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tain provencal

Fack! A perfectly good post down the cyberhole after a frozen firefox. I think I’ll go and sulk and fill in the bits later when I get a moment/cheer up.

Scallop and asparagus tart with saffron sauce

Scallop and Asparagus Tart with Saffron Sauce

Leg of lamb medallions with garlic and tarragon cream sauce

Butterflied Leg of Lamb Medallions with Garlic and Tarragon Cream Sauce.
Served with a Tian Provençal (up top)

This was going to be a saddle of lamb trimmed into noisettes but a “didn’t have” became a “how about” and and I came back with a large piece of butterflied leg of lamb (the bone is cut out and the meat opened out, great for quick cooking after marinating). I trimmed it a bit and made some O in an OK sized rolls which I tied up with string. Seasoned, seared in a pan, cooked in a very hot oven to rare, and rested.
The sauce was made by roasting two heads of garlic then adding the pulp to double cream in a saucepan and reduced with fresh tarragon added. Roasting removes much of the garlic’s pungency and accentuates its sweetness.

This was served with a Tian Provençal which is kind of like a rataouille pie but without the capsicum, which is fine by me. It is also completely vegan, which is rather special. The eggplant is peeled into strips and blanched to make the lattice and fried strips of eggplant make up the sides of and the base. The filling is small cubes of zucchini sauteed with finely chopped onion, garlic and mint. A bit of baking paper in the base of the cake tin (or a tian if you’ve got one and then cooked covered with foil, like a creme brulee, in a water bath for 20 minutes in a hot oven. For a cooking note you might want to consider the effects of having a water bath while roasting something else. No? Inverted onto a plate. The topping is skinned and deseeded tomatoes and finely chopped spring onions cooked in a frypan until thick with the liquid gone. It looks a little like a chocolate cake which makes it perfect for disappointing children.

pear tart with fig and brandy ice cream

Red Extravaganza Pear Tart with Fig and Brandy Ice Cream

Jules in comments asks how I did the ice-cream. Righty ho then, by the looks of it, Jules knows her way around a kitchen but I’ll make a kind of general publicky kind of explanation. Custard was never meant to be the lumpy shite from a packet that you had on apple turnover but the starting point for ice-cream.

Creme anglais + ice-cream maker = ice-cream.

The inspiration for this came from J and her Macadamia Tart. As is quite clear, I wasn’t inspired, obviously enough, to make an immaculately presented dessert but noticed that if I made a batch of custard, I could use it for the the tart and then use the rest for the ice cream and save myself a valuable bit of arsing about time.
To make a creme anglais you split a vanilla pod down the middle, let it simmer in a cup of milk in a saucepan. Meanwhile whisk two egg yolks with 100grams (yeah yeah I bought a scale) of sugar until “it forms ribbons when lifted”. Take out the vanilla pod and then add the milk to the yolks in a steady stream stirring constantly. Put it all back in a saucepan and heat gently until it thickens “until you can draw a finger down the back of a spoon and leave a clean line”, stir constantly. If you don’t, and it never ever has, and you get some lumps, just run it through a sieve. That’s your custard/creme anglais.
Add a cup of thick cream and put in the fridge. If it’s cold it’ll work more quickly in the ice cream maker. Now for the brandy fig bit. Chop up two ripe figs and macerate them in enough brandy to cover for a few hours. You can then work off the alcohol by bringing the mix up to the boil in a fry pan. Add this to the creme anglais in the ice cream maker and watch it go round until ice creamy. You don’t have to watch it, but it is kind of compelling – more so than Dancing with the Stars.

The tarts… ahh pate sucree, bit of custard, chopped pear, in the oven blah blah blah.

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  1. Matt at Abstract Gourmet’s avatar

    I friggin hate when that happens. I’ve labelled mine the posts that never was (were).

    Look forward to reading it when you’ve struck up the courage to repost.

  2. Gracianne’s avatar

    What a lovely meal! I am intrigued by the “butterflied leg of lamb”. I have no idea what you mean, but I can imagine a perfectly roasted leg of lamb flying away.
    A shame for your post, I wonder where they go when they disappear like this?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Sigh yes I know I was gutted, the magic is gone, but I’ll give it a go, maybe I’ll explain the lamb.

    They go to Japan where they are broken down into ones and zeroes and used as code for speaking vending machines.

  4. Avatar’s avatar

    And what a saucy little minx it is.

  5. neil’s avatar

    Fack indeed! Canadian Mom Writer gave me a tip about writing posts, always write in Word first, then copy and paste to your blog. No more tears.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey avatar
    Not saucy enough.
    Very wise

  7. jules’s avatar

    your fig & brandy icecream sounds divine…any chance you’d want to share the recipe?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    No, *this* sounds divine

    Turn around
    stand up like a man and look me in the eye.
    Turn around
    take one final look at what you’ve left behind.
    Then walk away from the greatest lover you have ever known.
    walk away
    you’re telling me
    that you can make it on your own

    By yourself all alone without my help
    you just made a big mistake.
    You think you’re a man
    but you’re only a boy

    You think you’re a man
    you are only a toy.
    you think you’re a man
    but you just couldn’t see
    You weren’t man enough to satisfy me.

    I’ll have the recipe up by tomorrow (it’s actually pretty easy)

  9. Kate’s avatar

    Easy — if you’ve got an ice-cream machine!

    It really was a speck-tack-you-lar dinner and I am still thinking fondly of it as I munch on dry muesli from the packet. Mnnnmnmm.

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Yeah take that dry muesli!

  11. Stephanie’s avatar

    Sounds like something Matt would really like.

    Hey…in case you hadn’t heard; I’m hosting EoMEoTE this month! I do hope you’ll join in…

  12. jules’s avatar

    thanks for the icecream recipe… will give it a go… not so sure about your poetry…

  13. Anthony’s avatar

    Good luck. I forgot to add that you can add a bit of sugar to taste while the figs are in the pan.

    Poetry like that is well beyond me, as much of this site is just nicked stuff, I should point out our Rimbaud of the Pink Flamingo

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Dry muesli.
    Another month! You make a great hosty.

  15. mon’s avatar

    Hi Spicee.mmm i love tarts,thats what wozza calls me.In a lovin way of corse.(have you notised im bein normal,like everyone eles.)

  16. Anthony’s avatar

    yes I have noticed, did you notice my haircut.

  17. mons’s avatar

    Please go easy on me spicee,you make me nervoushe then i say stuffin stupid things.
    have you had your hair cut?

  18. monique’s avatar

    um.yes i like your haricut.
    you look handsume.

  19. Anthony’s avatar

    it’s like infinity plus one.

    Bit elvisy this time

  20. J’s avatar

    hi anthony, looks real immaculate to me! i’m secretly relieved to hear i am not the only one who spends the 30-odd minutes of ice cream making time observing the ice-cream

  21. Anthony’s avatar

    I hate it. The ice cream’s all runny and the bit of pear fell over and I couldn’t even be bothered to put it back up.

    That’s great J. I think it comes from being transfixed by the donut maker at the department store as a kid.

  22. monique’s avatar

    hi spicee.
    Elvis is cool.

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