Dear Anthony

As much as I like long accounts of food preparation, I was wondering if you had any pictures of Buzz Aldrin next to a giant green apple instead?

Best regards

Why as a matter of fact I do.

Buzz Aldrin and the Giant Green Apple

Happy to oblige Craig.



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    no comments at all

  2. Anthony’s avatar

    A comment yet not a comment, what trickery is this?

  3. mon’s avatar

    here ill comment for ya Spicee.
    i like that cute little man,ummm and i know id love to shoot that apple in my spud gun.150 meters i got today,ya should have seen cockies shit themselves, ahh it was priceless.

  4. Anthony’s avatar

    A mercy comment. Has it come to this?

    A spud gun. Does it shoot bits of spud? Tell me more. I’d love a spud gun, we’ve got pigeons shitting their body weight each day all over this renovation project I’m on.

  5. Kate’s avatar

    I tried to comment before but it wouldn’t let me. Now I can’t remember what I was going to say. But rest assured, it would have been witty and you would have laughed and laughed.

  6. Anthony’s avatar


    My software is conspiring against me.

    Hmm the pod door won’t open

  7. mon’s avatar

    No dear Spicee not pieces of patata,WHOLE bloody ,big mumma patatas, yep This dude who used to work here made it. Its polly pipe and a little switch at one of the ends so you shove your patatoe in the other end and then spray this stuff near the switch and BOOOM ,the biggist freekin noise ya ever likey to hear without blowing your ears off. Like i said that apple would go miles.Ahhh ITS Probabbly a little dangerous for someone like me to play with,and i dont rekermend you shoot it at pigions,a simple bow and arrow would do the trick.

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    I miss the country.

    Do you use Delaware or Royal Blue spuds?

  9. mon’s avatar

    NAH these arnt fancy pants spuds,just ya good ol roundy type that grow in the freekin mud.
    yeh country life can be fun, the boys on the necks farm are always blowin something up.BUT, yove got shops, in the city.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Mud spuds! Can hamsters fit in there? Just askin’. They’d be kind of cute with a tiny cape and a tiny helmet.

  11. mon’s avatar

    hey Spice, HOWS about the bloke up there in the photo,his evern got his helmet ready :)
    Shame it werent bigger, the spud gun i mean,id love to ram meself in there and blast off to infinity and beyond.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Hang on Buzz, we’re sending you back to the moon!

    In an apple.

  13. mon’s avatar

    heeeheee,ahhh Spicee your funny,you and i chat like Ginger Rogrers,and Freekin fred somone danced.
    AHHH,Gracis doin well,she can cook,phew shed give you a run for ya money.Shes a nice person,she busts me when im naughty,just like you used to at the Ram,hehe a couple of times there i thorwt you were goin to blow an artery.
    well seeya spicee,we will dance again.

  14. Stephanie’s avatar

    Yay…the comments are working again!

    See? This picture sums up why I like guys. Geeks and all.

    How goes the fabulous life a publisher these days, anyway?

  15. Anthony’s avatar

    Like ginger and garlic – but not that chopped up shit in the jar.

    Gracianne is doing very well for herself these days. Her French is fantastic too.

    So really the comments weren’t working? Erm I kind of take back every I said.
    Can’t shake that geeky thing. Lord I’ve tried. Check this out!
    What fabululous life? Work, work, work, work, work, and dinner invites.

    Should really get some food up here shouldn’t I?

  16. Santos’s avatar

    Dear Anthony

    As much as I like pictures of Buzz Aldrin next to a giant green apple, I was wondering if you had any long accounts of food preparation instead?

    Best regards

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    Dear Bananas

    I’ll do my best but I couldn’t interest you in some interesting facts on 1970’s Eastern European trucks could I?



  18. Gracianne’s avatar

    Sorry, couldn’t find anything to say about Buzz Aldrin. Maybe try the Easter European truck topic, it could be more inspiring, you never know. Or bikes, we have two 1970s estern German motorbikes at home, that we never use. I could talk about them.

  19. Santos’s avatar

    Dear Anthony

    As much as I like pictures of John Glenn next to a giant glass of Tang, I was wondering if you had any long accounts of 1970’s Eastern European trucks instead?


  20. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Gracianne

    I can’t find my book on trucks of the 70s at the moment, wouldn’t like to get my transmissions mixed up.

    Are they the MZ two strokes? Do tell.

  21. Gracianne’s avatar

    Yes they are MZ, blue and grey – I don’t know much about them, I am no biker. They were given to my husband and his brother by a neighbour who wanted to get rid of them. Nobody ever rides them, but nobody wants to get rid of them either. They will probably be still there in 20 years from now.

  22. Stephanie’s avatar

    Transformers? More than meets the eye!

    Well, the corporate world keeps trotting out all those 80’s toys for girls like My Little Pony, Cabbage Patch Kids, etc; why shouldn’t the Power Rangers, Transformers and TNMT get a re-birth?

    Geeks are cool. I ought to know, I married an alpha Geek!

    And yes; I tried for days to access the comments, and couldn’t get a thing to work.

    So…no glamous, jet-set stories, eh? Oh, well…

  23. Anthony’s avatar

    Maybe they’ll appear in a film and become very much sought after collectors or something.

    Robots in disguise

    I think they should, cabbage patch kids blow goats.

    Geeks are special, and I mean that in a nice way.

    Hmm odd.

    I talked with a butcher for two hours.

  24. monique’s avatar

    HI Spicee,UMM noitice anything DIFFERENT!!! nudge,nudge

  25. Anthony’s avatar


  26. monique’s avatar

    Nope,heheee,try agarin,try lookin at the coloure of something.

  27. Anthony’s avatar

    My bananas have ripened?

  28. monique’s avatar

    SPICEE,bloody hell,TRY AGARIN,its a secert,cant let ANYONE know,cause ANYONE,dosnt like rood and smutty!!get it!!!!Dont wanna affend me specail mates!

  29. Anthony’s avatar

    No secerets on the internets

  30. monique’s avatar

    ahh I was only kiddin,ive nothin to tell you,ahh,yep just kiddin around,you better get back to work huh,have a great day Spicee dudy,il come and chat,on your blogg soon,ahhh cool,yep,illjust be gettin back to Gracis,and all……………seeya

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