Work progresses slowly at spiceblog

My lackeys lag. Trying to finish off a story for Spice mag and all I can say is that if I cooked like I wrote I would be a lean 23kg instead of my actual 72. Onions would be replaced by garlic which would in turn be tossed out in favour of yams before eventually settling with onion again and then not having a clue what I was going to do next. Can somebody else out there gently stroke my hair and tell me that they can’t hammer out 500 words like a short order cook either (or just tell me to get on with it ya precious git).

Once done, and it will be tonight, good things will happen – stories from Sydney, an archive with pictures, recipes, and more gnome pictures. Back to it cheetah, and you too cheetah.


  1. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar

    72 kg … you beached whale you!

    Guess that explains the minke and the typewriter pic.

    (Boom. Boom … and slinkes off VERY shamefaced at high speed … well, my default dignified geriatric shuffle at the very least.)

    Oh, and yes what I was really here for … get on with it ya precious git!

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Well possibly 80kg, but not a microgram more.

    Bless you your Lordship, I’ve just been involved in a dealy serious discussion on humour at Larvatus Prodeo.

    Aye aye, your majesticity, finishing touches, finishing touches

  3. Nicole’s avatar

    Yay. Return of the gnome. :)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Primo grade Sydneyscape gnome too.

  5. Gracianne’s avatar

    Anthony, stop for five minutes, go have a glass of wine outside, I am sure there will be inspiration at the bottom of the glass.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Merci Gracianne but the only inspiration I get at the bottom of a glass of wine is to pour another one and then talk nonsense.

    But I HAVE FINISHED. Huzzah!

  7. KathyF’s avatar

    Okay, as that photo loaded I thought, “Oh, crap, he’s cooking monkeys now!”

    Glad to see it was only a prop.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    I will be if they don’t start cranking out some posts.

  9. Santos’s avatar

    > stories from Sydney, an archive with pictures, recipes, and more gnome pictures.

    all at once?! no wonder you’ve been gone for so long.

  10. Kate’s avatar

    I was about to call you and give you a verbal kick-up-the-bum for the lateness of said copy, but then I read that you’d finished. So no tongue-lashing required… Good job.

    (Says she who emailed her last copy, um, yesterday. But my excuse is I’ve been working for 14 hours a day every day.)

  11. Anthony’s avatar

    All in one great spectacle Santos. Drag queens, baked beans, smoked ducks, big trucks.

    The monkeys came good in the end so no bum lashing for me thank goodness.
    (Sweating over a hot luncheon ham slicer)

  12. Kate’s avatar

    Whoops, that didn’t come out quite the way I had meant. Ah well.

    Good on the monkeys.

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