Hey Ho Sydney 2006


Driving over to Sydney on the 2nd of January and should arrive there somewhere between the 7th and the 25th. Eschewing the practicalities of space and speed, we’ll be travelling in Simon’s groundbreaking piece of early nineties curvature in car design, the Mazda 121. To console myself I’ll be thinking Apollo capsule or being buried alive. Actually I have happy memories of when the this car first came out and being taken during a party by the nice young lady owner on my insistence to get a burger at Bernies while in the thrall of hallucinogens. It seemed to just hover silently – maybe we really just sat in the car with the lights on for 30 minutes. Has the magic stayed? I’ll have 5 days to find out. Already there are tensions about camp food.


Anyone got any hints for Sydney? I was thinking of Tetsuya but the peals of laughter as I tried to book a table at this short notice would break my heart. But I’m from Perth didn’t get me into the Espy in St Kilda but admittedly it was phrased more along the lines of “but I’m from fahhhcking Perth, cahhhn yah bahhhstard, maate”.

While travelling Wysteria, the lovely pony, will be in charge. No messing about. She has a magnetic hoof which can draw iron out of people’s bloodstream causing anemia and listlessness.

I might try to get pics up of the five course NYE dinner party for 11 but in the mean time here’s a box of fine young spatch cocks.

box of spatchcocks


  1. Stephanie’s avatar

    Hey…that looks exactly like my kid sister’s My Little Pony!

    You know; the one she had back in 1987.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Nooooo it’s MY little pony.

    A very nice NYE to you Stepahanie.

  3. Stephanie’s avatar

    That’s disturbing on so many levels, Anthony.

    Happy New Year to your and yours!

  4. bramble’s avatar

    Or a batch of fine young co…..

    Maybe your Wisteria can get together with my old Starcom astronauts and open an alternative holistic anti-therapy centre.

  5. Santos’s avatar

    >Maybe your Wisteria can get together with my old Starcom astronauts and open an alternative holistic anti-therapy centre.

    omg, now i know where scientology comes from.

  6. Barbara’s avatar

    Oh God I remember Bernies!

    I’d persevere with Tetsuya’s. You could try dropping my name if you could speak with Tetsuya himself. When we ate there in June this year I was so impressed I sent him a card to tell him how fabulous he was. I’m sure he would remember it!! I must confess I was very much the love struck teenager when he appeared in the restaurant to talk to people at the table next to us.

  7. deborah’s avatar

    Happy New Year Spicey. We’ll see you when you get here.

    Wasn’t the 121 also known as a bubble car. Does that make you a bubble boy?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    A Very Happy New Year All

    Just a man and his pony.

    I find combing her hair most soothing so yes and crystals, lots of crystals

    And piece of crap with a couple of electrodes and a dial.

    Bernies was great, sad to see it go.

    I was planning on just monstering some couple out the front with a broken bottle for their reservation name.

    Hope you’re feeling tip top.

    Looking forward to it, the thought will keeping me going through the darkest moments of straight roads in curvy confinement.

    Bubba boy!

  9. Elvira’s avatar

    A happy and delicious new year to you from Portugal!

  10. Milicent Friendly’s avatar

    Have a lovely time in Sydney. I cant tell you how much I have enjoyed visiting your site throughout the year and reading about all that marvelous food you have been preparing.
    I’m hoping you may be able to help me with a couple of questions one of which is about spatch cocks.
    Is spatch cock (or spatchcock?) a method of preparation of chicken, or just a small chicken. I’ve looked in several dictionaries and there seems to be some sort of confusion in the precise definition?
    The second question is in regards to Wysteria. It’s such a lovely name and I’m wondering does she (?he) bite or neigh loudly, and if I was to, for instance, pop over to your house while you were away in another state, would she (?he) offer any practical resistance to forced entry to your humble abode?
    Thanking you in advance,

  11. Clare Eats’s avatar

    there are soooo many fab places in Sydney to eat!

    How long and what food types and where are you staying?

    If you like Indonesian there are lots of really good priced indonesian.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hello to you in Portugal.

    Thank you
    It’s a great question and one that brings in mucho discussion. Spatchcock are the lamb of the chicken world, called Poussin in French, and don’t let anybody tell you it’s a preparation. I think the latter stems from anxieties about small cocks and the hope that it’s a certain state rather than a fixed characteristic.
    Wysteria has come to Sydney to us and our house is being minded by an 8 foot polynesian man.

    For a fews days, I’m looking for the kind of restaurant that nobody is currently going to but will become wildly popular in two months time.

  13. Clare Eats’s avatar


    that probably depends where you will be staying then.

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