Fed in tooth and clause

she who eats and takes lots of pics

I guess it was only a matter of time before shewhoeats visited manthatcooks so I’ve just said farewell to Chika, who’s been staying at ours for the past five days. It was mucho fun having another food blogger staying over and great to have food photography outsourced. I can’t begin to describe the drop jawed pride I felt at having my dinner so generously documented (try not to look too hard at the chord I’m attempting there*). Go have a look, I have,
about 600 times – she who eats eats what man that cooks cooks.

* no actually it’s a C



  1. Sue’s avatar

    Welcome home. We missed you. The photos from shewhoeats are fabulous.
    The meal looks incredible too. Will it be long before the TV cameras come beating down upon you?

  2. Reid’s avatar


    How nice it must have been for you to meet up with Chika. I’m envious! Think about it…she lived practically in my backyard and I never got the opportunity to meet her.

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hey Sue
    Thanks for the return greeting. They are fabulous photos – more than I deserve but I was pretty happy with the meal.
    The TV cameras will be beating down on me as soon as they find the bodies.

    It was really nice – I’d recommend Chika as a house guest to anyone. You probably didn’t get to meet her because she flees from cameras and as you seem always armed with one, she may have hidden herself.

  4. Barbara’s avatar

    Glad to have you back and posting again Anthony. Great photos. Is that a ’50’s formica dining table? My Mum sent me a copy of the latest Spice mag. Excellent stories and recipes.

  5. ejm’s avatar

    Those scallops look fabulous!!


    P.S. Luckily, I don’t know anything about guitars (especially electric ones) to know what chord you were attempting. I just hope the amp wasn’t turned up too high – unless the chord was really iffy so that you wanted the amp to be plenty high in order to be able to blame the distortion on the amplifier.

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Barbara
    It’s been a bit patchy of late I know so it was handy having someone else to take pics and write the posts.
    That is indeed a 1950’s formica dining table – we rescued it from a shearing shed.
    That’s great you got the mag, and thanks for the compliments, currently working to get the Winter edition of to the printers and I think we’ve got more recipes (including one of mine which would be my first paperly published recipe – wooh!).

    Hi Elizabeth
    Scallops are always fabulous.

    Re: guitars. Actually neither do I really, the guitar was given to me by a friend in Japan. Still looking for an amp so guests we’re exposed only to a low volume atonal strumming sound. Distortion will be precisely the point.

  7. The Daily Magnet’s avatar

    and he evades the eomeote police one more time…

    (lucky Chika’s meal looked so yummy or you might be held to task)

  8. chika’s avatar

    Hi Anthony

    I guess it was almost too good a deal, shooting some okay photos and being fed great meals! I adored everything you cooked.

    Reid, you never made it to Hilo while I was there either! Any plan to come over to Tokyo? Otherwise I will have to come and visit Hawaii sometime again, which I think would be great.

  9. Anthony’s avatar

    That such a light snack could weigh so heavily on my conscience.

    Fantastic pics, if your sitemeter count has gone up in the past week, it’s me going back again and again to have a look. I think feeding guests is something that ingrained on me in Japan, I’m glad you liked it – although I think your first breakfast was a piece of toast.

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