In other news

ice cream maker

I’m a hip shaker
A heart breaker
I’m a motherfucking killer
with an ice-cream maker.


  1. Santos’s avatar

    i scream
    you scream
    we all scream
    because you’re bludgeoning me with a pick axe, you (sp)icy bastard.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    stop me before I kill again

  3. MM’s avatar

    And they thought I was a slasher.

  4. Kate’s avatar

    Make mine green tea flavoured, thanks!

    (in sad news, I shall not be the proud owner of a stylish 1970s crockpot, as it turned out the postage was stupidly expensive and it would be cheaper to buy a new one)

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    A slasher! I’m offended. If you’d seen how lovingly and carefully I deboned a duck yesterday.

    How about green tea with a bolo knife?
    (sorry about the crock pot, country op shops are gold for stuff like that)

  6. Reid’s avatar

    Icey Spice?

  7. Gracianne’s avatar

    Chocolate and chili?
    After the pasta maker, the crockpot, now the ice-cream maker, all that will be a bit expensive for Santa, don’t you think?

  8. Stephanie’s avatar


  9. Mon’s avatar

    Gracianne, IT, ITS YOU!

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    The iceman creameth

    A good thought, I’m waiting for an island living colleague to get one and then it’s battle for the unusual ingredients

    Best thing was, it wasn’t even my christmas present. That’s going to be an electric guitar. What? Oh no it isn’t.

    Not for long

    Hi Mon. Now we know it’s food up here.

  11. Avatar’s avatar

    Man… I am SO freakin’ jealous! I’ve always wanted an ice-cream maker. Home-churned, improvised flavors, and full-fat is the food of the gods!

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Avatar
    As your site so eloquently argues, good honest uninhibited home based experimentation always trumps synthetic outsourced provision.

    I believe a plastic freezer bag and a rolling pin gets good results.

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    For ice-cream that is of course

  14. MM’s avatar

    How DO you make ice cream with a plastic bag and a rolling pin?

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Santos is the master of that but it’s granita and with a mallet.

    caffe gigi

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