s avatar

    Forget the well minced sausage and soft white bun,that beer looks far more interesting. A session at Ferrals would be more my style. It looks as though the shit has hit the fan downstairs, how hilarious.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Cooper’s is always interesting and bit mysterious to boot. Yeah the valley what a good idea. Hmm downstairs is bloody funny. Doubting Thomases. Tsk! Wonder what Gracianne makes of it all and I see Mon’s got the French dictionary out.

  5. Reid’s avatar


    Hot dog stand?

  6. Gracianne’s avatar

    I come from downstairs. Do you think they really believe I am real? Nice beer photos. I love a cold Hoegaarden. They have started serving them with a slice of lemon here, but I think it tastes nicer without.
    Have a nice holiday, enjoy your chilly friends!

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Gracianne

    I think you’re worshipped as some kind of deity. It was Maybe you should make them sacrifice a few calves as penance for their lack of faith.

    It’s a great beer and they had a special deal with a free glass so I couldn’t be happier. Lemon is sometimes used in wheat beers, we have one called Redback and it’s usually served with lemon but I can’t see the point in making it taste like something it isn’t.

    I will.

  8. Jeanne’s avatar

    Holidays till Jan. Siiiiiiigh. I remember the halcyon days of academia, and proper long holidays over Christmas. You lucky bugger you. Maybe you’ll have time to squeeze in a last minute EoMEoTE nursery rhyme contribution, being the event’s birth-father and all…

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Gah where’s the time gone, last thing I think was to ask you what was happening fot this month.

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