It’s not like you could ever eat it anyway

plate 1



  1. Santos’s avatar

    why not? sure it’s a little one dimensional, but….

  2. OsloFoodie’s avatar

    …aaah just leave the head to me.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Whatever did happen to dimension zero santos?

    oslofoodie, I think you’re getting ahead of yourself there.

  4. Santos’s avatar

    you’ll have to ask joan crawford about that.

  5. Kate’s avatar

    I do stuff like that when I’ve got some urgent worky thing to do in like, half an hour.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Whatever happened to Joan Crawford?

    Bob knows, nothing succeeds like failure.

  7. Anthony’s avatar

    I know and then you take a week off to do a whole bunch of cut-out plate covering and…nothing.

  8. Reid’s avatar


    Is that you playing rock star photographer again?

  9. Anthony’s avatar


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