Tapas and a few local performers


Third in a series of spiceblog’s dinner and a show. Tapas and a trip to Mojo’s and the Swan.

tortillaHere’s a tortilla that I seem to have done properly. Two important things. Frying the onion and the discarding the onion and keeping the oil. Leaving the cooked potatoes to sit in the egg mix for fifteen minutes before returning it to the pan.
Chop one medium sized onion finely and saute gently in a heavy pan without burning in half a cup of olive oil for 20 minutes. Leave the oil but discard the onion. Actually don’t chuck it in the bin like I did but use it for another dish. Peel and thinly slice five potatoes, I used Royal Blue which are the most versatile. It’s a nice bit of knife practice by the way. I added a small handful of chopped thinly sliced jamon to the oil and then added the potato in layers, seasoning each layer as I went along. Let the potatoes slowly cook, turning and mixing gently as needed until cooked. Drain the potatoes and reserve two tablespoons of the oil. Add the potatoes to a bowl of 5 whisked free-range eggs (look I’m not arguing here 50% of the taste is the egg) and a couple of tablespoons of parsely. Leave to sit for 15 minutes.

Add the oil to the pan, heat, and then add the potato-egg mix and press it down with a spoon. Keep shaking the pan to loosen the base. When the base is very lightly browned, slide it onto a plate, and then flip back over into the pan to do the top. Remove and serve.

A few other things we had were mussels cooked in Vina Esmeralda and parsley and then grilled with a parmesan, butter, garlic and parsley mix. Cheese and quince paste, tomato and lightly toasted sourdough bread. And salted cod potato cakes with aioli.Chorizo in Red Wine. Apologies for not having more pics but I do tend to spare new guests the sight of me taking too many food photos.

And down to Mojo’s in North Fremantle to see a promising bunch of twelve year olds in their first gig. Talented little buggers. A very Black Sabbathy original song which filled my heart with hope now I realise that Wolf Mother are jazz rockers. Rock on Short Fuse. Another acoustic performers, then two more acoustic performers at the Swan Hotel (which has the best tiles for a men’s toilet ever). All good, there’s no fairness you know. [shakes head wistfully, looks at beer thoughtfully]

short fuse singer two cute kiddoes in a band

[note to self: see more bands, write name of bands down, go electric despite solid acoustic performances]

Oh yes. Big plug for Spanish Flavours in the Wembley Food Hall next to the Wembley Pub. I got my jamon, chorizo, salted cod, and quince paste there. Quince paste was great and only $10 a kilo. Good line of friendly helpful chit-chat from the owner who does a good job of the whole rolling h for j thing.

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  1. Richard Leader’s avatar

    Re onion oil:
    I’m a big fan of the Moro Cookbook (Moro is a Spanish/North African restaurant in London). One of the little things they often do is, when frying onions, cook them in a little more oil than you might usually and then strain off the oil to use in other dishes later.

    My very favourite tapa is just thinly sliced jamon iberico… to stand at the counter in a hot bar in Sevilla chewing on jamon, passing the time of day with a glass of chilled fino… does life get any better?

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Richard
    I was unfamiliar with the technique so it’s good to have it validated. It seems a nice way of getting a bit of bite without little bits of onion.

    Probably not. I’m in the slow process of convincing people that drinking sherry doesn’t make a me a wino.

  3. richard leader’s avatar

    It all depends on the quality of the sherry… if it’s best drunk directly from the bottle (wrapped in the bag it came in), it probably does make you a wino.
    If it’s Tio Pepe or Gitana Manzanilla, for example, served chilled with a touch of condensation forming round the glass… that’s a different matter ;)

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    It might also help if I didn’t shout at people while they’re walking their dogs either.

    What no bottle on the sideboard to be served with a small slice of fruit cake?

  5. J’s avatar

    hi anthony, given the perfect golden appearance of your tortilla, i can only infer that you’re as adroit with flipping tortilla as you are with de-boning little birds ;) the clumsiness that i am, i need to dirty two plates (1 plate over pan, invert golden side up, 2nd plate over golden side, invert runny side up, pan over runny side, invert and cook runny side…phew)!

  6. richard leader’s avatar

    For serving with the fruit cake, I’d recommend a lightly chilled pedro ximinez – perhaps from the Lustau house? Over here we can still get ‘British Sherry’ and ‘Cyprus Sherry’. These seem to be big favourites with the shouting-at-dog-walkers crowd.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    You do me a great honour were I to have the wrists that Hercules used to strangle the Lion of Nemea, then yes I would have flipped it. As it was it was a one plate slide out torilla onto golden side, hold frying pan over runny side with a tea towel and turn the whole thing over. I’m trying to stay on good terms with the dishwasher

    Keep playing that beautiful sherry uplifting music. I think I have my weekend planned. Maybe a bottle of Cava for good measure.

  8. richard leader’s avatar

    Can I recommend a Lepanto Brandy to finish, perhaps? The PX is particularly good :)

    That’s enough Spanish ravings from me for one week.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    More than welcome my friend.

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