Breakfast for Xmas: Spinach and Eggs in Ramekins; Oven Roasted Mushrooms, Tomatoes, and Prosciutto; Pancakes with Corn.

Nothing traditional here just my part of the Christmas festivities for my Mum and my sister and associated friends and partners. Cranberry juice was the sole concession here to Xmas mores.

Spinach and Eggs in Ramekins – in the archives .

Pancakes with Corn

Jamie Oliver breakfast recipe more or less. I’m pretty sure he didn’t invent panckes but credit where credit’s due I guess.

4 eggs – separated into white and yolks; cup of plain flour; teaspoon of baking powder; cup of milk; can of corn (not creamed but you knew that)

Beat the egg whites with a pinch of salt until stiff peaks form.

From memory, two egg beating killers are; the bowl not being spotless, and any trace of yolk. O/w you’ll be beating ’til you’re raw.

Fold this in to the other mix which is just the rest of the ingredients mixed to a batter.

Mix in the corn and then cooked the pancakes in a non-stick pan with a dab of butter. Amused myself doing double flips.

Served with bacon and genuine Canadian maple syrup from my Quebecois brother in law. Never had this combo before but now it’s goodbye to berries and cream.

Oven Roasted Mushrooms, Tomatoes and Prosciutto

This is my own concoction.

Oven roasting tray.

Line the bottom with field mushrooms and this time, a very special guest, fresh shiitake. Not being precious but I picked up a punnet from a Japanese guy at the Margaret River street markets. He’s been growing them in wheat country Narrogin in abandoned underground WW2 ammo dumps – yes yes who would have thought.

Pour some olive oil over the mushrooms and I added a bit of butter for good measure. On top of the mushrooms went some fresh rosemary and thyme.

Next layer was some halves of tomatoes. Prociutto was mix around over and under the tomatoes. Finally a bit more olive oil and some freshly cracked pepper and a pinch of salt for the tomatoes though the prosciutto is nearly salty enough.

Into the oven at 150C, after 20 minutes I put some foil over the top to stop the prosciutto blackening. After an hour it was perfect, with the mushroom soft and the tomatoes nicely collapsed. A pool of grease on the bottom suggested lining the bottom with toast but maybe for another time.

All round good and easy, stuffing things in the oven allows time for other stuff like making coffee, squeezing juice, and flipping pancakes.

Breakfast got good wraps. Sydney friend gave it the blessing of best breakfast he’d ever had.

Merry Xmas

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    this sounds wonderful – and nice and easy. Am going to give it a go for xmas brekky.

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