The model of propriety

the model of propriety

And so with the traditional offering of a bank transfer, four cinnamon doughnuts, and four glazed doughnuts, I was handed the sacred red apron and officially became part-owner of Spice magazine. An auspicious moment, the next edition is looking the business by the way.


  1. Santos’s avatar

    whooooo. the dynasty and the heartache begins.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah! Dynasty! Nobody mentioned Linda Evans.

  3. MM’s avatar

    Congratulations! Er, nice cleaver you got there. That’s not going to be a cover pix, is it?

  4. Sam’s avatar

    shouldnt you be cooking spicey eggs and toast to celelbrate?

  5. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi MM
    I only get 20% of the vote, so no. The cleaver is there as most gentlemanly portraits would not only be a display of possession but some objext that would ditinguish the subject – perhaps martial, perhaps hunting, perhaps science. They also tended to wear pants that passed heir knees but did not quite reach their ankles.

    Thank you. Yes I should, and I did, just gotta get some proof reading out of the way. Anyhoo off down the shop for more commas.

  6. Nicole’s avatar

    WOOT. Congrats Spicey.

  7. Stephanie’s avatar

    How wonderful! Sends big pat on the back…

  8. Jeanne’s avatar

    Aaah, so you’ve sold out and joined the hard copy establishment. A sad day in the blogosphere indeed…! ;-)
    Seriously, well done on your Kerry Packer-like rise towards media mogulhood. The mag rocks and… my, what a big sharp pointy thing you have! :o)

    PS – compulsory submission for EoMEoTE this month, you English major you. Too long have your dulcet tones been absent from the ovo-literary world.

  9. Kate’s avatar

    We can all say we knew you when! (WARNING: publishing is not all cocaine and supermodels you know. Actually there’s no cocaine and a real dearth of models of any variety…)

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Steph
    Pat should be here next Tuesday

    Yep, jumped the bus and gone non-electric. Still be hanging around with my roots.
    Ah Cheers, Kerry popped his clogs last month so lets hope I can stall that bit. The mag is cool and that pointy thing is my head.
    PS Aye aye, how bout by the weekend?

    Hopefully it’s not “when I had hair” or something. (Knife fork bottle and a cork, that’s not how you spell New York.)

  11. Matthew’s avatar

    Publishing, a risky but rewarding venture. Hope you enjoy the experience.

  12. Zoe’s avatar

    Onya, anthony. Is it only available in WA, or can I get my paws on it in Canberra?

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Cheers Zoe

    It is available over east but the distribution company took a kind of random lets see what happens if we sell it here approach so it’s hard to say where. The next edition is out at the end of the month so maybe pop down to the newsagents and ask if they have a copy.

    I also should, as a proprietor, direct you to our site with subscriptions: Spice Magazine

  14. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    CONGRATULATIONS! Now…about that international subscription. Have you worked out details for that yet?

  15. Robert’s avatar


    Now I’ll definitely have to subscribe!

  16. Chubby Hubby’s avatar

    Congrats man! I spent a decade in the magazine industry and 5 years as a part-owner of some pretty cool publications. It’s a fantastic time for you. Enjoy every moment of it and listen to your instincts. I hope Spice becomes the best food magazine in the region. Now, when are you gonna start allowing those of us outside of Perth to subscribe?

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    One of those once it’s off to the printer things. Cheers for your patience.

    Just the thing for upscaling your lifestyle.

    Thanks. Wow I have much distance to go being a newbie. Mad busy way to start at the moment (and a certain person isn’t going to mention I snuck down the pub for a quick half) and find find my feet so instincts it has to be. I hope it does, it’s a big region and yes outside subscriptions will happen.

  18. Robert’s avatar

    Dosh transferred, form faxed. Consider my lifestyle upscaled.

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey cheers Rob, they showed me the fax at the office. More brownie points for me for ticking the MTC box. Look forward to enjoying the Warm Roquefort Cheese Tart at yours.

    Welcome back BTW

  20. Barbara’s avatar

    Congratulations Anthony. I recognise that akitchen. A pink shirt would go well with the burgundy apron.

  21. Anthony’s avatar

    Thanks Barbara, you’re one of the select food bloggy few of one who have actually been in the actual kitchen. Maybe I can return the visit one day. Nice idea with the clour matching : )

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