Bring the Noise (and a curry)

curry buffet

Friday bring-a-curry dinner for six. Rude amounts of food, if we’d ended up having the naan bread as well, we would have come close to meeting the entire calorific consumption of Bangladesh for 1973. Bloody marvellous with each dish having the full attention of each maker so there was no can’t-be-arsed fade off for dishes four and five. I made a Charmaine Solomon curried duck with potatoes and cabbage (I subbed the cabbage for silverbeet leaves for a bit more oomph) as well as a mint and spring onion chutney and half a litre of cucumber raita – bringing the total up to 1.5 litres. Strategy of eating a bit, waiting, and going back later, proved most successful in making a dent in it all. Passing the time was our host’s very good idea of everybody bringing a CD with their ten favourite songs on it, loading them all up, and then putting it all on random. Guess the person’s song was fun and it there’s much pleasure in listening to music that’s outside your regular tastes but carefully chosen and an education. There was no Jive Bunny, nor were there 60 Pixies songs.
Dire Straits appeared and that was AOK by me. Verse/Chorus/Verse/Chorus proved rarer towards the end of the evening in favour of fade out/in/out and through composed bits of Eighty’s epicdom. No fights either. Something very Rawlsian about it but I’m not sure what. Not an easy thing to pick 10 and I ended up with an undecisive set with a few hybrid songs to fill a few gaps and round it out a bit.
My eventual top 10 were AC/DC-Ballroom Blitz; Groove Armada – I See You Baby; Shake – Kristin Hersh;
Sonic Youth- Kool Thing ; Queens of the Stone Age – First it Giveth ; Butthole Surfers – Sea Ferring; The Stooges – I Wanna Be Your Dog; Pixies – Here Comes Your Man; Anthrax and Public Enemy – Bring the Noise; Matthew Sweet – Evangeline.
No arguing.




  1. Ed -’s avatar

    That spread of food looks so ridiculously inviting it’s not fair! Sounds like a great idea.
    How did the Charmaine Solomon recipe turn out? I’m a big CS (and Dire Straits) fan but haven’t tried this one; sounds good though!

  2. Sue’s avatar

    Funny! We had a curry night just the other night. I like the bring a song idea, might steal it. I made a whole roast tandoori chicken cut up chinese style. Was quite tasty. Other curries represented(make the Ali G sign) were Japanese beef curry, chickpea curry, butter chicken, lamb rogan josh, D’s special curry in HOT. Yummy all round. Also home made naan on the pizza stone.

    What other curries did you have?

  3. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Ed
    When we saw it all we thought we should have invited a couple more folks.
    The Charmaine recipe was nice though the sauce could have been thickened up a bit and the potato cooking time was a bit ambitious. The mint chutney really great though.
    The Dire Straits song made me laugh because I had a friend in High School who showed the lyrics to and tried to pass it off as his original poem with the name Juliette changed to someone else.

    Morphic resonance. Steal away, it’s a very nice idea. As I was chopping up the duck I was thinking about how effortlessly they do it at Chinese BBQ place in town. Nice range of stuff there.
    We had the duck curry, a hot prawn curry, a beef curry, a dahl, a ricotta and pea curry, giant samosas, and parathas. That’s all I think.

  4. knitmeister’s avatar

    what an amazing blog. I have, tonight, discovered a universe of food blogs and beautiful arty pictures.

    I love here comes your man and i LOVE matthew sweet. You’re so COOL

  5. Ange’s avatar

    Love a good curry night, have hosted a few myself where I cook curry for 3 days beforehand to get it all done – think the bring a curry would be much easier next time!

  6. Anthony’s avatar

    Hi Knitmeister
    Ah pshaw – a minor satellite in a remote corner of the galaxy. But thanks.

    Since we both like the same songs, we’re both cool, let’s just bask for a moment.

    I think the lesson for us is sometimes we just have to let goand trust our friends.

  7. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    I honestly don’t know anyone that listens to Sonic Youth anymore. I really enjoyed Goo, but probably like EVOL better. The Velvet Underground would probably make my top 10 as well.

    Did you prepare all that food yourself?

  8. Anthony’s avatar

    Actually neither do. Maybe we’re the last surviving Sonic Youth fans
    EVOL is your pretty hardcore Youth right there. Goo’s for dancing. Dirty for the car. Daydream Nation for thoughtful bottle of red wine moment. Washing Machine for jesus was it really put out 10 years ago?

    VU missed out by a bee’s dick of getting in with Waiting for My Man – which one were you thinking?

    I think I prepared a mere 20% of the dishes and it was a good thing.

  9. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    One of my favorites is I’ll Be Your Mirror (with Nico).

  10. Anthony’s avatar

    Lovely choice there Reid

  11. Santos’s avatar

    are you kidding me with the “no one listens to sonic youth anymore” business? i can’t even begin to comment on that.

    my top ten has gone dark, in mourning for grant mclennan. i can’t even begin to express my profound sadness at the end of the go-betweens as i knew it.

  12. Anthony’s avatar

    Well we’ve just conclusively proved that me and Reid do, how about you Santos.

    Yes Grant McLennan. 48 is no age to be dying, it’s like when Dave McComb of the Triffieds passed away at 37. Now I feel guilty Right Here got bumped for Kristin Hersh.

    The story ishere.

  13. Kate’s avatar

    I really like the new Sonic Youth song. So That would be three or four of us by now, surely?

    However, I don’t own a single Go-Betweens album.

  14. Anthony’s avatar

    Hmmm must listen. Noisy Youth or Rocky Youth?

    No Go-Betweens? We’ll soon fix that. Actually Australia is pretty sucky about it’s musical heritage. Probably hence it’s current sucky musical situation.

  15. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    The Go-Betweens were cool. I remember buying “Liberty Belle…” when “Head Full of Steam” first came out. It was playing on one of the indie radio stations here (in fact, I think it was the local University radio station). I think the Throwing Muses started off then as did Jesus and Mary Chain.

  16. Anonymous’s avatar

    any elvis?

  17. Anthony’s avatar

    I think we’d have a very amicable road trip.

    Elvis’ “Bridge Over Troubled Water” is my secret delight.

  18. Anonymous’s avatar

    hey did elvis sing that song?
    i remememeber when a bloke called simon garfukel sung it,i never knew elvis did.elvis is cool.i knew yu would like him your kinda cool too.

  19. Reid’s avatar

    Hi Anthony,

    We might even get along better if you like the Cramps!

  20. Anthony’s avatar

    Well as a matter of fact I do!

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