Chicken and Mushroom Quiche with Movie

chicken and mushroom quiche

Today is International Women’s Day. Spiceblog is well regarded as a leader in gender issues on the internet in Australia so I shouldn’t let this slip by. As is often said, where the mirror cannot be found, the dish will do. Last Friday I went to the outdoor movies and I made a quiche. For those around at the time, the quiche was a minor celebrity in the crisis of manhood in the early 80s – second only to the manbag. It managed to inspire a book “Real Men Don’t Eat Quiche” with the punchline being “they eat ham and egg pie”. Hoohoo indeed! I’m not sure where this animosity came from, I mean it’s not as if half our language isn’t French already or that manliness is derived from an earthy literalness that would have us saying that’s not a carburettor, it’s a device to regulate the flow of fuel and air into the cylinder. Possibly it was a kind of no-nonsense response that played into a myth of the fall. The fall being the defeat in 1066 by the Normans which destroyed the priveleged position of good honest monosyllables and all things Arthury or something. So ingrained in me was this that there was a moment of hope that since I didn’t have a quiche tin and had to use a cake tin, the lack of scalloped edge and the relative heightiness meant that it would be a pie. It wasn’t

Get yourself some short-crust pastry, butter a tin, cut a circle of pastry out, place it in the bottom. Cut some strips out to go around the edge. Seal up any gaps and blind bake for 10 minutes at 220C. If you haven’t done this before, it’s just to get it nice and crusty. Place some dried beans on the pastry to stop it puffing up. I disn’t have any beans so I used some ceramic hashioki. Just put a sheet of baking paper under them.

Mix was one chicken breast which I left to marinate for an hour in Ras al Hanout spices. Pan cooked and shredded. About a cup of chopped field mushrooms and then a third as much chopped spring onions and a third as much of that in chopped scallions all gently cooked in butter. Mix together with the chicken and a handful of chopped flat leaf parsley. Four whole eggs, half as much cream, and half again of cheddar I had. OK alright there’s maths here but are you going to have the same amount of spring onions as mushrooms? No. Half as much mushrooms as chicken maybe. I wanted mix with eggy bits just holding it together and I got it. How much cheese do you want? Make a decision. Salt and pepper. Cook at 180C until you dip a knife in it and it comes out clean and then take it out and cool it on a rack. You can then pop it back in the tin for easy transportation to said French film.

Film of which was French film The Story of My Life – dealing with thirthysomething doubt regarding artistry versus commerce versus success versus failure versus risk versus identity versus vulagarity versus the woman you have versus the woman you want all mixed together in a second act snarl up with comedic result and character switchovers.

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  1. Gracianne’s avatar

    French films can be boring (I haven’t seen this one), but you quiche-pie isn’t. Really good looking with the high crust. We never had this quiche issue here. I am not sure we had the manhood crisis either to tell you the truth, or it was short lived. Anyway, we still eat them and call them quiche. I really must try that one.

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    Nah I thought it was great – interesting take on the desu ex machina as a plot device. Got a lot of time for French comedies. Good use of character switchovers, personal disaster and half a dozen complications which seem to tangle together somewhere in the second act.

    It’s the upper-crust. Yeah don’t know what happened with the whole quiche thing here, maybe that’s what happens when you’re one of the most urbanised countries in the world. We’ve also made one decent comedy in the past decade, two if you count “Chopper”.

    Try the combo, it’s nice. The moroccan spices are a bit odd but pleasant enough and the amounts are just guesses. I think I might try chicken and blue cheese maybe.

  3. lotusutol’s avatar

    Just got a quiche dish from the brand-spanking-new KMart store in Bunbury. Jumped on the Net looking for a quiche recipe, and found you blogged one. Thanks.

    My bro bakes blind differently: with raw rice + baking paper, tribute to the rice-loving Asian in him.

    Will try your recipe next week, and let you know how my hubby fared. He loves quiche, and doesn’t mind a ham and egg pie: what does that make him?
    Hope I can find the moroccan spice
    so that i can serve a lil’ twist from the usual quiche flavour.

  4. monique’s avatar

    Hi gyes.Hey spicee I made a quiche ,you would have been proud of me,it was only the borin old quiche lorrainern yet it actually stayed together.We love quiches here because its a great way to use up all the eggs.Im going to make mini ones and put them in the kiddies lunch boxes.

  5. Anthony’s avatar


    Let me be the first to congratulate Bunbury on its new KMart. The net? Wow instant authority.

    Rice is a great idea, I didn’t think about that while I was rustling around for dried chickpeas.

    Woody Allen would say it doubles his chance of eating.

    Ras al Hanout is just a combo of Moroccan spices so any mix will do.

    Very proud. And if they’re farm fresh eggs, all the better. You should give this one a go, when the mushies pop up in early winter.

  6. Jeanne’s avatar

    Love your film review – have you considered a career change?? My husband would pay good money for reviews like that!

    I have some great ceramic baking “beans” – but of course since acquiring them I haven’t baked a single crust!! Oh the irony…

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    There’s also “crap”, “phwoar”, and “heavily influenced by Tarkovsky”.

    Don’t want to be getting them dirty.

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