In Sydney

Somewhere in South Australia

We’ve made it to Siddonme. A great 4 day 4000km dynomeditative journey from the ocean to the ocean where the trees shrank and then disappeared and the land went up and then down again, susbsisting on proteins, starches, and fat. Perth-Cocklebiddy-Streaky Bay-Broken Hill-Sydney. More questions than answers. Why do only Western Australian roadhouses have toasted ham and cheese sandwiches readily available? Do they really kill drowsy drivers in South Australia? Why do the residents of Port Augusta think it acceptable to take a mans piece of fish and help themselves to au handful of chips? Why is a place called Iron Knob, depressing? Is the Social Democratic answer cheap T-bones and pokies? Why doesn’t Orange have a great big orange? A salute to the 1997 Mazda 121 which was neither particularly uncomfortable nor did it miss a beat in getting us here. How’s Sydney? I’ve already been told off in a choccie cafe for taking pics. Pah!


  1. Chubby Hubby’s avatar

    Wow! I’ve always wanted to drive across Oz. I blame a book written by Ffyona Campbell, this crazy British gal who walked across from Sydney to Perth in 95 days. Of course, I’d never be crazy enough to walk.

    Hey, go have the truffled egg pasta at Buon Ricordo, the best pasta dish in Sydney, hands down!

    Happy New Year!

  2. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    Or the choc/vanilla mousse roulade at the Sebel in the Cross – mmm yummy.
    Shame about the fish debacle, maybe the guy was just really starving, just staggered out of the bush after being lost for 30 days type starving? No? I didn’t think so.
    Would you believe, he lost all his travellers cheques maybe?
    Maybe you will get some tremendous burst of inspiration for eomeote while you are over there!!!?

  3. bramble’s avatar

    >We’ve made it to Siddonme.

    So, did anyone sit on you? And did you sit on anyone else?

  4. bramble’s avatar

    Iron knobs, t-bones, pokies… Stop tempting us.

  5. garagemahal’s avatar

    I reckon try Bistro Marlo in Manly. Had the most ridiculously good sardines there last year.

  6. Sue’s avatar

    Well, you heard it here first. spiceblog is real.

  7. Kate’s avatar

    So sorry I missed you. :( I hope you’re having a fabbo time and don’t miss a visit to Kinokuniya bookstore opposite the QVB in the city either.

  8. pseudo chef’s avatar

    Have a good one over East – and may the weather be better there than over here ;)

  9. Jeanne’s avatar

    Port Augusta? Hey, you should have gone to visit my friends the Stuchburys! John is a man after your own heart – met them on a Christmas cruise on the Rhine 5 years ago where he was smuggling whisky into the lounge in a hipflask to add to the insipid coffee, much to the annoyance of the prissy entertainment staff… Ah well, maybe next time you’re passing through. ;-)

  10. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    Hey, that’s Sonia’s car!
    Well, until we sold it. And now we don’t even have a Kijang. But maybe I’ll buy a motorcycle.

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s not that bad really you just have to let go to the journey, you should give it a go. Walking – no.
    Missed the pasta – next time. Happy new year to you.

    nor the choc roulade.
    Pissed and had staggered out of custody was his story.
    The EomEoTE is a done deal, it was the Gummo Trotskys at NYE

    The opportunities for sitting on people are endless.

    Iron Knob photo set shortly for rudeness cogniscenti.

    or there. Did I eat at all?

    and sue is real too unless we’re bootstrapping.

    Bah. pets. Kinokuniya is great.

    Cheers. Two days of rain on the Nullabor and then rain in Sydney, followed by hot and muggy.

    We’ll see about the next time but if I lived in Port Augusta, I’d be having a hip flask.

    It is indeed – to the markets and more and a great job it did. I’m a bit vehicled out but bike, yes.

  12. Anonymous’s avatar

    How much do I luv and need this site? I’m a California girl who chefs for a living and will be in Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne Feb. 12 for a week. Any more suggestions for a fellow food freak? I’ll go anywhere and everywhere.

    Lisa :)

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    That’s lovely to hear Lisa.

    I know bugger all about Brisbane. You can follow where I went in Sydney in the posts above here to give you an idea of what I enjoyed. If you see some commenters named Sue or Saffron you might want to follow them back and bug them a bit for ideas (they might even like to catch up).

    Melbourne is a great food market and cafe town and I received some really good advice over here, and here.

    And if you decide to come to Perth, well then I can tell you quite a bit.

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