Valentine’s Day


Always nice to have a day that’s organ related.


  1. Gracianne’s avatar

    Quelle horreur!

  2. Lord Sedgwick’s avatar


    Organ Morgan, you haven’t been listening to a word I said. It’s organ organ all the time with you…

  3. Santos’s avatar

    i would like that back please. the ice water that runs through my veins has nowhere to go now.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    Actually now you mention it Gracianne, that’s a pretty damned spooky gravatar you got there.

    Your Excellency, Chesty ‘Organ

    Santos, will trade for mix CD’s

  5. Kate’s avatar

    It was a year ago tomorrow that I moved to Perth. Am I a local yet?

    (also, where the hell did you get that thing?)

  6. Gracianne’s avatar

    It is a picture of the church in the village – I didn’t mean to offend anyone. Do you think a Little Poney would look nicer?

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    Almost, we just have to do the driving test where each place we drive past you have to say how much it’s better than Sydney. (Has it really been a year?)

    As for the heart, lets just say pinnochio won’t be giving us any more trouble anymore.

    I think a little pony would look nice but I’ll just have to be a brave boy.

  8. Santos’s avatar

    36 full cds ain’t enough? maybe you need that vessel more than i do.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    Well actually I’m kinda using it as a bike pump at the moment.

  10. Robert’s avatar


    “What’s going on? What’s all this shouting? We’ll have no trouble here. This is a local town for local people: there’s nothing for you here.”

  11. Santos’s avatar

    >Always nice to have a day that’s organ related.

    don’t forget wurlitzer day….

  12. J’s avatar

    hi anthony, you closet romantic you…btw, congratulations on the red apron/spicey business!

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    “I’m a lady”
    (bugger wrong show”

    That’s some hardcore html going on on that link there.

    Hi J. Actually I prefer a bed but I’ll keep it in mind. And thanks for the congrats.

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