Szechuan Chicken/ Cashew Basil Rice/Broccolini

No-fuss meal for a hungry and lonely friend.

The Szechuan chicken recipe is earlier and well worth a look.

Rice – basmati rice cooked in a rice cooker.

2/3 of a cup of cashews were chopped up and stir fried in a little peanut oil until coloured -slightly black while I wandered out to get some basil.

A few chopped up basil leaves were quickly stir fired with any oil left in the wok then added, with the cashews, to the rice and stirred in and served.

Broccolini is the best.

Microwaved for a minute and a half, chilled in cold water to stop the colour. Fried a couple of sliced garlic cloves then added the broccolini until heated then served with some garlic-chilli-soy sauce.