Toodle pip

I Am the Very Model

Shipping out to the orient for a brief sorty. Action saw a nasty flesh wound last time, so wish me well me lovelies.


  1. Robert’s avatar

    How do you fit the helmet on over your antennae?

  2. Gracianne’s avatar

    I prefer the apron.
    Have a good trip, and take care this time.

  3. deborah’s avatar

    don’t forget to take some tea!

    be safe and be well.

  4. Santos’s avatar

    i see you’ve been shopping at the neverland ranch clearing out sale.

    have fun! say hey to mr.& mrs. tokyogoat for me.

  5. AnthonyJ’s avatar

    by freakish coincidence, I guess I was in Tokyo a few days before you. Oh well. Back to Nth Sulawesi now.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    cunning sheer cunning

    But shiny buttons

    Tea and well made electronic goods from Australia


    Good to see things under control in Nth Sulawasi

  7. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    That’s done it now, I cannot see past your mood-lighting-antennae now, Anthony.

  8. blimpa’s avatar

    bwaha. there’s um, already some sort of
    weapon sticking out of your noggin.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    It’s a trumpet

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